Wednesday 101117

Ricky Frausto Filed Under: Labels:
50-40-30-20-10 rep rounds for time of:
Double Unders
Sit ups

Post time to comments/Logwod.

Compare to 100727 or 100204 or 090905.
(This is why it's important to post results to this blog.)

Jess Jenkins is one of our female Paleo challenge finalists.

Amazing what food quality can do as opposed to worrying about food quantity.

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9 Responses to "Wednesday 101117"

  1. Mel C Says:
  2. Jess you look great!
  3. Danielle Baker Says:
  4. Yeah Jess way to go!!
  5. Greg MO Says:
  6. 6:00 rx

    About 2:00 faster than last attempt, DUs felt decent today but my rope got knotted on last set of 10, should have been about :20 faster...

    Way to work 6amers!!
  7. Paula Says:
  8. You look amazing Jess!! Miss working out with ya girl!
  9. Shelley Says:
  10. New PR on back squat in strength class: 267#; my old was 241#

    metcon of DU's and KB swings was tough: 40,30,20,10 on DU's and 25, 20,15,10 on KB swings w/ 1.5 pood.
  11. Paula Says:
  12. I just got my lipid profile back and I'm VERY HAPPY!

    Total Cholesterol- 190 (range 120-200) - OK
    HDL (Good cholesterol) - 75 -(range 40-60) - GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
    LDL- (Bad cholesterol) -92- (range < 130) - GOOD
    Triglycerides - 76 - (range <149) - Good

    Dr. was surprised at how high my HDL was. He said that one is the hardest to achieve and it is all diet and exercise related. He said that I must be doing something right.........I told him it is the combo of CROSSFIT AND PALEO!!!!

    So, people this is proof that you can eat bacon, eggs,
    coconut milk with all that "BAD" saturated fat, and all that flavored fat off of grassfed steak and I've been eating this way for 6 months. So, keep eating that bacon, Addi!
  13. Bert Says:
  14. 10:17 rx

    Very happy with my time or more precisely the results. The last time we did Annie, I didn't get through the 40 situps with a 10 minute cutoff. Today I finished the entire wod.
  15. Justin Says:
  16. RXD 30 DU 60 Situps left.
  17. BigD Says:
  18. 8:58 RX'd. Yay! My first sub-9 minute Annie!

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