Thursday 101118

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Rest Day

Celeste Snodgrass, paleo challenge finalist.

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  1. VanBeek Performance Says:
  2. Still pretty stiff from Chelsea but needed to get a workout in anyway...

    Weighted Pull Ups 3X3- Wanted to see if I could break a record on this... Prior PR for 3 - 55#
    33, 55, 60#

    Snatch (Any combination of catches to get 5 consecutive reps) - Last week... hit 165 for 5
    110, 135, 155, 175 (1 Power, 4 Full Catches)... Felt Solid

    Good Mornings 3X10 (135#)
    HSPU X5 (Facing the wall)
    3 sets

    Havent tried any sprints lately so jumped on the treadmill and did 400m Runs... Set the speed and jumped on at an even distance interval... Bare footed
    10mph - 1:30
    11mph - 1:21
    12mph - 1:15
    12.5mph (As fast as it will go)- 1:12
  3. paul Says:
  4. 5 rds or 13 min, whichever comes first:

    11 back squats (176)
    7 ring dips
    9 power snatches (88)

    13 minutes came first: 3 rds + 4 snatches.

    Thanks for putting that together for me, Jon, and great work everyone at noon!
  5. Paula Says:
  6. Just got home from work....very long week! Lots of new work earlier and then working longer hours. People are quitting, maternity leaves, ect.... Only been to crossfit on tues and should be there tomorrow. So, only twice this week...pathetic!
    Things have got to change and fast!

    Congrats Celeste.... you look great!!! I just realized that Jess J. was my lifting partner in Barbell strength class round 1 and Celeste was my partner 2nd time around! Kinda cool....way to go girls!!!!
  7. Gdawg Says:
  8. i made a pathetic attempt at mondays WOD today...i knew it was going to be tough but i was shocked at how much i struggled to breathe during it! i felt dizzy and could only get shallow breaths...i was prescribed an inhaler a few months but i don't ever want to use it because i don't want it to become a habit, today might have been a good day to have it lungs are hurting...haven't had trouble breathing like that ever before. congrats to everyone who finished it!

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