Saturday 110507

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2 rounds, each for time of:
Sixty yard Shuttle, w/o bumper
Sixty yard Shuttle, w/ bumper, Red/Yellow
Sixty yard Shuttle, w/o bumper
10 Bench Presses, 154#/104#
Rest until it's your time to go again (no more than 5-6 minutes).

The shuttle is 5yds & back, 10yds & back, 15yds & back. Scale bench press weight as needed (even up if you dare).

Can anyone break a minute?

Post both times to comments/Logwod.
(10:10 class is open gym)

Compare to 100602.

A room full of sit ups.

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3 Responses to "Saturday 110507"

  1. paul Says:
  2. I messed around with cleans, pistols, and HSPU. I was hoping for a new clean 1RM, but it wasn't going to happen today, so I just did a bunch of reps at 198.
  3. VanBeek Performance Says:
  4. WOD 1 - Will Do WOD 2 in 90 mins

    Snatch - Low Volume - 1RM (8 Sets Only)
    88, 110, 154, 180, 195 (Miss), 200, 205 (Miss.. Just Barely!), 205... Not Close... Tapped Out

    DL 5.3.1 (264X5, 294X3, 330XMAX (6))
    - There was more there on the last set but I let me knees keep extending while the bar was stalled a little so I lost it...

    HSPU - 3XMAX REPS with 2 Mins between... Best I have is 11
    12,11,10... Might be the first time I ever hit multiple sets of 10

    Row Pace... Again from OPT's Site
    - Tried to keep a certain pace for a minute and went to a faster pace until I hit a hard but manageable pace... 1 Min rest between minute efforts
    * Started at 1:50, 1:45, 1:40, 1:35... Then Two More between 1:35 and 1:40 the whole minute

    CFO WOD From Yesterday at 4PM
  5. VanBeek Performance Says:
  6. WOD 3? Who knows ha

    Modified things a little b/c I wanted to get some pulling in

    15 DU's
    7 Hang Cleans (115#)
    15 DU's
    7 CTB Pull Ups
    * AMRAP for 10 mins *
    - Was hoping for 10 RDS but pull ups caught up with me and DU's became a little erratic...
    * 9 Total Rounds with first 5 pull up rds unbroken... Cleans unbroken too...

    Immediately afterward... 2 Min clock... 1RM Push Press MAX
    185, 205, 215... Should have tried 225 but kind of played the PP conservative since I didnt want to miss my first attempt

    Doing a 2/1, 2/1, 1/1 cycle so I'm off again tomorrow... Probably work the rings a little... Happy Mother's Day tomorrow to all you mothers out there!

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