Monday 110509

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Two Minute Defense
5 rounds for time:
1 Power Clean
3 Hang Squat Cleans
2 Jerks
200 Foot Run

Rest 2 minutes, repeat for 5 more rounds.

Usually, this workout uses a weight of 132/92 but today, we're going with 154#/104#. The run is to the front of the building and back.

Post total time to comments/Logwod.

Jake Hinkle

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24 Responses to "Monday 110509"

  1. B3nj4m1n Says:
  2. Ricky, is it 5 rounds of 1 or 5 rounds of 5?
  3. B3nj4m1n Says:
  4. Got it, 5 rounds, rest two minutes, repeat.
  5. Ricky Frausto Says:
  6. I don't understand your question.

    But, you will do 1 power clean then 3 hang squat cleans, 2 jerks, followed by a sprint to the front of the building and back. This sequence, you will do 5 times in a row.

    You'll then rest 2 minutes and repeat.

    You will have done the sequence a total of 10 times.
  7. B3nj4m1n Says:
  8. I misunderstood the rounds part the first time I read the workout. I understand it now, thanks for the quick response.
  9. Jess Says:
  10. 11:24 using 53# which is a 44 second PR from the last time we did this WOD in Oct 09.

    Great job 6am

  11. Mark Says:
  12. 12:10 for me today. I hit a wall at round 3 of the second set and lost some time there. There was a lot of weight being thrown around today and everyone was able to push the pace pretty good this morning.
  13. Eric C Says:
  14. Wow, LogWod showed the time we did this (Oct. 2009). And I was 1:08 faster this time, and I went prescribed. Oct 2009 I did 132#. It's nice to see that kind of progress. That's why it's good to LogWod.

    6am was large and in charge today with 20+ athletes!
  15. Hilg Says:
  16. Crap. Crap. Crap. DNF at RX'd and hit a hard wall in 3rd set of second round. Thank you, I needed a wake up call.

    That being said, traveling again all this week so I'll be working off my own program, watching what I eat and drink, and looking forward to seeing you ass-kickers next week!

  17. Shelley Says:
  18. 10:06 Rx'd which is :07 faster than Oct '09, but that time I only did 82# vs 104# today. My splits were 4:01 and 4:05 each round.

    Great work 6 am. class!! I've missed you guys!

    Ditto what others have said about using logwod. We should all be logging our workouts to track progress.
  19. VanBeek Performance Says:
  20. 1st WOD...

    Full Clean and Jerk (1RM - Low Volume - 8 Sets)
    110, 154, 198, 220, 242, 258 (Miss), 258 (Make).. 8 lbs more than last week plus the jerk

    Front Squat - 3X3 (85-88% 1RM)
    135, 185 X2
    230, 235, 235

    Muscle Ups - Quickening the Pace
    2 Consecutive Reps @ 30 sec clock
    10 RDS... Do as many as needed to complete 10... Ended up with 13 cause I lost grip on 1 and just plain messed up on two others... 23 Total Reps

    Some assistance work...
    DB Rows (50#)
    Toes To Bar
    * Took About Probably 8-9 mins

    Tire Flips tonight! Ha
  21. Donohoe Says:
  22. great job this morning, monsters.
    I rx and because of the lack of rakckability I have I did 4 hangcleans 3 squat and to jerks.
    I finished in 1305. The second round was 1 minute faster than the first. I would like another shot at this one I didnt hit a rythm til the end of the first round.
    Donohoe out.....
  23. Addi Says:
  24. 9:10ish rx'd

    I know I did this in '09, but I've forgotten my logwod password so i can't look it up.

    Runs felt slow (couldn't make a fast turn in that gravel - that was treacherous!) but the bar complex felt fast - I <3 bar complexes.
  25. BigD Says:
  26. 16:25 with 132. Couldn't hold crap in my right hand today. Not sure what I did. Rough one!
  27. paul Says:
  28. i forgot to do two jerks! i feel so dirty. 10:55 with 154 and 1 jerk/rd. both rounds very close together in time (about 4:25).
  29. jakeH Says:
  30. 9:44 rx'd

    Runs were slow, but everything else unbroken. I forgot how much the heat changes the workout and its only the beginning.
  31. VanBeek Performance Says:
  32. 4 HOURS REST...

    2nd WOD
    3 Heavy Ass Tire Flips (750#?)
    12 Hand Release Push Ups
    9 Tire Jumps (Used a different tire out there so 24-27"?)
    5 ROUNDS
    * 8:11 *
    - Kept a steady pace and re-chalked when needed... Tire Kept Slipping Off My Shoulder and I have some nasty tire rash...
  33. BC Says:
  34. 13:05 w/ 132#, PR. I like this workout a lot!

    I completely agree with what Eric said about the importance of logging your workouts. It's such a great motivator and boost to your self esteem to look back at the progess you've made. Case in point, in Oct '09 I did this workout in 14:37 starting with 132# but dropping down and finishing at 120#. So for me to PR by 90 seconds AND 12# made me feel pretty good. But then I found something else in my notes - the first time I ever did this wod was June '08 (back at UNO) and my time was 17:24 using 74#! What I did today was over 4 minutes faster and 58# heavier! That's just stupid! I'm going to paraphrase Ricky's great quote from the CFO summit - every day we need to try to be a better version of ourselves. I'm pretty sure the 37 year old me could wipe the floor with the 34 year old me, and I would never have known that without logging my workouts. So use the blog, logwod, a spiral notebook or whatever you prefer and keep track of what you do, and I promise over time you will surprise yourself.

    Feeling pretty good about myself right now so that means the door is open of Addi to come in and crush my ego.
  35. Tovar Says:
  36. Very inspiring BC! I'd be feeling pretty good about myself too. Now if we could only find a way to go back in time and let you whoop the crap out of the 34yr old BC. Ha!

    Good job to Brian and the rest of the PR's today!
  37. VanBeek Performance Says:
  38. Great Points, BC... Good Man!! :)
  39. Allison H :) Says:
  40. HOT as HELL does not make for feeling too good!!!
    used 77# 14:55
    runs were slow! Thank goodness for the 2 minutes of rest!
  41. Stacie Says:
  42. After some clock confusion post WOD & a chat with Jimbo, I've come to the conclusion that I was delusional & I need a new eye prescription.

    8:20 rxd

    Thanks for putting up with my sassy ass Jimbo. I need you - you make me stronger both mentally & physically! Thank You.

    Great post BC & awesome work everyone! Love the heat!!
  43. Paula Says:
  44. 13:06- 77#. I tried 87#, but my traps started to pull and twinge as I went from the catch back to the hang. Not worth it. So stayed with 77#. Need to see my friend, Dr. Jess and soon. Runs were very SLOW! I actually like this wod...yes even with the running. Maybe cuz it was only 200ft. I just glad I did it a 5am and not this evening at 95degrees.

    Great work 5am!

    Agreed....Awesome post BC!!!!
  45. Anonymous Says:
  46. 17:39...I think. I was hurting. My first day back in a touch over a month. No more late nights doing homework, so I can get back into CFO again! This one hurt, but it was good to be back!
  47. Laura Says:
  48. Whoopsies! I did the same thing Paul. I just realized that after reading your post. That being said...11:29 @ 77# w/ 1 jerk/round.

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