Monday 110502

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Dead-lift 1x5

Warm-up with 5, 5, 3, and 2 reps. This weight should be 5 pounds heavier than what you did on March 28th (refer to Logwod if necessary) if you successfully completed all 5 reps then.

Followed by two 400 meter runs. Runs start at 0:00 and 3:30, respectively.

Post weight and fastest run to comments/Logwod.

Compare to 110328.

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14 Responses to "Monday 110502"

  1. Addi Says:
  2. Congratulations, Karen, on your 14th place finish! Can't wait to watch you tear it up in Carson!
  3. paul Says:
  4. Felt heavy today, but I am very proud of myself for being smart today and not trying to lift more than I safely could. 374x5. 400s were 1:14, 1:22.

    Great work, as always, 6am!
  5. Mark Says:
  6. Nice to see some new faces at 6AM today! I pulled 340# x 5 tis morning. I am still working on trying to keep my back flat so I am still keeping it fairly light.

    The runs were not fun at all. I pushed too hard up to the building on the first run and that was all I had. First run was 1:18, coasting down the hill pretty much and the second was 1:41.
  7. JimmyG Says:
  8. Worked out with the 0500 crew this morning. 330 on the deadlifts. Nice to see some new faces and old friends that I don't usually see at the evening classes.
  9. Hilg Says:
  10. Second half of that 2nd 400 and my legs were all like rubbery! lol

    379# DL......complete with the shakes.....thanks all for the support! Cool mix of 6amers today!

  11. Eric C Says:
  12. I'm not as smart as a philosopher, so I tried to pull 308# but only got 3 reps.

    Runs were runs. 1:20 and 1:24.
    It would be interesting to run these 400's or 800's on a track someday. Of course, I could do it on my own... but that'll never happen!
  13. Donohoe Says:
  14. I did 352 for 5 it felt good and I didnt have any trap issuses like last time. Great class this monring monsters....oh yeah the littel joggies were 139 and 130.
    Donohoe is out....
  15. ZachR Says:
  16. 330 x 5

    400 meter run x 2

    AMARP Hollow Rocks - 21
  17. BigD Says:
  18. DL's
    374 X 5

  19. Shelley Says:
  20. DL's


    Thanks Jimbo for timing me and thanks Addi for sticking around.
  21. Joel Says:
  22. Got 404# x5 felt pretty good.

    1:13 for the runs

    This was one of my favorite work outs!
  23. Jennifer Says:
  24. 231x5

    Runs were really frigging slow...I need to run more.
    1:39, 1:37

  25. Laura Says:
  26. DL's

    1:45 & 1:46
  27. hannah eileen Says:
  28. dl: 203# x5. woot. this is only 22# off my 1rm so I am pretty happy. hopefully, I can get a new 1rm soon. it's been stuck at 225 for a long ass time now...

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