Monday 110328

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Dead-lift 1x5

Warm-up with 5, 5, 3, and 2 reps. This weight should be 5 pounds heavier than what you did on March 4th if you successfully completed all 5 reps then. If not, try that weight again.

AMRAP Double Unders in 2 minutes. Check the record board.

Post weight/reps to comments/Logwod (the posting of comments are dwindling, don't let it happen).

Compare to 110304.

Cool or corny?

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19 Responses to "Monday 110328"

  1. B3nj4m1n Says:
  2. Holding up a reebok basketball ball shoe is corny as hell. I bet on every show they are going to show us some sweet new reebok gear that works great for heel strikers and basketball. We may even get lucky and they will talk about some baseball and football cleats.
  3. paul Says:
  4. DL: 413x5 (last time: 404). last rep was UGLY and i'm lucky i didn't injure myself. I felt strong, too, i don't know exactly what happened. Probably pulled to hard and my hips went up without the rest of me. might also not have taken a good enough breath before the rep.

    172 DU. so close, ZachR!
  5. Jess Says:
  6. 164x5

    DUs weren't there today at all. 50 or so.

    Great job 6am.

  7. Hilg Says:
  8. 374#X5 DL. 17# jump from last time but felt good so was appropriate. Coming off a two week cold so a bit weak.....sounds a bit contrary doesn't it. ;-)

    Speaking of weak......42 DUs....goal for 2011 is 10 consecutive so along way to go!

    Big weights going up at 6am!
  9. Mark Says:
  10. 335x5 today. I am still going with lighter weights to try and hold my back flat better. After rep 3 it got a litle ugly but still better than in the past. Gotta keep working at it.

    159 DUs in 2 minutes today, 26 more than the last time I tried over a year ago. I think I can get 200 if I did this once a month.
  11. Nick Says:
  12. That was really dumb. At least get somebody that can speak in front of the camera. Show the Zigs...something a CrossFitter could use. I hope CrossFit doesn't sell out.

  13. Paula Says:
  14. 174# on deadlift
    44-DU's...feeling better but still need some work, OK....A LOT of work!

    Nick, you inspired us all on your last lift. Nice job!

    Tina, it as fun partering up with ya this am. Great work! You could have gone up even more.

    Mike, Welome to CFO! Glad to see you join us early birds!

    Oh...and the video...corney!
  15. Donohoe Says:
  16. morning monsters were all in force today. I did 377 ish my trap was screaming after the first rep. I am okay with walking away today to play tomorrow. I did 150-160 ish in 2 min I can never count that high.
    Everyone did well this morning witht he dead lift.
    Donohoe is out....
  17. GregP Says:
  18. 242# x5 and 103 DUs with having to tie my shoe in the middle.

    Full house at 6am. Great Job everyone!
  19. Steve Says:
  20. If anyone is looking for something different, there's a trail run this weekend at Platte River State park- 4mi and 12km (7.2mi) routes. Beautiful trail with a lot of small hills. Don't wear your best shoes... it tends to get muddy. Plus beer and a pig roast afterwards.
  21. Michael Rock Says:
  22. 246# x 5. As for DU's..... I cant get more than 1 at a time and I am not even sure if I am getting one. Did not want to ask Amanda to watch me the whole time. So I put myself down for 0. Should be easy to beat next time. Thanks to the 5:00AM class for making me feel welcome.
    Michael R.
  23. Nick Says:
  24. It was nice visiting my boy Jon Day at lunch today!
  25. Addi Says:
  26. Just had a chance to watch the video Jess posted yesterday... If you missed it, you should watch it! Now! Good stuff... 10 or 15 minutes - not a huge investment of time.

    For even more geekiness (if you have an hour to kill), I also listened to an Underground Wellness interview with Keoni and Jade Tate - there's a really good breakdown of how hormones affect appetite, metabolism, and fat loss. Also, anaerobic threshold and malnourished marathoners. Get excited!
  27. Kat Says:
  28. 242# x5 for deadlift. Disappointed in this.Wanted at least 268# bc i got that weight 3x5 a couple months ago. Weight felt pretty heavy.

    142 double unders

    Games prep:
    AMRAP 8 mins
    6 kb swings 1.5 pood
    9 push ups
    12 box jumps 20inch

    completed 6 rnds+swings+4pushups
  29. Addi Says:
  30. I really enjoyed watching 6:30 deadlift tonight. Some super-sweet t-shirts and some badass lifts. Mary might have the prettiest deadlift form I've seen.
  31. Joel Says:
  32. 384# but only 50 DU's have to work on that. 384 felt light though.
  33. BC Says:
  34. DNF on the DL. My goal was 313# but I was struggling during the warmups and when I pulled that 1st rep off the ground it felt ugly, so I'm sure it looked even worse. I got it but it didn't feel right at all so bailed after that, didn't feel the need to screw up my back for the rest of the week.

    108 DU's, which was pretty disappointing. I was struggling with them today and could not get into much of a rythm. Amazing how fast 2 minutes goes by.
  35. BC Says:
  36. As for the CF news video, I'm assuming (re: hoping) that the shoe prop was the result of them just screwing around and having a little fun, and not an indication of future product placement. Clearly Reebok has written a large check to get their name all over the games, but I doubt (again, hope) that they won't be pimping the latest incarnation of the Pump on every newscast. As for the news feed in general, I think it has potential and could really help build excitement and anticipation, and help single out individuals and teams. But if it turns out to be anything like the steaming pile of crap that is the Games website then it'll probably look like a bunch of 5th graders on a public access channel. I'm choosing to be cautiously optimistic until further evidence appears.
  37. nmandresen Says:
  38. 117# 1x5 felt heavy but great

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