Tuesday 110503

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In celebration of a victory and closure for so many Americans.......

For time:
Run 1 mile
100 Pull ups
200 Push ups
300 Air Squats
Run 1 mile

You have two options, you can go it alone or you can share the work with a friend but just remember why we're doing this workout. Read here about Operation Redwing and Lt. Michael Murphy.

The cut-off will be 45 minutes. Partition the reps as needed (such as 20 rnds of 5 Pull ups/10 Push ups/15 Air Squats). Enough time to warm-up, then the rest of class is yours. Please scale appropriately. Wear a 20# vest or body armor if you have it.

Post time to comments/Logwod.

You know the incredible people starting from in front, Stacie, Dustin (hidden), Howard, Becky, Lynn, Tessa, Jess, Jon, and even Coach Jimmy to the right but far in the back are two newcomers, Katie Smith and Dan Kremer. If you see them in class, be sure to welcome them. They're good people and a welcome addition to our fantastic community.

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25 Responses to "Tuesday 110503"

  1. Joe H Says:
  2. And introducing...Jon day
  3. JimmyG Says:
  4. Where's Ben Mason in that picture? Oh, is the workout being explained? He's probably in the men's room.
  5. Jeff Says:
  6. Ricky - Check out KStar's blog today. He's going deeper into the debate on why he believes feet should be forward in squat. Does he say anything that changes your opinion?
  7. Ricky Frausto Says:
  8. Nope. Still doesn't change my mind. It opens my mind to understanding the squat more but when I see you squat with your longer (compared to most) levers, it doesn't look right. It might be different if you had more mobility but you don't. This lack of mobility causes your hips to go directly behind your femurs and a bit of drop in torso angle towards horizontal. This keeps you from squatting optimally. The load stresses your body incorrectly. It is applied more to your mid-line than your legs.

    Also, when he refers to athletes landing in a duck feet position, this is fault of the coach, not the athlete. The coach must notice this faulty movement pattern and correct it. I notice people's running patterns all the time and I aim to correct toes pointing out but I don't attribute it to they way they squat. I attribute it to tight IT Bands, short hip flexors, and inactivated glutes due to sitting all day in a chair.

    Now understand, I am not in the belief that someone should turn their feet out much more than 30 degrees but I do believe that there should be some femur rotation as this activates the glute-medius and external rotators thus involving more muscle fiber into the squatting motion. It is up to the coach and the athlete to focus on driving the knees out at all time, especially at the deepest parts of the squat.

    I will continue to keep an eye open on this matter but straight feet is not the answer (nor is having them turned out 45 degrees or more either).
  9. Jess Says:
  10. Teamed up with Gina and finished in 40 mins.

    We scaled the pullups to jumping PUs and pushups where from the knees.

    I was very proud of us because we were the last team to come in on the first run and ended up finishing 3rd. Nice work, Gina.

    Great job 6am.

  11. paul Says:
  12. Now we're talking! Debating squat mechanics on the blog!!
  13. Mark Says:
  14. Teamed up with Joe this morning and we broke it up by:
    4x400m run, two each alternating
    20 rounds od Cindy, 10 each alternating
    4x400m run, two each alternating

    We finished in 29:50. Super tough even with resting half the time. I can't imagine doing this whole thing alone.

    Great working with you today Joe and awesome work from everyone this COLD Tuesday morning.
  15. John Says:
  16. Don't post on here often but with the workout today it seemed like it might be a good time today.

    My older brother, who is in the Navy, sent me the link to an Under Armour site a few weeks back. Under Armour is a sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Project. If you haven't read or heard about the WWP check the web site out below.

    If you purchase any of the clothing from UA with the WWP logo on it, a portion of the proceeds go to supporting the Project.

    I figure if you you were considering puchasing a new shirt or shorts for working out, now is a great time to do it.
  17. john Says:
  18. Won't be able to get to the gym today - but this workout could not be missed so I drug my lazy butt to the Offutt gym and scaled accordingly:

    - 1 mile
    - 20 rounds of 3 pullups, 8 pushups, 10 air squats
    - 1 mile

    Finished in 44:27

    Wow - great workout, not fun doing it by yourself. I missed the motivation of the gym, especially the cheering of the 6am team.
  19. jakeH Says:
  20. 41:00 rx'd no body armor.

    This was a tough one especially after benching, doing a hundred push ups and running 2 miles yesterday. Bunch of solo efforts at noon today. Fun times.
  21. Allison H :) Says:
  22. Shoulda... Woulda.. Coulda... Done this with a partner!

    DNF 45:01 ? Did the 1 mile run, 75 pull ups, 150 push ups from knees, 225 squats.

    Broke it by 5/10/15 for 20 rounds and FML I kept thinking I wish I had a partner!!! My arms are going to fall off! And after Lincoln on Sunday my legs are going to fall off too! So I hope I can still do crossfit when I'm just a body with no limbs! lol! MURPH is a killer!!! And to think I was missing the 20# vest! HAHAH!
  23. Kat Says:
  24. Solo:

    1 mile
    5/10/15 x 10 rnds of:
    1 mile

    finished in 35 or so minutes

    Felt I kept a pretty good pace, last 400 meters of the last mile suucked, got a bad pain in my shoulder
  25. Eric C Says:
  26. 44:11 Rx'd

    I don't feel well.
  27. Steve Says:
  28. 45:57 Rx'd. Ditto Eric.

    Congrats to everyone at noon who took this one on.
  29. Paula Says:
  30. 38:13-Partnered up Sue this morning. Good times as always! Legs were like jello the last 400. I just need to run a couple 400s everyday....then maybe I wouldn't hate it so bad! I always seem to sprint a little harder coming up the parking lot seeing my friends there cheering me on. I just love CFO! Sorry, another one of my warm fuzzys!

    Great job to the only other "couple" - Jon and Garett. It was a small class this morning. And a very warm welcome to Phil from Boston!!!! Awesome job this morning. He smashed this wod on his own....34:00?? Holy crap!

    I also have failed to congratulate all who competed in the Games open. It was a lot of fun!

    A HUGE congrats to Ricky, Jon, Kyle, Dustin, Stacie, Libby, Reba, Addi, and Shelley on making it to the next level. Job well done and well deserved. You inspire us all! Good luck with the all training.
  31. Paula Says:
  32. AND.....Another congrats to our Masters competitor, Karen Wattier, who will be competing at the Games in CA! You amaze me, Karen. I can only dream of competing at your age and at such a high level 15 yrs from now! You are my inspiration!
  33. B3nj4m1n Says:
  34. JimmyG, I was right behind Ricky when he took the picture. There was not bathroom break after deadlifting and before running, I just had to change into my running shoes. On any other day your assessment would have been correct.
  35. Kat Says:
  36. Paula....I made it too :( wish I cud represent north central! U know I be wearin my cfo gear at the south central regionals!
  37. Pastor Justin Says:
  38. 45:42 Rx'd

    Jeff and I went together and pushed each other a little bit. We went 5-10-15 for 20 rds.

    Good stuff.
  39. hannah eileen Says:
  40. thanks to ZachR, team ries finished in 33:04. It was really not because of me; I didn't do much but squat and do 1/2 the runs.

    great job 5:30!
  41. Brandon Says:
  42. It was nice to see so many folks at 5:30 killin' it. I dragged my ass across the finish line at 55:30, everything RX'd except the vest.

  43. Jennifer Says:
  44. 1 mile run
    100 jumping pullups
    200 hand release pushups
    300 air squats
    1 mile run

    Jon Day and I shared this one, we each did both full 1 mile runs, and split the middle stuff into 10 rounds of 5-10-15 each. Finished around 31:00. First run around 8:30, all pullups-pushups-air squats unbroken, second run took a painfully slow 10ish minutes.
  45. O'Kief Says:
  46. 44:05 rx'd (sans vest). Haha Eric.

    Great group at 5:30. I really enjoyed doing this WOD with them...and with Matt's vapor trail.
  47. JennG Says:
  48. Did this with Courtney tonight. 38:54
    Alternated 400's
    5-10-15 with blues/knees

    Waited until almost the last minute to sign up for this since I was suffering the prowler flu last night. However, decided it was just too important to do this hero wod and couldn't skip it.

    Nice work 6:30!
  49. Gdawg Says:
  50. Partnered up with Regina! What a bad ass with the pushups! Keep up the good work girl, I enjoyed getting to know ya on our little social run. Good job 6:30 and Congrats to those that tackled this bad boy alone rx'd!


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