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Open Gym

This is the last week of Open Gym for all classes. Beginning next week, both the 8:50 and 9:30 classes will have programmed workouts assigned while the 10:10 class will remain open gym.

The 2008 CrossFit Games in Aromas, CA. Where it all started.

CrossFit & The Politics of Supplementation by Web Smith, CrossFit Chronicles

"With all of the nutritional influences around us, everything that we consume tends to be in violation of some Paleo seminar instructor's or affiliate owner's doctrine. The question that you have to ask yourself is, "Are my goals aligned with theirs?" If you are a 210 pound male, do you hang on to the words of a 125 pound woman? This is an important question! No matter who or how professional they are, personal preferences always influence academic and/or professional truths."

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  1. kahrs Says:
  2. Would really love to see the Open Gym continue, it has been really enjoyable the last few weeks.
  3. Jennifer Says:
  4. Did yesterday's workout:
    Zercher squat: 131#x7
    Barbell RDL: 143x10

    5 min AMRAP:
    5 pushups
    10 ball slams

    9 rds, tried to get 5 pushups in 10th round and only got three.

    This was fun, I wish we did more workouts like this.
  5. VanBeek Performance Says:
  6. Just some running today..

    3X800m (Actually 880m at burker HS)
    Jogged a 400 between each
  7. Hilg Says:
  8. Interesting post. I'm going to bare my soul and say that I often fancy myself able to out-run every and any sin of diet or lack of exercise.....this slip of the discipline (that's right...I know better) usually takes place one day at a time but summarizes in results less than desirable but not unexpected. Knowing vs. Doing negatively fueled by those influences. I ask I lack the courage of my conviction or do I just not care enough.

    Maybe it's just time to dust off the goals and reset the sights. Who's up for a self initiated challenge?? Seems I need one and am looking for a few like minds. Post if you're in and let's make it happen.

  9. BigD Says:
  10. Re-did 11.6 at CrossFit Rancho out here. 67 reps. 10 better than Wednesday.
  11. JennG Says:
  12. Brian,
    I'm in! It’s a great time for a re-examination of goals.

    As long as we are baring souls…

    I was struck by the reference to our diet being a game. I have been treating it like a that I have to win. In the attempt to be perfect, I’ve lost sight of the fact that what's perfect for someone else, may not be perfect for me.

    I agree it is counterproductive to listen to a 125 lb woman if she is only speaking of her own experiences and her own goals. However, it's a cop out to dismiss her knowledge and advice simply because she doesn’t look like you. Listen to what she says, research and then make decisions for yourself. If it works, great…if not, keep looking. There is so much information out there that, without help sorting out the minutia, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, especially if you don’t have the background to understand what you are reading. I have become obsessive and neurotic about trying to learn everything, but have come to the realization that going back to the basics is key. It doesn’t make much sense to venture out on a quest for the holy grail…that includes supplements…until the food has been cleaned up and dialed in. It’s very stressful to have tight control over every food choice, only to beat yourself up when the inevitable mistake comes along. Really shouldn’t be that hard.

    I appreciate the CFO community because it is filled ith like-minded people who are not judgmental, yet help each other be accountable for their own goals and performances.
  13. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  14. Sunday Workout... Good and Bad

    Full Clean... High Volume Like My Snatch PR Last Week - 12 Sets of 1-2 Reps - No Belt... Use a belt next time
    110, 154, 185, 198, 208, 220, 230, 235, 240, 245, 250, 255 (Missed)

    Front Squat 5X2 (2RM Right Now is just 245)
    135, 225, 240, 245, 255 (Easy)

    "Diane" Re-Test - Been 6 Months
    225# DL
    - Last Time 8:06 :(
    * 6:53 - HSPU's were still ridiculously broken up...

    DB Row (60's) 3X8
    Hollow Rocks 3X30 secs

    Triple Tomorrow... Hello Regional Training...
  15. lynn Says:
  16. I think a self initiated challenge would be great. Nine years ago I lost 50 pounds after my five year old came home from school with a story of how Chase lost a feather in class today becaue he told her that her mom was fat. I immediately started going to the gym and eating right (you know the diet yogurt, wheat bread, brown rice etc).

    Eight years of eating the 'right' things started to wear on me. I felt like I was aging faster than in years prior and I was tired all of the time. I've become very lazy with my eating in the last year and have gained 15 of those beloved 50 back.

    Last night I finished The Paleo Diet book and feel I have just tipped the surface of knowledge and cannot wait to learn more. What a perfect time for a self initiated challenge Brian!

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