Friday 110304

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Dead-lift 1x5

Warm-up is 5, 5, 3, 2. Additional warm-up sets may be needed for those in the 350+ range. If successful last time, add 5 pounds this time.

Post weight to comments/Logwod.

Compare to 110209 or 110118. (This is a great time to start logging if you haven't)

What about Food Matters? Have you seen this one? It's also a very good documentary. There are things said that aren't completely in line with my philosophy but that should never detract from an educational benefit. Grasp the bigger picture, take what is useful, leave what is not (my version of what Bruce Lee once said).

Something else Bruce Lee once said, and a favorite of mine, was:

Any technique, however worthy and desirable, becomes a disease when the mind is obsessed with it.

This can be interpreted many ways. How do you interpret it?

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25 Responses to "Friday 110304"

  1. VanBeek Performance Says:
  2. Nice WOD Rick...

    Deadlift - Going to try 5/3/1 from now until regionals (hoping I make it that far :))
    3X5 = 65, 75, 85 5+ (Using 90% - 320)
    208, 242, 275X10 Reps... Felt Good

    Press - Same
    3X5 - 65, 75, 85 5+ (157# = 90%)
    103, 119, 133 X8

    Games Group WOD From Tuesday
    ... Too Lazy to take all the boxes out so I scaled the box jumps up to 36" :)

    Toes To Bar
    Box Jumps (36")
    Walking Lunges
    7:57... Took Longer than I wanted but Toes to Bar felt good and all unbroken but slow...


    20 Squat Cleans (185#)
    4:18.... Felt Surprisingly Good... Only really struggled on the last few since I was trying to get the last three done as fast as I did the first three... No misses

    Going to push it until probably next Tues then start my "In-Season" training.... Keep kicking ass everyone!
  3. Tovar Says:
  4. Hey considering its March has anybody heard anything about a St. Patricks day wod yet? It would only be appropriate to follow the 1st Annual CFO Green Beer & Burpee WOD with a 2nd one right? Rick, Joe, Jon, Amanda lets make this happen! :)
  5. Hilg Says:
  6. Second that, D!

    357# (no Magnum) 1X5

    Felt good and the last set was maybe my best form. Good company with Frank and Eric.

    Another awesome 6am class!

  7. Crystal Says:
  8. Yes, the Beer & Burpees! We have to keep it going.
  9. Danielle Baker Says:
  10. Bring on the St. Patty's Day noise!! Beer and Burpees, good times might have to change the rules for ladies this year :)
  11. Joe H Says:
  12. I agree on the st.pats day wod. Just go to youtube and look at how many people were there last year. It was one of if not the most populated events I have seen.
  13. Hilg Says:
  14. Bruce Lee's quote (my interpretation):

    When we close our minds to new/different methods we lose the potential to improve. Approaching a task from new and different angles is benefitional mentally and physically. "Free your mind, and the rest will follow" - No way did I just quote "En Vogue"!! lol
  15. ZachR Says:
  16. I was unable to participate in last year's St Patty's day WOD due to a bum shoulder. Lets make this happen so I can experience the 'joy' of doing burpees after drinking beer!
  17. Hilg Says:
  18. I'm gonna try not to puke this year! That would be a PR.
  19. Tovar Says:
  20. Yes! Yes! Everybody rally behind us here and let's convince the bright minds of CFO to make this happen again! St. Pats Day is March 17. I vote on the evening of March 19 which is a Saturday and the same day we complete our first open sectional wod. If those competing don't want to drink that is perfectly fine and that is their choice. They do however have to participate. They can just chug water to get the same bloaded effect. :) Come on Tricky Ricky one night isn't going to kill us.
  21. Brandon Says:
  22. I think that we owe it to ourselves, and to future generations of CrossFitters everywhere to carry on the CFO St. Patricks Day WOD. hahaha! I'm with Dustin on this one, it was super fun last year, and I think with everyone working so hard for sectionals it will be a good way to blow off some steam. It is AFTER the first WOD, and you should have plenty of time to recover. To quote Dustin, "One night isn't going to kill us." :-)
  23. Gdawg Says:
  24. BEER & BURPEES! BEER & BURPEES! BEER & BURPEES! I had such a blast with this last year, we HAVE to do it again! Like Tovar said no one has to drink if they don't want to, but the event NEEDS to could it not!? it was such a success! if we don't do it for st. patty's day then we'll have to revisit the idea from last year of doing a cinco de mayo event with tequilla...
  25. Eric C Says:
  26. I'm down for beer and burpees (or any variation). If not at CFO, we may just have to go over to the Tovar's house.

    Last year, it could have been the 'Event of the year' at CFO.....
  27. Teresa Says:
  28. And I am getting really good at burpees with the new late policy! My vote is the Saturday before St. Patties Day--March 11th.
  29. Stacie Says:
  30. Our backyard is definitely big enough to host the event. Our neighbors are all super cool, even the cop that lives next door to the East. Oh hell ya, he'd love it!
  31. hannah eileen Says:
  32. I don't know if I'd call the beer and burpee wod "fun" but I'm in. ODHC kicked some ass last year! I've already started thinking about new outfits for it.

    I got 198# today for 5. I am pretty sure that's a 5rep pr. Great job nooners!
  33. Allison H :) Says:
  34. 154#

    i was super drunk in less than 45 minutes last year with the chuggin and burpees combo - we are down again this year and have already recruited our same winning team :) say when and where :)
  35. Kat Says:
  36. I only got to watch last year bc i was unable to drink! I am ready to participate this time around! Lets bring the hose out though to get rid of the puke on the side of the building...
  37. Steve Says:
  38. I'm up for another beer and burpee WOD. This time, I say everyone pitch in for a keg or 2, and we all drink from clear glasses so we can see who actually finishes their drinks. I'm just saying... there were a lot of half-full beer cans taken out to the dumpster after last year's event!
  39. Paula Says:
  40. I'm definitely up for another Beer and Burpee WOD! That was a one of the highlights at CFO! GOOD TIMES had by all! I would probably have to claim one of those 1/2 full beers in the more drink and would have lost it!
  41. Joe H Says:
  43. BigD Says:
  44. Missed Beer and Burpees last year due to travel, so yeah, I'm down!
  45. BC Says:
  46. 308# 1x5. It's been a while since I've dl'd that much for 5 reps. My hips dropped a bit on the later reps, and my back rounded out a bit on reps 4 and 5, but Jimbo said I was still in the "safe zone" so I'll take it. Nice work 5:30.

    I didn't do GB&B last year, and since Jess and I are in the middle of our own Paleo challenge for the month of March I doubt we would do it this year. BUT - CFO events are awesome and we would almost definitely be down for something where drinking was optional as opposed to required.
  47. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  48. Forgot how much distance rowing sucks

    Overhead squat - 1RM - Been a LONG TIME since I even overhead squatted heavy

    110, 154, 198, 220, 242, 265, 275... Couldnt jerk the damn thing overhead so I didnt even get a chance at it... :(... I'm trying it again next week

    9 Ring Dips
    (Rings Set 1 Foot Above Reach so had to muscle up to start)
    15 Burpee Ring Touches
    (Rings 1 Ft above reach)
    21 Kipping Pull Ups
    1000m Row
    3 ROUNDS
    ** 19:05 **
    - Sweaty palms will be my downfall if muscle ups with a turnout come up... did the first two RDS just fine, but the row was slower than I'd like... Hit about 3:45 each time... Last RD I missed two attempts to get into position for dips so I bet it cost me a minute on the clock... Burpees were slow, but pull ups were unbroken
  49. andresenfam Says:
  50. 109# Improvement from a month ago! Yay, proud lady here! I did 87# in February.

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