Saturday 110305

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Each for time:
250 Meter Row
500 Meter Row
750 Meter Row

Rest will be determined by the rotation of those in your group per rower.

Post time from each row to comments/Logwod.
(There will be three different entries in Logwod, record accordingly.)

Compare 500 meter row to 100209.

Guess who? All family members, his spouse, close friends, and the person himself are asked not to guess. Anyone else? Yeah, yeah, it's kind of easy. Good looking guy right? Yep, he's a crossfitter.

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6 Responses to "Saturday 110305"

  1. kahrs Says:
  2. This is a tough one, an old picture also. Possibly Blas...
  3. JennG Says:
  4. :55

    I really didn't think this would be too bad, but somewhere in the bottom half of the 500, reality set in.
    Thanks, John, for helping to get through the mental part!
  5. paul Says:
  6. I can't figure out who this is in the pic.

    DL (198)
    Press (98)
    CTB pullups

    18:44. Couldn't breathe. Typical story.
  7. B3nj4m1n Says:
  8. Did the rowing workout then did 3x5 press with Pete and 5x5 weighted push ups with Greg O, press was only at 132 and weighted push ups got up to 99 red and blue. Finally I PRd on breakfast at farmhouse, 5 egg butcher scramble. It was great working out with Pete and Greg. Nice rows to those brave enough to attempt it.
  9. VanBeek Performance Says:
  10. Sunday Workout... Kind of a low key day.. Well sort of...

    Ground to OH - 2RM (1st 5 mins), 1RM (Last 5 Mins) - Have to Push Jerk OH
    154, 198, 219, 229, 238 - Doubles
    244, 249 - Singles... Disappointing... It's all technical too... Just Bad Positioning

    Off of OPT's Site
    5 sets of 15 Swings (Keep things fast for the first 3 sets then max load for last two sets)
    70#X15, 70#X15, 81#X15 - Tough..
    Rested 2-3 Mins
    81#X12 (Couldnt Hold On)
    89#X10 (Wasn't Getting It High Enough)
    - Really keyed off hips and keeping better midline position.. Didn't bother my back at all for once but just felt heavy...

    CTB Pull Ups (Been a while)
    DU's (Again, Been a While)
    ** Max reps each round **
    60 secs PU, 60 secs DUs, Rest 60
    1st RD - 28 Pull Ups, 104 DU's
    2nd RD - 15 Pull Ups, 70 DU's
    3rd RD - 12 Pull Ups, 40 DU's
    4th RD - 8 Pull Ups, 21 DU's
    ** Sloppy on the pull ups towards the end... Low Back is throbbing as week speak...

    PC and Core Stability... About to do these..
    Probably Hollow Rocks and Reverse Hypers - HeavyX10
  11. John Snodgrass Says:
  12. Is the picture Irv Wattier?

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