Wednesday 110209

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Dead-lift 1x5

Warm-up: 5, 5, 3, 2

Post weight to comments/Logwod.

Compare to 110118.

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17 Responses to "Wednesday 110209"

  1. Jess Says:
  2. 154#, used 85% of my 1RM of 183#

    Great job 6am peeps!

  3. J Andresen Says:
  4. 308#. Felt about right for 1x5.
    Congrats, Nick, on making the board. Good work 5am.
  5. Hilg Says:
  6. 352#, Logwod said I did 375 last Januray but this still felt like the right weight to concentrate on technique.

    Another full 6am class....awesome.

  7. Mark Says:
  8. Used 330# this time. I still have issues with making my back flat and keeping it that way throughout the movement. Amanda had me drop my hips a bit this morning and that seemed to help, but it made the weight feel much heavier since I was now having to start with my knees bent further.

    I am trying to take what Joe said at the summit to heart about technique. I can lift quite a bit more than the weight I used today but I feel at some point I will probably hurt myself if I can't get the technique right. The problem is, I don't feel like doing heavy deadlifts only once a month will get me where I need to be in terms of technique.
  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. 352#
    Technique felt really good today. Probably the best I've felt doing DL since I joined CFO. I know I could have done more. I didn't check LogWod before I came in, it says I did 362 last time, but I remember that feeling really heavy, this time 10 pounds less felt pretty light. Must be improving.

    Afterwards I put 401# on the bar and did it once just to test the waters since I missed the DL 1RM a while back. That felt pretty light too, but good enough for today.

    Good work 5AM!
  11. Justin Says:
  12. Clean and Jerk - 85% 3X2
    218, 224, 229 - Felt kind of heavy for some reason

    Snatch Pulls - 100-110% 2,2,2,1,1,1
    198, 198, 208, 218, 228, 228

    Threw together a WOD with heavy full snatches and Wall Climbs...
    5 Full Snatches (No Power Snatch+OH SQ)(155#)
    2 Wall Climbs (Nose and Chest to Wall)
    4 Full Snatches
    4 Wall Climbs
    3 Full Snatches
    6 Wall Climbs
    2 Full Snatches
    8 Wall Climbs (Tough.. Hard to not stop momentarily and take a breath)
    1 Full Snatch (Missed Once :()
    10 Wall Climbs
    ** 7:30 - Two Missed Snatches Cost Probably 15-20 secs

    Messed Around With Tighter Kipping CTB Pull Ups... Just 5 Reps Every 45 secs for 8 Sets...

    Thinking of doing my 5K Row tonight..
  13. hannah eileen Says:
  14. 188#. was shooting for 190, so I was happy.
  15. Allison H :) Says:
  16. 148x5

    for 85% should have shot for 170# but this felt heavy to me so stuck with what felt good. Like I keep saying - Need to get back where I was and I know this all takes dedication and time.
  17. Kat Says:
  18. have a full day of work and school today so i won't be able to make it in :( deadlift is one of my favorites though! I went to my apt gym this morning and did a games wod from a couple weeks ago that i missed. I only did 4 rounds instead of 5 though due to running out of time.
    4 rnds:
    400 m run
    20 burpees
    15 rows 30# db
    I did this in about 20 minutes. I didn't break up any sets of anything but i rested too long inbetween the movements. I bet i could have shaved off a minute or two if i would have been working out next to someone...competition brings out the best!
  19. JonD Says:
  20. Today

    8 rounds + 5 HSPUs (2-3Inches) 10 toe through rings
  21. Kelli Says:
  22. 212# Maybe it was too light :)
  23. BC Says:
  24. 284x5. Felt like I was able to maintain really good form on all 5 reps, felt good.
  25. Jordan Says:
  26. #174. I was going for #165 so this was great! Great job noon class :)
  27. Tony Says:
  28. 308. Felt pretty solid. I think I need to work on my grip outside of the gym. I definitely feel like I can make the weight go up if I can make my hands stronger.
  29. John Says:
  30. #274. Felt pretty good for the first time in a long time...
  31. Alicia Says:
  32. 119#. i'm getting there :)
  33. andresenfam Says:
  34. 87#...first timer here :) hoping to see improvement the next time around

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