Tuesday 110118

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Dead-lift 1x5 (1 set of 5 reps)

Warm-up 5, 5, 3, 2. Your one set of 5 should help to establish a number but doesn't necessarily need to be a max effort attempt.

Post weight to comments/Logwod (Compare to 100112 on Logwod).

A room full of swingers.

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19 Responses to "Tuesday 110118"

  1. paul Says:
  2. 404x5. this is the strongest i've ever felt deadlifting over 4 bills, even though i have gotten 418x5 a couple of times. form broke down a little, but i felt solid throughout. i'd say rep 5 was better than rep 4, even.

    makes me feel a little better about the DNF yesterday, though that is still haunting me...
  3. Shelley Says:
  4. 289x5. (88% of 1RM) These felt really good; my 5th rep wasn't as good as I didn't keep the bar quite as close, but the weight felt "light" for 5. The last time I did this I did 278x5 and I've done 306x2 so I had a good idea where I wanted to be today.

    This is another reason to use logwod.

    Great to be a part of a huge 6 a.m. class!!
  5. GregP Says:
  6. #252 got what I wanted.

    Full house at 6am today. I few old faces too! Be sure and put your name on the wait list.

    Great job everyone.
  7. Mark Says:
  8. 340#x5 today, about 80% of my last max. Didn't feel great lifting today and on my last rep Ricky basically put it in one phrase how my day went... "Bad back"
  9. Nick.M Says:
  10. 362x5. May have been able to get a little bit more but from how tight my back already is I am kind of happy I didn't. Form felt pretty good throughout, I never had a "shit that really hurt" moment, which is always good.

    Good work at 5AM today!
  11. Amanda Says:
  12. Gotta love deadlifts. Decent sized classes this morning, all bettering their lives. Awesome to see.

    Track this stuff, it's important!

    Sign up for the Summit if you haven't already!
  13. Tara! Says:
  14. Ricky,
    Can we get some of these? Please?? Pretty please?
  15. VanBeek Performance Says:
  16. Elevated Clean Pulls (Standing on Yellows) - Around 105% (275#)
    8 Sets of 1 with about 45-60 secs between Sets...

    Press (5RM) - Dont have one but was hoping around 150#
    95, 115, 135, 145#... Ok I guess...

    All my wod resources are on a rest day or a lift day so I went back a few days and found one that complimented what I did for lifts today..

    "Doublen" - Scaled things up to make it harder... So...
    75 Double Unders
    21 Swings (70# instead of 55#)
    ** Had to Use a DB which I think goes faster than a KB **
    12 Pull Ups (Chest to Bar)
    3 ROUNDS
    RD 1 - All Unbroken - 1:50 In
    RD 2 - NOT! - 4:00 to 4:15 In
    RD 3 - Swings Unbroken - Finished in 6:42... Missed 3 Pull Ups :(

    Have an hour and a half to kill tonight so might throw a 15-20 min AMRAP of some gymnastic movements.. Probably Dips, Inverted Rowing and Pistols...
  17. Kat Says:
  18. Tara! I just looked up that site you posted and i am shaking my head at you! shameful! Only double unders for you from now on! :)
  19. Nate Says:
  20. The jumpsnap, wow thats pretty lazy, yet convenient with its automatic counter... you dont even need to jump, but just bend your knees for the same effect...
  21. Addi Says:
  22. 252x5
    Probably should have gone at least 10# heavier. These felt good, but my a couple warm-up sets on the way up felt heavier than they should, and my last heavy deadlifts (3RM a few weeks ago) were unimpressive at best, so I was playing a little on the safe side.
  23. JonD Says:
  24. Hey everyone remember to wear tall socks or pants when you come in today!

    Well....Did the burpee/thruster WOD

    Burpee: 2:18
    Thrusters: 43

    This one tells me to eat better!
  25. paul Says:
  26. I think i could get quadruples with the jump snap.
  27. VanBeek Performance Says:
  28. 2nd Workout... Decided to throw together some stuff I havent done in a while and some horizontal rowing

    3 Box Jumps (No Step) - 42"
    6 Turkish Get Ups (45# Barbell)
    9 Inverted Rows
    ** RDS in 15 Mins **
    - Barbell Get Ups are no joke! Have to really focus in in order to not drop the bar..
    7 RDS + 2 Box Jumps in 15 Mins
  29. John Snodgrass Says:
  30. Felt good today did 408x5. Could have done more but Ricky says my core needs work.Don't want form to break down. Thanks for the support and help Robert and Ricky. Everyone did great at 4:30!!
  31. Tovar Says:
  32. I absolutely hate the deadlift movement!

    I did 328 x 5 and it felt sooo heavy!

    And go figure.... as I'm sitting here at the gym typing this Damian decides to ask, "Why do you hate the deadlift Tovar, it's like the funnest lift?..... Well Damian, it's b/c I really suck at it!
  33. Kat Says:
  34. 262 x 5
  35. Crystal Says:
  36. 203x5. Should have gone heavier. Been awhile since I've deadlifted. It's one of my favorite movements. This isn't where I want to be but have to suck it up. Got a little way to go to get back to where I used to be for DL.

    Awesome job 6:30. The guys actually out numbered the girls tonight! Great job Tessa and Jess.
  37. hannah eileen Says:
  38. 165x5
    I. Hate. Deadlift.

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