Thursday 110303

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Rest Day

Another clip from "FatHead" the movie. The lipid hypothesis is #epicfail. Another book was written, not too long ago, by a man named T. Colin Campbell, called the China Study. Ever hear of it? Look it up and take a gander. His research process for the book followed exactly that of Ancel Keys' research process for the lipid hypothesis, appropriately called selection bias.


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6 Responses to "Thursday 110303"

  1. paul Says:
  2. 3 rds
    15 back squats (176, no rack)
    1 muscle-up + 5 ring dips
    15 GH situps
    1 muscle-up + 5 ring dips

    I thought I'd try for 5 rounds, but Amanda talked some sense into me, fortunately. After the 1st round, I just had no breath whatsoever. I did do almost all strict ring dips, though, which I am very happy about.
  3. Stacie Says:
  4. In case anyone missed the Nightline clip on Paleolithic ways:
  5. Paula Says:
  6. I just found out that you can watch the "FatHead" movie on hulu.

    I going to start watching it tonite!
  7. O'Kief Says:
  8. Tangled with Helen. Ill-tempered harlot. 10:57. Almost a minute more than my pr. Nice to run outside though.

    Happy birthday Ben Mason.
  9. Kelli Says:
  10. Fathead is also on Netflix Instant...saw it there the other night. :-)

    I did deadlifts tonight...gonna be a weekly thing. I just tried to work up to a 1RM...see where I was at. Got 283# by the time class ended which is pretty darn good as I think my 1RM at Crossfit a long time ago was 286.
  11. Eric C Says:
  12. Ricky, I love all of these nutritional videos. I use them in my office on occasion. Thanks for sharing.

    Do you know who sells raw milk around here?


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