Friday 110225

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Back Squat - 3x5 (sets across)

Warm-up is 5, 5, 3, 2. This is not a progressive set workout. If you successfully completed all 15 reps from last time, go up 5 pounds this time.

Followed by a Friday Finisher.........

Post weight used to comments/Logwod.

Compare to 110202 or 110103.

Everyone, please welcome Bryan Beighley to CFO. Here he is going through his 3rd one-on-one with Joe, dead-lifts. If you see him, make sure you say hello and introduce yourself.

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12 Responses to "Friday 110225"

  1. Tovar Says:
  2. For all of those that don't already know we are losing a couple of CFO's finest next week as Nate Hansen and Amy Hall are moving away from us. For those that are interested we will be at Jimmy D's tomorrow/Friday night to wish them well over some drinks. We will also be celebrating the departure of Nate's pink innovates! :) Come join in on the fun...the more the merrier.
  3. Joe H Says:
  4. Welcome bryan. As another crossfiter said "prepare to geek out to all your family about all the crazy stuff you just did....everyday. two months from now it slows down to every other day..
  5. paul Says:
  6. Sorry to hear you guys are leaving us, Nate and Amy!

    Welcome, Bryan!

    289# for the 3x5.
    burpees: 15, 15, 10, 12. Ouch.

    Nice work, everyone, and great lifting with you, Greg!
  7. J Andresen Says:
  8. Best of luck, Nate and Amy!

    264# 3x5. 15x4 on the burpees, lowered my jump target for rounds 3 and 4.
  9. Jess Says:
  10. Best wishes, Nate and Amy!

    93# for 3x5
    Thanks for all the help Jon & Amanda and nice working with ya, Brian Brown!

    burpees:15, 13, 11, 12. That was rough.

  11. GregP Says:
  12. #203 3X5, 5 more than last time.
    Burpees, 15,15,12,10

    Good working with you this morning Paul. Thanks for your help and tips

    Good Job 6am!
  13. Tovar Says:
  14. Welcome to CFO Bryan!
  15. Nate Says:
  16. Thanks for the wishes and welcome Bryan, may I recommend the red kool-aid. It is Exquisite this time of year.
    Dustin, I know you will miss the pink shoes, maybe sometime down the road you'll be able to pull that color off. It will just take time and dedication.
  17. Amanda Says:
  18. WELCOME BRYAN! It was great to work with you on your first one-on-one!

    Best of luck to Nate and Amy, daily staples at CrossFit, we'll miss seeing you around all the time.

    Good workout. Squats are the coolest. Small but mighty noon class. Is everyone slacking towards the end of the week? Pick it up people. Those who did come today, nice work. Got a good lil'
    Friday finisher in to. Have a good weekend!
  19. Shane Says:
  20. Best wishes, Nate and Amy! You'll be missed.
  21. Donohoe Says:
  22. GOOD BYE Nate and Amy you both are awesome people and will sucessful and happy anywhere you go.
    I did 333 x 5 on squat thanks jimbo for the spotting. Everyone at 430 did an awesome job saw a ton of effort. Congrats to everyone and I hope you got home safe.
    Donohoe is out....
    PS burpees 15 15 13 13
  23. andresenfam Says:
  24. Welcome Bryan! Crossfit is a great place to be!

    74# felt good but, I think I could definitely do a bit more next time.

    Burpees are my enemy! 15, 8, then stopped counting and just did burpees for the next 2 min.

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