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Rest Day

What do you like to do on a rest day? Come in and work on something, make-up workouts you missed, or take time away from the gym for other activities? It might even be more of a social hour for you to catch up with those in class you haven't seen in a while or don't normally get to talk to in an hour's time? Inquiring minds want to know.

Warming up for class. Can anyone, other than those in this particular picture, name the person hidden in front of Jeff Shannon?

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13 Responses to "Thursday 110224"

  1. kahrs Says:
  2. John Snodgrass

    I do some type of strength and some mobility stuff.
  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. I've started trying to work on DUs a little on rest days and then getting into something else. Sometimes it's a missed workout, sometimes it's another weakness, the rest it's just something I haven't done in a while.
  5. Celeste Says:
  6. John Snodgrass - is that cheating since we are married and all?
  7. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  8. Regaining feeling in my back.. Ha
  9. GregP Says:
  10. I used to work on pull ups, DUs and other weaknesses. Now I bench press because usually someone is there to partner with and spot each other and i try to work in back squat or dead lift too. It is also a great time to catch up with others as there is more time to talk.

    I will have to look at my written log, but it does not look like from the comments from previous Nancy days that I have ever done this one. Is that great planning or what?
  11. paul Says:
  12. Nancy: 14:50 rx'ed. PR by 3:30!! Couldn't have done it without Eric to push me. Or without wrist wraps, which allowed me to do all sets unbroken.

    Nancy has always been my worst benchmark, so this PR is HUGE for me.
  13. Mark Says:
  14. My "rest days" are Saturday and Sunday now. I try to get to the gym Monday-Friday and then leave the weekends open to either sleep in or work on some project or do some chores. On gym scheduled rest days I have been benching and I want to throw in squats cause I want to get stronger there too.

    But since I overslept on Tuesday, I made that WOD up today: 13:27 Rx'd. This was a 1:30 PR over last October.
  15. Joe Jessen Says:
  16. On rest days I like to sleep past 4 am!!!!!
  17. Eric C Says:
  18. I usually rest on rest days. Or I come in and make up a WOD like I did today.

    Nancy 16:11 Rx'd
    Thought I was going at an easy pace and didn't try run too hard, but I PR'd by 12 secs. I'll take it!
    (Ass is sore from Paul kicking it)

    Side note: I really like the programming this week. A little longer. A little heavier.
  19. Danielle Baker Says:
  20. I have started work on getting Madonna type arms on rest out :) Also working on butterfly pullups and some cardio to help with swimsuit season and the Lincoln Half coming up. I love rest days, it is like recess!!
  21. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  22. Double

    Power Clean.. 2RM.. Evidently I've done 236 for 3 before..
    Hit 242 but ended up full catching both

    10 wall ball
    12 burpees
    15 DUs
    *Was supposed to be 22 mins on second viewing but thought it was 20 mins...
    Oops... So 20 Min AMRAP
    13 RDS plus 10 wall ball plus 9 burpees.. Kept a steady pace but probably should have been closer to 15 RDS

    Core stability.. Rotational holds 3X30 seconds.. Hoping some stability work will help my low back issues
  23. dino Says:
  24. I finally got a jump rope and my plan is to work on DU's till I get them. When I miss it looks like I am taking a beating on my forearms
  25. Kelli Says:
  26. from here on out i'm doing strength based deadlift on the scheduled rest day at the gym. got to get strong for my competitions in April and May! :-)

    tonight, however I made up that deadlift/pushup workout from tuesday and my arms are jelly.

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