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Back Squat - 3x5 (sets across)

Sets across means that you're using a weight that isn't quite your 5RM but is close. It also means that you warmed up properly prior to the first set of 5. If you didn't, that first set was probably an additional warm-up set as noted by your ability to go up in weight for the second set.

Post the single weight used to comments/Logwod.

A) Front Squat, B) High Bar Back Squat, and C) our version, the Low Bar Back Squat.

Must see videos:
Mark Rippetoe: Intro to the Squat
Mark Rippetoe: Back Squat Geometry, Pt. 1

CFO Squatting 101:
A) Wrists are not extended or flexed while on the bar. They are so that the back of the hands and the forearms are in a straight line and the palm facing straight down toward your feet (not in front of your feet). This places the elbows high so that the bar does not slip down the back during reps. The bar should be placed on the back just below the traps, the muscles at the base of the neck. The middle of the foot should be shoulder width apart with the heels just inside shoulder width and toes just outside.

B) Movement is initiated with the hips going back and down. Do not exaggerate the going back part as the placement of the bar determines the angle of the back not you reaching back with your hips.

C) The knees will be pushed as far away from each other as possible throughout the movement, especially on the way up as most do a fairly decent job pushing them out on the way down. During this time, also remember to keep the head neutral and not looking forward. This can negatively alter the mechanics immensely.

D) If done correctly, the feel of the weight should never leave the mid part of the feet. Strive for keeping the load there. You are strongest there. The movement is safest there.

E) Proper depth is when the top of the hip crease passes the top most part of the knee. Be more worried of not going low enough rather than worried if you you won't be able to get back up. Going low enough and not coming up is more legit than not going low enough and standing back up.

F) If you don't know what coaches mean by hip drive on the way up then you are not doing it when you squat and need to ask coaches to demonstrate it until you do get it. This is a very important part of the squat. And while you're at it, have them demonstrate how to miss. If you are squatting correctly, you will miss and knowing how to miss properly is of utmost importance.

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19 Responses to "Monday 110103"

  1. GregP Says:
  2. #184 Great Job 6am! another full house.
  3. Mark Says:
  4. 230#, no misses. I probably could have gone a little heavier but I am happy I didn't struggle too much with this weight.

    6AM is going to be my new home for a couple of weeks (most days). I'll miss all you afternooners but I will be back in a month or so.
  5. Shane Says:
  6. 220. Bar felt heavy, i felt tired. Good job 5 am.
    logwod update?
  7. paul Says:
  8. surprisingly brutal 7am wod:
    100 lateral step-up jumps (?)
    30 OHS (75)
    21 pullups


    i felt sick afterward.
  9. jillian Says:
  10. Happy Monday to all!

    I did 79. I am still struggling with getting all the way down during my squats. I need to get over the fear of falling on my butt…

    Make it a Great Day!
  11. BigD Says:
  12. Would have loved to do this one, but got heavy squats coming this Thursday for "15". Did the Games Prep WOD on base this morning. DNF. Got in 35 of the side shuttle jumps of round 3 before hitting the time limit. Was a huge, sweaty mess at the end of this one. Wanted to go unbroken on the OHS, but seemed to lose the bar around 20 reps. Pullups started good but ran out of gas around 10 reps in the first set. By the second round, broke them up to 7,7,7. Could have moved a little faster I think. Finished off with tabata situps just for fun. Maintained a 15 the whole way through.
  13. Gina Says:
  14. 164 for all sets this morning. They felt pretty good, I might have been able to go heavier, but was happy that I got all the way down (and up of course) on each. Nice to see so many people at 6am.
  15. Joe H Says:
  16. Another workout where you think, "no problem, only 3 rounds." MISTAKE, when will I learn. did this one in 18:52. Had to go another gear to get it done. Good job to everyone there. all 5 of us.
  17. Jess Says:
  18. I was a little worried about BSing today since this is how I broke my big toe 6 weeks ago.

    #82 for 3x5 which actually felt pretty good. I probably could have went heavier but needed to test the waters first.

    Heavy lifting today in noon class. Great job boys. I was the only female in class today :( What's up with that??
  19. VanBeek Performance Says:
  20. Going through a not so great stretch of training... Good thing now I still have 8 weeks left until Sectionals...

    Clean technique (110, 140, 155)
    4 Position (All Full Catch)
    1 - Tall Clean
    2 - Power Position
    3 - Mid-Thigh to Transition
    4 - Floor

    Band Resisted Back Squat (Using the bands for just another way to challenge my strength and not really for dynamic work)
    4X3 (95, 145, 170, 181)

    "Nate" - But just for 10RDS
    ** Started off ok and hit RD 5 about 7 mins in then I started missing HSPUs and then on the start of RD 10 about 14 mins in I missed 5 freaking Muscle ups!! I keep pulling rings to shoulder and not to chest and end up falling straight through...
    --10 RDS of Nate in 18:00 - Terrible, but now I've narrowed down a weakness to work on during my next 8 weeks so its all good

    Post Work - Core Endurance and Horizontal Rowing
    2X15 - Inverted Row
    2X20EA - Twisting Sit Ups
  21. Mark Says:
  22. Any chance we can get the Bench PRess WOD from 12/31 up on Logwod?
  23. Shelley Says:
  24. 7 a.m.

    18:16 Rx'd (53# on OHS). I was trying to keep up with/beat Paul, but I failed.

    I think the height was 18" (3 reds and 1 green) for the lateral box jumps.

    1st round unbroken on lateral box jumps, 2x15 on OHS, and PU's were split 7,7,7.

    2nd and 3rd rounds I paused 3 times each on the lateral box jumps and did OHS 3x10, and PU's were split in combinations of 5's,4's and 3's.

    Tough but fun and surprised I would say that about a WOD involving OHS. I did bring my grip in just a bit on OHS and this helped my shoulders a ton.

    For those of you who can make the 7:30 time tonight to do this one, I would recommend it.
  25. Hilg Says:
  26. 252-257-262 on the 5x3 BSs.

    Felt good and might have gone heavier. Nice work, Nooners. Nice sized class.

  27. hannah eileen Says:
  28. first day back. it happened; Zach convinced me to take another sip of the Kool-Aid. At least the first day back wasn't a met-con!
    anywho, came at 4:30 and did 122 for 3 sets. Thanks, Ashley, for lifting with me. You better throw more weight on the bar next time!
  29. Nick.M Says:
  30. It is somewhat frustrating knowing my technique flaws but yet still encountering them. They're the same damn problems I've had since I started lifting weights years ago. But alas, still had a decent day.

    313 for all 3. Each set was tough, but the last set wasn't as tough as I was worried it was going to be. I could usually only manage 2-3 reps each set that felt like I did it " all right" instead of "alright." But that's why we all keep coming back right?

    God work at 6:30 everybody!
  31. Kelli Says:
  32. 187#. Felt like just the right weight. I can see how you can get strong with a 3x5 program.
  33. JimmyG Says:
  34. 330# Today. Felt heavy, but manageable. My big flaw is that I have trouble keeping my chest up. It is all that I think about during my lift, but it still drops regularly.

    Great work today by all of the afternoon classes. A strong showing by all. I think a lot of people made huge improvements on their squat. Keep up the good work and please continue to show up to the strength days.

    Coaching the huge 6:30pm class today really made my day,even if we did go overtime a few mins.
  35. Chad Says:
  36. 308 for all 3 sets. Failed on the 3rd rep of the 3rd set.
  37. Tony Says:
  38. 225#, but I ended up doing 8 reps on the third set. I still don't know my body well enough to know when I'm warming up where I need to be. I think I probably could have gone 240#...

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