Friday 110128

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2009 Rocky Mountain Regional WOD #2
3 rounds for time of:
10 Chest 2 Bar Pull ups
10 Front Squats, 164#/104#
10 Burpees

Post time to comments/Logwod.

Compare to 100712 or 090512

Inspired to push my limits! Aren't you?

If any of you are interested, Crystal and I will be holding a birthday party for our little Miss Teagan this Saturday at 1PM over at Sam & Louie's on 120th and Blondo. Please consider making an appearance as we love hanging out with you guys. No need to bring any gifts.

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28 Responses to "Friday 110128"

  1. BigD Says:
  2. seeing Jordan is always inpiring. F-Lebron!
  3. JonD Says:
  4. Yesterday did

    12 muscle ups
    75 air squats

    Damn Air Squats.

    Going to do the chipper workout from the games prep today. This should be fun. Ill let you know.
  5. Brandon Says:
  6. I went at 5am today. It was a nice small group of fellas, hitting it hard. This WOD is a sneaky bastard! ha! It creeps on you towards the end, so beware. :-)

    Time = 5:46 RX'd

  7. Jess Says:
  8. 9:45 using 53# for front squats and instead of using a band for pull ups, I scaled the reps to 6.

    Great job 6am peeps!


    P.S. Tara, I told you so. ;u)
  9. GregP Says:
  10. 9:26 at #110 and got about 10 CTB during the WOD. I haven't done CTB since last spring so I was pleasently surprised I got any. 2nd round took way too long.

    Great job pushing all the way thru to the end Mike.
  11. Mark Says:
  12. I did not want to do this workout this morning at all. I haven't done C2B Pull-ups in months and my front squats are pathetic (weak). Suprisingly, the pull-ups weren't too bad but the squats were worse than I expected. Finished in 8:03, only about 20 seconds off my time at the regionals in 2009.
  13. JennG Says:
  14. straight up 10:00 @ 77# & blue/red for pull-ups. pull-ups slow me down every.. single.. time.. guess its a good thing I'm doing the seminar..
  15. Eric C Says:
  16. 7:08 Rx'd

    Brandon B told me this morning, "Don't drop the bar, stop and take a couple breaths, but don't drop the bar... because it's a BITCH to pick back up". He was 100% correct. This is sneaky heavy. Only broke up last set of front squats 6/4. Don't think I could have gone much harder. At least that's what my quads are telling me now...
  17. Natalie Says:
  18. 8:52 with 53# and an orange band for kipping PUs. This was a cool day for to lose a band and only do my pull ups with the orange band. Thanks for the peer pressure Jon D.
  19. Anonymous Says:
  20. Jess I am glad you could gloat...and just to let you gloat more...shaved off a minute and 56 seconds with heavier weight for front squats.

    Kinda proud of myself this week...
  21. VanBeek Performance Says:
  22. Snatch .. 5RM .. Hang power.. 155 is my best
    88 110 135 (all for triples)
    165 170X4 damn! .. 10 lb PR

    Main Site variation from yesterday..
    5 thrusters @ 115
    10 pull ups
    1 Stair Sprint (Kinda sucked cause I had to go around two corners EA time)
    * Start a new RD every 2 mins *
    10 ROUNDS
    ** First and last RDS were my fastest.. Go figure
    Rounds ranged from 53 to 56 seconds.. My pull ups sucked.. Absolutely NO rhythm which cost a few seconds each time especially the 56 second round :(

    Post workout
    Reverse Hypers 2X15
    Inverted Row 2X10
  23. Ricky Frausto Says:
  24. The power of tracking past performances. Great job Tara. That is really cool.
  25. BigD Says:
  26. 21:20 (thanks for checking the clock for me Paul!) on the morning Games prep WOD. You know it's a good WOD when you have to hold back dry heaves halfway through. Kept it all down though. Thanks for keeping me going guys, and gals.
    can't wait to see how 4:30 goes...
  27. Addi Says:
  28. 6:52

    2:45 PR! Obviously not disappointed with that, but I know I could have gone significantly faster had I not had so much chicken salad and chocolate milk this morning - the mayonnaise and milk were not sitting well and I was pretty queasy.

    Good energy at noon class today... everyone was killing it. Always my favorite time to go.

    Special shout-out to Hannah for nutting up on the front squat weight. :)

    Also, Tara, you're the best!
  29. Shelley Says:
  30. 8:04 Rx'd

    CTB was the tough part of this WOD; I will continue to work on these, but they are slow for me right now.

    7 am:

    15 GTO 132/99
    20 wall balls 20/14
    25 jumping pullups
    30 lunges 44/33
    35 swings 2/1.5
    40 game style box jumps
    45 deadlifts 132/99
    500 meter row

    14:55 Rx'd.
    I figured 2:05 for the row as my rower didn't calculate. I "enjoyed" the lunges and the deadlifts the most; swings were the hardest. I broke up wall balls once, jumping pullups once, swings 4 times, and deadlifts once. The GTO and box jumps, I just kept going at a pace I thought I could do without killing myself.

    I'm looking forward to two days of no working out and lots of stretching/rolling out.
  31. Allison H :) Says:
  32. "nutting up"
    LOVE IT!!!! :)

    53# front squats. regular kippings - chin over bar pullups. same reps for everything.

    this was fun! and great noon class today :)
  33. Allison H :) Says:
  34. This comment has been removed by the author.
  35. Mark Says:
  36. Awesome article I found from the homepage... my favorite quote from it: "Depending on your activity level, 50 to 65 percent of your calories should come from carbs"

    Great advice!! Now off to go grab a candy bar so I can lose weight!
  37. JennG Says:
  38. There must be something in the stars about this right now because I found this one on Yahoo home page. Actually read most of it with my jaw on the floor...

    8 reasons carbs help you lose weight
  39. Addi Says:
  40. We clearly don't frequent the same publications... this was my big find today:
  41. Nick.M Says:
  42. 9:30 Rx'd...kind of

    Used 164#, but had to scale to normal kipping PUs after the first round and a half or so. As usual, burpees kicked my ass and slowed me down big time.
  43. paul Says:
  44. Nice PR, Tara! You too, Addi, I guess...

    That is too funny about the bacon.

    I did the 7am chipper, and finished around 16:50. I'm not really sure of the time. I was kind of out of it by the time I finished. My 500 row was about 1:39, though, so that's not bad.
  45. Kelli Says:
  46. 8:36 77#. I liked this one as I was able to keep it consistent while pushing myself. I'm not gonna even reference two years ago...which was the last time I did this.
  47. BigD Says:
  48. 9:55 at 4:30 using 132# on front squats but RX'd on the CTBs. Checked my ego at the door with the front squats, otherwise I'd still be there doing them. Only broke up burpees once on the second round. No choice but to go all out on the last set to make it in time. Thanks for the encouragement Dustin! Hey, no dry heaves on this one! Yay!
    Now, for a pound of steak and a big salad....
    Have fun all those doing the WODs tomorrow. Wish I could be there!
  49. BigD Says:
  50. Oh, and Happy Birthday little Miss Teagan!
  51. Tovar Says:
  52. Havent posted since tuesday so have some catching up to do......

    Wednesday was a rest day for the games group so I didnt go to the gym but instead tried my luck at uno wrestling practice. Was my third week in a row attending so actually made it thru two 7 minute matches and performed extremely well. Always grueling to knock heads with the college boys.

    Thursday did 3 rounds of 12 muscle ups and 75 air squats in the morning. Finished in 11:53. Worked on close grip bench and handstands pushups in the evening.

    Today we did a crazy hard chipper this morning and I finished in 14:46. Did the cfo wod @ 4:30 and finished in 3:43. Despite all the volume this week it felt really good. Great confidence booster as I killed my time from regionals two years ago.

    Im convinced that crossfit is like any other activity or sport.... the longer you do it the better you get at it. It may not necessarily get any easier (which is why we love it) but the skill level, techniques, and strategies certainly improve with time.
  53. Addi Says:
  54. Went back for the games chipper at 3. Knocked me on my ass. Thought the clock was on a 9-minute repeat, but it ended up being something trickier than that, so I don't know my time other than (surprise surprise!) slower than Libby.

    I really liked this week's programming - it wore me the hell out, but I'm not feeling beat down. I think that's good?
  55. Kat Says:
  56. Games wod chipper
    16:04 rx'd.
    This wod takes it out of you! The lunges and row were harder than I thought they would be but everything else was about what I expected. Box jumps were pretty slow but I just kept moving, it was a nice lil break from how fast pace everything else was!

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