Tuesday 090512

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Rocky Mountain Regional Qualifier WOD #2
3 rounds for time of:
10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
10 Front Squats, 165#/105#
10 Burpees

For the front squats a rack will not be allowed. You can clean squat the first rep.

Post time to comments.

Love vs. Obsession

Taken straight from 100 Mile movie Blog (Patrick Cummings/Brian McKenzie/Carl Borg)

The Production

Early on the morning of September 19th, Brian Mackenzie and Carl Borg will step to the starting line of the Angeles Crest 100-mile endurance run.

Over the next 24 plus hours, they, along with a contingent of fellow endurance athletes, will traverse the wilderness trails of the San Gabriel backcountry in pursuit of a goal few can comprehend and even fewer set out to accomplish.

But these two will be different.  They will look different.  They will run differently.  They will eat differently.  They will have trained differently.

Throughout the summer leading up to the event, we will bear witness to the beginnings of a revolution within the endurance community—a revolution being led by Mackenize and Borg, creators of CrossFit Endurance.

We will watch them deadlift their way toward the finish line.  We will watch them step onto a treadmill and four minutes later come crashing to the floor, eyes unable to focus, lungs burning, heart fighting to catch up with itself-but having accomplished something very real.

What we won’t see them do is spend hours upon hours on their feet, logging mile after mile of slow, painful “progress”.  What we won’t see them do is eat pasta before the run, or ever, for that matter.  What we won’t see them do is follow traditional endurance training protocol.
 will be home to the production, providing updates on filming, photographs and sneak peeks of the footage gathered on the way to the finish line.

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23 Responses to "Tuesday 090512"

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Hello CFO,
    I've been doing the mainsite WOD's everyday since 13 Nov 08. I was listening to a Crossfit Radio episode which featured Ricky. So I check out the site. This was my first CFO WOD. Good Luck to all my nebraska xfit brothers and sisters in the games.

    OMG! Smoker! I underestimated the FS. I did them from the rack. but otherwise RX'd. 10.00 flat.

    Nebraska Crossfitter
    Somewhere Afghanistan
    Aaron H.
  3. reba Says:
  4. Loved the video! I do enjoy jogging every now and then but it will never be a staple in my workout program again. I don't miss those shin splints or the full hour I would have to put in in order for me to feel like I spent enough time working out.....sometimes ten minutes is just enough! :)
  5. paul Says:
  6. Thanks for dropping us a line, Aaron H!

    another brutal one today, but the games group will own it.

    7:29 Rx'ed. Nice work, as always, 6am crew!
  7. Cari Says:
  8. Scaled to 68# and green band for pullups-9:49.
  9. Gina Says:
  10. 9:45- 77#-FS, green bands for CTB pullups
    Great work everyone at 6am.
  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Aaron finally did a CFO workout! Welcome Brother ... I couldnt front squat 165lbs so I did 135lbs and used a pull up machine for the last 10 Pullups for a total time of 11:38
  13. andrew Says:
  14. 9:30. 110# front squats and chin-over-bar pullups.
  15. Courtney Says:
  16. 10:44 with some major scaling due to my shoulder being in a riduculas amount of pain from yesterdays WOD.
  17. Jill Says:
  18. 10:02. 87# and tan band. good job today everyone
  19. Michael Says:
  20. Didn't make the WOD today. I ran 4 miles this morning and spent some time in the pool. Looking forward to tomorrow!
  21. Jenni Says:
  22. I did the first round with 77# and then moved down to 63# because I couldn't clean the bar. Very frustrating, but points out a weak spot that I'll work on. This was killer today. Great work 4:30!
  23. Jennifer Says:
  24. 7:18 77# And I am so excited about this movie. Yes I am a geek. Being a triathlete that used to spend up to 20 hours a week training and gorged myself on "whole grains", I always thought I was "fit". Crossfit has shown me I was totally wrong. So excited! Whoopee!
  25. Kelli Says:
  26. 8:23 97# and mostly ctb pullups. I have a killer chest cold that is just starting to attack me am really surprised at my time :)
  27. Joe C Says:
  28. Aaron keep up the good work! Ricky's programming is awesome hope you stick with it!
    6:33 RX'd i dint feel too good coming in today but I flew through the first round then only had to break a couple of things up. Great job 5:30 im lovin all the encouragement during the workouts it really helps me a lot. See yall tomorrow :-)
  29. Tyler Says:
  30. 6:47 (I think) with 135#. Some CTB pullups were pretty ugly. Need to push myself more and get closer to Rx'd. Lots to learn...
  31. Nick Says:
  32. Rx'd in 9:53...that was horrific. The fs's were really tough the last set and my abs are still smoked from the knees to elbows the other day.

    If anyone wants the new cfo commercial, email me at and I will send it to you. Great job as always everybody!!!
  33. Paula Says:
  34. 10:32- 87# FS and green band for pullups. My abs still hurt as well and hands still very tender from my first ripped calluses both from fridays wod. Awesome job 4:30!
  35. BumbleBeeTuna Says:
  36. Came in at 6:30 and did the #2 Qualifier WOD. Nice work 6:30! It wasn't too bad, although I'm a little worried about doing it as the second WOD in a the same day, and the altitude. I did it at a very, very casual pace, after round 1, I sat down for about 2-3mins, and took a couple of other breaks throughout. I'm really looking forward to this weekend. :-)

    As RX'd Lazily = 9:49

  37. B3nj4m1n Says:
  38. RX'd in 10:22 the front squats killed me. Had some trouble cleaning the weight at first but that went away in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. The pullups and the burpees were easy compared to those squats, need to work on those. Nice job 5:30.
  39. Danielle Says:
  40. 10:07 with 100# FS. Couldn't seem to get more than 2 CTB to work on that. I refused to put the bar down on FS because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to pick it back up. Think I could have done it Rx'd with rack.
  41. Mel C Says:
  42. Hmm...pissed at how SLOW my work out was, but did the heaviest FS I've ever done. 87# FS and used a tan band for CTB PUs. Finished in like 15 something...dead last...but I'm proud I did all of the front squats. And I absolutely HATE burpees! But thank god I'm getting stronger!
  43. Anonymous Says:
  44. Oh ouch that was a sore one with a amazing amount of nausea afterwards! But squat 63 lbs and tan band for pu's. 7:43 time! And my heart wanted to explode!!!-allison c
  45. Anonymous Says:
  46. Rx'd in 9:24. CTB Pullups really suck for me. I couldn't keep my momentum going well enough to put a bunch together, so after about the first 3-4 I had to do singles to make sure I got my chest to touch the bar. Didn't have to break up front squats until the last round, did 5 and 5.

    Gary M

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