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This short video of Jeff dead-lifting is very important for all of you to see. His mechanics are about 85% correct. We need him to be over 90%. How does he get there? From the frontal view, we can see there is dangerously significant space between the bar and his shins. As we move to a lateral view, you can see how this affects what otherwise would be pretty good pulls.

If you look at it from a larger picture standpoint, you will his hips as the fulcrum of a teeter totter. The two sides of the teeter totter, the arms, are his spine and his glute-ham complex. Leverage on either side is unwanted and can become dangerous. More so if it's on the side of the spine as displayed here.

Think of the spine as a wrench trying to turn the bolt that is the hips. If it was bolted super tight, what would be your best chance at loosening it? Where would you get the most leverage? Applying force at 90 degrees at the furthest point from the bolt, right? When lifting weights, especially dead-lifting, you want the exact opposite to occur. You want balance or no leverage on either side. This is done by keeping the bar over the middle of the feet in a straight line path (overly close, where your toes lift off the ground, is leverage on the opposite side and puts you at a disadvantage as well).

This is the accuracy component of the dead-lift, especially within a met-con. Failure to realize this and make the necessary adjustments, is taking the health of your spine into your own hands. No one to blame but yourself. Adjustments are either slowing down so that you can hit the exact target every time, practicing outside a met-con with progressively heavier weights, or both. You can then progressively increase speed to challenge your accuracy.

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11 Responses to "Thursday 110127"

  1. Shelley Says:
  2. Did 6 a.m. masters WOD #1:
    40-44 age category female:
    3 RDS:
    9 DL's (155#)
    12 burpees
    15 wall balls (14# to 10' line)

    5:11. Thanks for timing me Amanda. I'm not sure how this compares to others, but I'm going to log it on their site. I tried to talk Greg P into doing the #2 WOD which is posted there and I'll probably do that next rest day:
    On the minute for 10 minutes:
    3 pullups
    6 pushups
    9 air squats
    remaining time do as many thrusters before next minute using same weight all the way through(no weight given, you choose but have to stick with it)

    7 am:
    1 RM full squat clean:
    did 153# and ran out of time, but this felt pretty good and I'm certain I can do more.

    3 RDS:
    20 burpee pullups
    75 air squats
    18:18; subbed 20 burpee pullups for 12 muscle ups
    I maintained same pace throughout as each round took right at 6 minutes; broke burpee pullups in sets of 5 and squats in sets of 25 all the way through.

    Congrats Stacie on PR on clean!!
  3. Mark Says:
  4. Bench day today. Last week I did 208# x5,5,4. Today I went for the same weight and barely got the first set of 5. The second set I only got 3 reps so I dropped down to 198# and did 2 more sets of 5.

    I love working on strength on rest days but benching takes up more of the class time and I need to squat too. I really want to get stronger but it isn't really feasible for me to make it to the strength development classes. Any ideas?
  5. Nick.M Says:
  6. I did yesterdays DL/DU WOD, and just reaffirmed the fact that me and DUs just don't get along at this point. I plan on working on them on rest days when I come in to get better, but at the point it's just really frustrating. With strength lifts sometimes when you get angry it allows you to push a little more weight, frustration definitely does not help double unders.

    DNF @ 274#. Only got through about half of the second set of DUs. My best string was only about 8 or 9 in a row, most were only 1-3. Very upsetting way to start the day, and it only makes things worse that it was at 5AM, there's a lot of day left at that point. Lol.
  7. JimmyG Says:
  8. Mark,

    You may want to try squatting and benching in a superset pattern. That way you can use your squat time to recover from bench and vice versa. I'm not saying go right into one after the other, but it may be more a more efficient use of time. It would also mean setting up two racks.

    It's just an idea though, I'd like to hear what other coaches have to say.
  9. Stacie Says:
  10. Thanks, Shelly! 184 actually ties my PR from Regionals last year, but... I think PR's are expected during competition. So, for this to occur as easy as it did, within a 13-minute limit, I'm calling it a PR. I'm pretty stoked. It felt really, really good. Thank You!

    MU/Air Squat: 18:23. Slow & steady with only one miss, Round 3. Dips. Dips. Dips.

    Good Work Crew!
  11. Nick.M Says:
  12. Just read this on

    13 players were hospitalized this week for rhabdo.
  13. Addi Says:
  14. Clean and jerk 1RM - 148

    (Ricky didn't tell me 7 am dropped the jerk... that's okay, though - I love the split jerk and I need the practice.) Focused on technique again, but with considerably less success. Just couldn't pull under the bar fast enough on either lift. I know I could have cleaned more (my squat clean PR is 154), but the jerk just wasn't there today. Usually it's the other way around.

    MU/squats - 22:51

    I was really happy to do muscle-ups all the way through and finish in time... no misses, but probably took more rest than I needed here and there. Air squats were stupid slow. Boo.

    36 min. Lacrosse ball torture - painful but definitely needed. Could feel a big difference after. Need to hit the serratus more often - that was some nasty shit.

    5x5 Close-grip Bench/HSPU - 130# bench - no strict HSPU today, and the band was a pain in the ass to get in and out of. Had to kip those anyways, so I just kipped without it. Took forfreakingever. My shoulders were pissed. And my core felt weak - really hard to stay tight.

    Then I forgot to do the SDHP. Oops! I'll have to get that in tomorrow.
  15. Allison H :) Says:
  16. Made up yesterday's wod

    109# deadlifts - went fast
    double unders - went slow - can only get every other jump - it has always been this way for me! The day I get double unders in a row will be a Christmas miracle!!!
  17. paul Says:
  18. pleasantly surprised to find that i could jerk 186# 18 times!

    6 rds
    3 jerks (186)
    6 CTB pullups
    9 clapping pushups (with hand release)


    some of the jerks were ugly, but i locked them all out.
  19. Shelley Says:
  20. 5x5 bench:
    120# first set
    125# 2-5

    Based on what Ricky said about doing multiple sets at same weight, I should have treated the first set as a warmup but I was pretty shot by 5th set going back and forth between bench and HSPU's.

    2 strict HSPU's and 3 kipping; rest were done w/ band over pullup bar away from wall with band on feet only or with 2 tan bands(one on feet and one harnessing the arms); the freestanding away from wall with band on feet only was hard; need to work on staying tight.
  21. Kat Says:
  22. Dont remember my time for
    3 rnds:
    20 burpee pullups
    75 air squats
    but shelley finished the wod when I had 10 squats left so 18:18 plus 10 air squats

    clean: 143#...about 10 lbs under my 1rm, this felt good but i failed 153# twice.

    did 50 sdhp in under 3 minutes, didn't use a timer, just looked at clock on wall.

    5 rnds
    bench press x 5 at 120#. this was heavy!
    hspu x 5 used tan bands for all of em

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