Saturday 110129

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Mock Competition at 10AM. It's going to be fun. Workouts will be released upon arriving. For those attending the 9AM class, your workout will be released during class as well.

Anyone from the 9am class wanting to get an extra workout or three at 10 am are more than welcome to. We should have enough room.

Post results to comments.

Speaking of the 2009 Rocky Mountain CrossFit Regional Competition, here is a pic of Steve Filips during WOD #3. What long ways this guy has come. We're glad he's on our team.

Anyone got any good stories on Steve they wanna share? Sorry Steve, ha.

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7 Responses to "Saturday 110129"

  1. Justin Says:
  2. good luck tomorrow, canceling to open up for someone else. Feeling beat down physically.

    Finished my first wod in time today (maybe +10 seconds or so)
    not RXD

    thanks for the push coaches!
  3. Crystal Says:
  4. Have fun this morning! Got a sneak peek of two of the WODs and they looked fun! Wish I was able to make it.

    Haven't posted in a little while so I'll catch up for Thurs and last night.

    Thursday did the Dead Lift, Double Under WOD. scaled DL to 165#. Didn't realize it was touch and go until after the first set so should have gone heavier. Finished in 7:20.

    Last night did the Games Group Chipper with Kat & Tessa. It was fun. Scaled w/77# for GTO and 1 pood for KB swings. Wall balls didn't go well, couldn't find a rhythm. Loved the box jump format. That's where I was able to make up my ground. Finished 18:39.

    Nice job Tessa & Kat!
  5. paul Says:
  6. That was really fun! I clearly need to work on my pushups, though.

    Great job, everyone! Some very impressive performances going on this morning.

    DL: 464#--tied old PR, which I couldn't get last time I tried. This felt great--not a near miss, and think I kept my back fairly tight.

    pushup/squat: 95 PU and 138 squats. nuff said, but i will add: RRRRRRGH!

    SU/jump/swing: 5:56. very happy with this. no rest, high intensity throughout. 40# swings felt like nothing after 2 pood yesterday.
  7. Hilg Says:
  8. 7:52 for the 9am WOD. 600m Row followed by 60 swings at 2pood. Tryed to hang with Jeff but he did a better job of breaking up the swings and I just ran out of gas. Damn travel....gotta get a routine going!

  9. VanBeek Performance Says:
  10. Double Workout... Kind of

    Back Squat (88%) 3X3 - 276#

    HSPU - 3 Sets X Max Reps (Facing Wall)
    Strict Chin Ups (Palms Facing)
    3X10 - Cant touch my chest when I switch grips... Damn external rotation... Need to work on switching grips more often..


    Phil asked me to go down to Fit2Fight Crossfit and do a WOD down there....

    5 KB Swings (70#) - Prescribed was 88 but they only had one
    10 Thrusters (95#)
    15 Box Jumps (24")
    * 15 Min AMRAP *
    - Spencer Hindel - 8 RDS with 85# DB
    - Finished with 9 RDS + 1 Swing
    - Phil Beat Me by 4 Swings but also had a heavier KB so not sure how I would have done with a 2.5 Pood...
    - Tough on the legs but did all thrusters and swings unbroken
  11. Chad Barthel Says:
  12. Ricky...will you please post the details of the 3rd workout we did yesterday during the mock competition? I'm trying to track my results but I can't remember the rep scheme. Had a great time yesterday, thanks for putting that on.
  13. paul Says:
  14. Hey, Chad--pretty sure the reps were:
    100 SU
    30 jumps
    20 swings
    80 SU
    25 jumps
    15 swings
    60 SU
    20 jumps
    10 swings
    40 SU
    15 jumps
    5 swings

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