Monday 120917

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As many rounds/rep as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 Dead-lifts, bodyweight
10 Pull ups
Run 800 meters

If your 800 run time surpasses 4 minutes, you should consider scaling to lesser distance. If a body-weight dead-lift is not in the cards, scale to a percentage of your weight that is closest to 100% (maybe 85%BW or 75%BW)

Post total reps/rounds to comments/Logwod.

Anyone ever question this? Ha.

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8 Responses to "Monday 120917"

  1. Addi Says:
  3. Marie Says:
  4. Happy Birthday, Jenn!! :)
  5. bluejayRN Says:
  6. Just what you wanted for a birthday WOD, more running!! Ha! I hope you are enjoying your day and not working too hard Jenn. Happy Birthday!

    I did 4 rounds + 5 DL at bodyweight today. Runs as follows: 800/800/600/400. I need to step up my running game.
  7. paul Says:
  8. 4 rds plus 5 PU rx'ed (203#).

    Thanks for pushing me, Foster! Every rep after the 4th 800 was just me making sure I maintained my narrow lead.
  9. john Says:
  10. A late posting....

    I got 4 rounds at 20:22...had to finish with a 400m run versus 800m

    Went with 198 on DLs.

    Pullups are getting better - but for how long I've been doing this stuff....I should consistently get 10 reps unbroken.

    Anyways - keeping PUs on my 'To get better at list'
  11. Sarah Long Says:
  12. 5 rounds, #121, box pull ups, 800/800/800/800/200. Definitely need to work on my deadlifts, as I was unable to go unbroken.
  13. JennG Says:
  14. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes!! I was lying in bed last night think, "What would make my birthday the best ever? I know...800 meter runs the day after I ran 6.4 miles." Jimbo & I are currently on a friend break...

    I went all rouge on the scaling today... whatever...I do what I want!

    I was really sore after the Corporate Cup, so I decided to just come in, go light & easy just to loosen up a little.

    I did 65% on the deadlifts, jumping pull-ups from a stack of plates & did 200 meter runs, after the first round which was about 600 meters. I left for the run on the 6th round with about 15 seconds left on the clock. I'm really pretty happy with this as I didn't want to make this into a running WOD & it would have been had I not seriously scaled the runs. This way, I got a full mile in plus 60 DL & 60 PU.

    Thank you, Egan, for the best birthday present I got all day!
  15. Egan Says:
  16. Grass,

    I do what I can to make a fool of myself for your enjoyment!!

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