Saturday 120915

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Three rounds for time of:
Walking Lunges, 50 steps
20 Pull ups
20 Straight Bar Dips

Pilates at 8am and open gym at 11:00am.

Post time to comments/Logwod.

Motivational? Unrealistic? Realistic? Irresponsible by CFHQ? Thoughts?

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  1. Pingel Says:
  2. Motivational and Realistic! However it’s like when my athletes ask me what can I do to be able to run like you coach? I tell them you have to continue to run hard for the next 20 years because that how long I have been training my skill. Set goals, crossfit, and stay for the long haul and see what happens over time.
  3. Andrea McDaniel Says:
  4. Did modified version in hotel gym: 10 strict pull ups (bar too slippery to kip) and bench dips w/ feet up (didn't have parallel bars, weird ;) time: 10:40 have a great workout and weekend everyone!
  5. paul Says:
  6. couldn't get to CFO today, but did a version of Air Force WOD at home

    with 94#
    20 thrusters
    20 hang power cleans
    20 push press
    20 OHS
    20 front squats
    15 DU after every 10 reps

    14:36. SLOW!! Have been eating too much and sleeping too little lately, so this is hardly surprising. Didn't push that hard, mainly wanted to sweat out some poisons and get on the road to being in shape again.

    Had big plans for presses, push presses, and jerks, but my shoulder didn't like heavy weights today. I could barely press 135, which is about 20# under my 1RM.
  7. Mac Gills Says:
  8. Irresponsible by HQ. I didn't focus on the motivational aspect of it.

    If they were trying to show beauty through strength, have the girls wear some clothes. If it didn't matter what they looked like, why show so many boob shots? Why couldn't they be wearing clothes to take the focus off what the female body looks like and on to what the female body can do? They weren't selling fitness, they were selling sex.

    All I know is that when I watched it, I wasn't watching how much weight these women were snatching.
  9. Shelley Says:
  10. Little WOD at home outside:

    6 rounds:

    15 KB swings 1.5 pd
    30 air squats
    15 pushups


    Swings and squats unbroken throughout, pushups broke up once in first two rounds and after that 6,3,3,3 in last 4 rounds.
  11. Collins Says:
  12. Todays workout 19:30 pretty tough. Just looked at when I started and attendance. Came in for trial class 6 months ago, and started group class 5 months ago. I think its safe to say I've had a muscle ache somewhere on my body everyday since. Strangely I love it! 5 months of classes I've been in at least 4 x's a week every week except for the last week of May and first week of June (I was on vacation I don't even want to go on vacation now cuz I don't want to skip. Weird?) Ive learned a lot of new "lingo" double under, kipping pull ups, pistols, muscle ups, ovh squats, and other things I can say but cant do, YET! Anyhow I'm clearly getting leaner, and more mobile (mobility is still a train wreck. But better lol) I'm down 20 lbs since arriving and getting stronger. Moral of the story.. Thanks to all! I appreciate the coaches, and the members, whether your a member who I'm trying to stay ahead of you on a workout, or Im trying to catch you on one. Or if your one of the coaches who politely come over and tell me what I'm doing wrong during the workouts, or your Ricky calling me out on what I'm gonna do wrong before we even start. "Make sure you get down in your squat... keep your back from rounding when lifting..... dont just press it get under it..... you know who you are.. Mike" (I really do like that he knows before we even start. How does he know?) :) lol Im glad for everyone here, and have yet to meet anyone that isn't helpful. Thanks again to all. Sorry so long I'll hold it in for another 6 months now.
  13. Addi Says:
  14. Mike, you and Nicole have both made impressive progress! Your pullups today looked smooth and easy - what a difference from 5 months ago. Keep up the hard work!

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