Monday 120910

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For time:
10 Power Cleans, 198#/131#
Run 400 meters
7 Power Cleans, 198#/131#
Run 400 meters
5 Power Cleans, 198#/131#
Run 400 meters
3 Power Cleans, 198#/131#
Run 400 meters

Post time to comments/Logwod.

Family field day at Memorial Park. Chris and Tony try to advance a med ball with only their bodies.

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12 Responses to "Monday 120910"

  1. Shannon Nordquist Says:
  2. I finished in 12:25 using 77#.

    I debated going heavier and shortening the run to 300 m, but my legs are still sore from Saturday's WOD! I am also trying to get the right technique with power cleans, so I stuck with the lighter weight and ran 400m.

    Nice job, 6AM!
  3. paul Says:
  4. 11:09 rx'ed. Haven't felt this good in a long time. I was uncomfortable, but kept it to a pace I could maintain. Did the first 5 unbroken, and fast singles from then on.

    Great working out with the noon crowd, as always!
  5. Jess @ Blonde Ponytail Says:
  6. #99 @ 10:11
    Lots of peeps at 6 AM! Did 99# (should've added 2.5's simply so I could be in the triple digits!!). technique is feeling much better on PC. Love the 400m repeats!
  7. Steve Says:
  8. 11:50 with 154 lbs and 400m.
  9. Nate Gray Says:
  10. 1240 with 120# and 200 meter run. Smoker today.
  11. Nate Gray Says:
  12. 1240 with 120# and 200 meter run. Smoker today.
  13. JimmyG Says:
  14. 16:36 RX'd for me today. Those last two runs were pretty brutal being so close together. This was a fun one for me though. Something I love (Cleans) with something I don't love (Running). I feel like I should have gotten done with this one quicker, but a finish is still a finish.
  15. Shelley Says:
  16. 9:40 rx'd.

    Good job 5:30!
  17. Andrea McDaniel Says:
  18. I just wanted to say thank you to Amanda for encouraging me to do 99#. This was the 1st time doing power cleans in a workout, so I was little mental about them the 1st round, but she kept pushing me and they got better each round :)
  19. JennG Says:
  20. 12:15 with 109# & 300 meter runs. Scaled it about right, I think.
  21. Paula Says:
  22. 11:38 - 99# cleans and 300m runs. Ricky called out 2" to go when I ran out the door for last run, so scaled the last run to 200m. Cleans felt really good and light tonight. Definitely should have gone up another 10-15#. HMMM....must have been the progression work. Technique, technique, technique. Not too bad with 3 hrs of sleep cuz work.

    Nice work 6:30!!!
  23. Stacie Says:
  24. 9:41 Rxd

    Way to push the pace Libs & Shelley!

    Nice job 5:30!!

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