Monday 120827

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1. Snatch Ladder

Each bar must be successfully squat or power snatched before being allowed to move on to the next bar. You will have 50 seconds to attempt as many times as needed before a 10 second rotation. If you do not make it past the 6th bar, you may start over.

2. Chest 2 Bar Pull ups - 3 sets

Following a 30 second on/90 second off time interval, shoot for max reps.

Post results to comments/Logwod.

Compare to 120312.

A great pic of Tara post 5K.

What do you do to get out of your comfort zone outside of the gym?

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12 Responses to "Monday 120827"

  1. svioli Says:
  2. Forgot to ring the PR bell this morning - 99# on the snatch ladder (up 17#). I must have tried at least 6 times (and was seriously close to tears of frustration) before I was successful, then I had to do it again! Great group of people at 5 AM and way to go Megan!
  3. Mark Says:
  4. Made it through 164# on the snatch ladder officially. I tried one more time after I ran out of time and was able to lift 176#. The Corey and I tried for the next several minutes to get 186# to no avail. I am pretty disappointed with my offical 164# but 189# is my all time PR and I was so close to standing up with 186#.

    For the chest to bar pullups I did 14-9-8.

    Loved today WOD! I am a big fan of ladders and wish I could lift more... like Matt this morning!! Congrats on the HUGE lift. 236?!? Amazing!
  5. Lauren F. Says:
  6. Super bummed I'm missing this one!! Good luck today everyone, get after it! I'm officially in CFO withdrawal...hoping to get an all clear on the back sometime this week...*fingers crossed*
  7. Matt Behrens Says:
  8. Thanks Mark, big day today, the 236 felt pretty good.
  9. paul Says:
  10. Snatch: 164 (power)
    Pullups: 14, 13, 9

    Would've liked to match my PR of 176, but it wasn't happening today. I'm just happy that my shoulder is feeling pretty good. Also, I started power snatching at about 142, and that prevented me from getting 176. Pulled 176 to eye level, but it was too far forward so I failed to get under it.

    Nice work by the intimate group at noon!!
  11. JennG Says:
  12. Got 87# easy (current PR) and then 99# was just not going to happen. Really wanted to put a couple 2.5s on and shoot for 92# (sure I could have gotten the PR!), but since I took the militant rule-following role tonight, decided it wasn't a good idea.

    Great job 6:30! Good job to Mary, too, for being brave on the scary lift.
  13. Glenn Says:
  14. First time ever with the snatch ladder and I ultimately completed a 109#. A lot of technique to improve on.

    9/8/8 on the pullup drill
  15. Tovar Says:
  16. 184#

    Finally got 184 lbs which is a 5 lb PR. I threw on 189 lbs and actually got it head high a couple of times which I was really excited about. If someone would have told me during the Open 6 months ago that come late August I would only be 16lbs away from a 200lb snatch I would have probably laughed at them. My snatch has come a very long way since 12.2 and I owe it to extra snatch work focused on technique.
  17. Shannon Nordquist Says:
  18. This was my first time trying a 1RM snatch, so I got a PR at 77#. I tried 87# twice and failed, and like Jenn I wished I could have just gone up 5# for 82#.

    I did 8-7-7 for pullups using the thick green band.

    I also went on a 4 mile run tonight and was able to keep up with my husband, even up the mile long hill on the way home. I attribute this to the crossfit workouts because I haven't made it up that hill without at least 2 walking breaks for a couple of years. Super pumped!
  19. Stacie Says:
  20. 144# - Definitely not my best but... for the first time ever in my whole CrossFit life, I was able to set up my grip outside the rings & not once did I hit my thighs on the way up!!! Now that I know my shoulders will not break with a much wider than normal grip, I can't wait to bring on some PR's!!! Today was history in the making :)
  21. Gdawg Says:
  22. congrats on the PR's guys!! that's awesome stacie! way to get out of the comfort zone! Loved watching you and Dustin work out this morning by the two are adorable, so much support for each other! cfo role models for sure!

  23. Stacie Says:
  24. Super nice of you to say, Thanks GDawg!! Ain't no better support than the CFO community.

    And congrats to all those that PR'd yesteday. Those are moments I call keepsakes.

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