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1A. Snatch Ladder

You must successfully squat snatch or power snatch each bar prior to moving on to the next bar. You will have exactly 1 minute or 2 attempts, whichever comes first, to lift the bar. If you do not successfully lift the bar, this portion of the workout is over for you. If you do not make it past 120/68, jump back in line and give it another go.

Ladies Weights: 33/40/53/68/77/87/99/109/121/131/143
Men's Weights: 75/98/110/120/132/142/154/164/176/186/198

2A. Chest 2 Bar Pull ups

Following a 30 second on/90 second off time interval, perform as many chest 2 bar pull ups as possible for 3 sets. The pull ups are not required to be consecutive but more kudos to those that try.

Post snatch weight, max pull ups each set, and max unbroken pull ups each set to comments/Logwod.

Two great coaches, two great seminars and right in your own backyard. It's not very often that we get the opportunity to host two very valuable people at the top of their game, in our gym, but that is exactly the case. 

Kelly Starrett's CrossFit Mobility course is taking place on Saturday, September 22nd. There are only 55 spots available and both this and the Gymnastic's seminar are open to the public. They will go fast. 

As for the Gymnastic's seminar, Coach Carl Paoli will be here on Saturday, April 28th. If you want to improve your push ups, pull ups, toes 2 bar, handstand push ups, or any body-weight movement, you do not want to miss out on this course. It is in no way limited to just the top athletes. It's for everyone. I recommend and encourage your attendance.

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9 Responses to "Monday 120312"

  1. John Snodgrass Says:
  2. Ricky---Where do we sign up for the Mobility Seminar? I want in! Thanks
  3. paul Says:
  4. slightly frustrating day, and I'm starting to think i'm not recovered from 12.3. I might have to take an extra rest day.

    got 142 for the snatch. 20# off my PR. ouch.

    PU: 18, 14, 8. Felt great at first, but fatigued quickly.

    Great work, 6am!
  5. Ricky Frausto Says:
  6. My bad guys,

    Click on the corresponding pic of the seminar you'd like to sign up for. I've linked both pics to where you can register.

  7. Hilg Says:
  8. Today had the vibe of a "Daylight Savings hangover". Got to 142# on the Snatch.....powered it. I'm capable of much more but I feel unstable at that weight in the squat. That's the homework.....OHS.

    PUs: 13, 9, 9 I could have done more second round but I dropped off the bar. PUs are getting stronger.

    Energy levels went up as the morning went on........Great job 6am!
  9. Mark Says:
  10. I missed my rep twice at 142# today so that is my score. I waited a bit and got back in line and was able to get up to 176#. I missed 186# twice.

    Chest to bar pullups were not very goo today. I only got 10-9-6. I missed about 6 times in the last round.
  11. Addi Says:
  12. I am wrecked from Saturday, so I took it pretty easy. Stopped at 99# when I couldn't catch in a squat anymore. Just practiced the 87 and 99 the rest of the time.

    Pullups and ring rows felt like a terrible idea, so I did a little extra mobility work instead.

    I'm feeling pretty rough today, but it felt good to come in and move around. Early to bed tonight!
  13. Shelley Says:
  14. 121# for snatch

    10-8-9 for CTB pullups. I actually got 8 in a row in first set before coming off the bar. I missed 2 in the second round and 1 in the third round.

    Nice snatch Hira!!!
  15. JennG Says:
  16. Snatch: 68# (went through twice)
    Didn't even try 77#...but really wanted to.

    8 ring rows each round.

    Other than endurance in the toilet, I'm feeling super good right now. Ready to kick into high gear next week!
  17. Stacie Says:
  18. Snatch: 148# - Attempted 154 and caught it too far out in front. Shoulder mobility is getting better, won't be much longer and a wider grip will help me to hit where I need to.

    Pull ups - 12, 11, 12 (extra 2) 12 & 10

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