Tuesday 120828

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Two rounds for time:
10 Hand Release Push ups
Sprint to curb & back
15 Hand Release Push ups
Sprint to the front of building & back
20 Hand Release Push ups
Sprint to the side door & back
25 Hand Release Push ups
Sprint to the middle of the first garage door & back

*rest 1 minute between rounds. All gym entering and exiting must happen through northern most garage door.

Post total time, including rest, to comments/Logwod.

They won't go up immediately but if you get a chance, come check out the new ropes. We have three of the one posted in the pic and a single unmanilla (similar to the ones we had but synthetic). Let us know what you think?

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19 Responses to "Tuesday 120828"

  1. Addi Says:
  2. The new ropes look great. I had to uncurl one today. Resisted urge to "climb" it across the floor. Because I'm a grownup.
  3. Shannon Nordquist Says:
  4. I finished the workout in 13:00. Scaled the push-ups to knees and reps to 9-12-15-18. The pushups got incredibly hard at the end!
  5. paul Says:
  6. Nice work by all at 6am!

    14:10 rx'ed. Did pushups in sets of 5 throughout.
  7. Sherv Says:
  8. 12:36 Rx'd. I used to think I was good at pushups until I learned about hand release. Can't believe how much harder that makes them. I also did sets of 5 throughout. Lots of good stuff at 6am!
  9. Mark Says:
  10. 13:26 Rx'd. Pushups deteriorated very quickly today and I had to do mostly sets of 2s and 3s towards the end. I used to be good at pushups too but I agree with Corey, hand release makes them much harder.

    Sprints were fun, and sorry to anyone I almost mowed over. I was on a mission to catch some people after struggling with the pushups.

    Now I am left with the question of will I be able to lift my arms tomorrow...
  11. Gdawg Says:
  12. No Rhabdo Mark!

    today was most defintely a mental workout, as it is most days at CrossFit. Shelley and I had some frustrations. Once we felt comfortable breaking the snatch lift down into 3 parts, we thought putting it together in one motion would be easier, yet we both struggled with weight that we know is possible for us to do.

    After debriefing our workout we have a much better understanding of what we're doing and what we need to keep doing. We've done the weight before therefore it shouldn't have been a problem, BUT, before we muscled it up into a snatch any ugly way we could and called it successful.

    well that's just not good enough anymore. good is not good enough anymore. I want to get that weight up, but I want to do it correctly. Safely. The way the move was intended to happen.

    We'll get there Shelley, we are getting closer, can't let old habits hold us back and we have to keep pushing that uncomfortable feeling until it feels right...and then we'll have more work to do :-) vicous cycle!

    Also, be sure to check out the CFO Nation page...going to get swimming started on Thursday and Sunday this week from 6-7pm. I can take up to 5 people per class. Message me to let me know if you're interested and I'll get you the rest of the details! have a good day guys!

  13. Addi Says:
  14. Megan and Shelley, you're making big improvements. Failing a lift because of attention to technique trumps making it despite technique any day.
  15. Eric C Says:
  16. 12:33 rx'd

    Nice noon class today. It was also an exceptional running warmup as well. Nice job bring back memories of college track practice coach Westerlin. Pingle ought to like it as well.
  17. Andy Gomel Says:
  18. Great job coaching 430 today Addi. The suck of the warm up prepared us for the suck of the WOD. Went RX'd minus the hand release. Lots of hard work today and it's good to keep seeing new members.
  19. Steve Says:
  20. 13:39 rx'd. Thanks to the previous posters who mentioned breaking up the push-ups into sets of 5.
  21. Shelley Says:
  22. Today was a bit frustrating for me. I need to remember that I'm working technique, technique, technique, and it's not going to be fixed overnight or even in a few weeks.

    My advice to anyone (novice, elite or somewhere in the middle) is to nail technique as much as you can. Strength will only take you so far, and it's far easier to do it right in the beginning than to correct bad habits later. We've got amazing coaches and other athletes that are always willing to critique/provide feedback.

    You know you can't out train a bad diet, and the same holds true here in training. You can't out muscle a barbell/physics.

  23. Glenn Says:
  24. Decided to go all in with the full Rx and ended up short 21 HRPUs for a DNF.

    Stumbled into a small group from 4:30 that decided to also do a 1200 run after the class. Bonus? :)
  25. Paula Says:
  26. 13:33- Scaled reps of 9 (5,4)-12(4's)-15(3's)-18(2's) and used the strict HR pushups. The reps scheme and they way I broke them up worked out pretty well.

    I really enjoyed this one. Way to go, Libby with using the weighted vest....damn girl!

    Great job 6:30 and great coaching Addi!
  27. Collins Says:
  28. First post. I actually didn't hate today's workout. I told Ricky the one day out of every 10 or we use upper body I like. The 9 out of 10 were squatting somehow kill me.
    But I want to thank coaches and everyone at the gym I'm very glad I joined.I also encourage every one to push me, yell at me, correct me, heck kick me to do things right. I don't care if its about "snaking" a push up, or cheating a movement or even doing my own (like yesterday I did a no squat, snatch, shoulder press) anyway thank you all for welcoming Nicole and I to you'd group.
  29. Gdawg Says:
  30. well said shelley! welcome to the gym collins! great post!
  31. Gdawg Says:
  32. well said shelley! welcome to the gym collins! great post!
  33. Gdawg Says:
  34. well said shelley! welcome to the gym collins! great post!
  35. JennG Says:
  36. Scaled reps to 9-12-15-18. I did toes down, knees up for the first round. & then knees up & down in the second round.
    Finished 14:16
  37. Addi Says:
  38. My goal today was to "cajole" (that seems generous enough) the best possible push-ups out of everyone I could. Evening classes did not dissapoint! It makes me unreasonably happy to see rooms full of people fighting for perfect push-ups. Nary a cranky Addi was to be found.

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