Monday 120702

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Power Clean 1RM

Try and find the heaviest weight you can clean, no squat.

Post weight to comments/Logwod.

Stacie, in all her awesomeness.

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17 Responses to "Monday 120702"

  1. paul Says:
  2. Awesome work by 6am!

    Special shout-out to Courtney--after all these years, I'm not sure I've ever watched you power clean. You kicked some ass!

    Tied my PR of 230, but considering that it's also my 3RM, I was kind of disappointed. But you can't PR every time, I guess.
  3. Blair Tice Says:
  4. 147#

    Not a PR but so happy to be back in the gym after 2 weeks of neck issues.

    Great work 6am! :)

    Have a great Monday!
  5. Shelley Says:
  6. 168#

    168 felt pretty good, and I thought I was going up to 176# and realized afterwards (thanks to Professor Paul), that my last attempt was at 187# (reds and greens on women's bar).

    Worked on muscle ups afterwards. I'm high enough, but I'm not sticking the dip (letting myself just fall through......)

    Good work Gina and Courtney!
  7. Steve Says:
  8. Home for lunch and taking a minute to check posts... just wanted to say thanks to Paul and Shelley for being the reliable posters on the blog. I know where I stand in relation to both of you, so it's always good for me to get a quick idea of what happened, where I stand and any tips.
  9. Steve Says:
  10. And great extension on that lift Stacie!
  11. paul Says:
  12. Okay, I looked back at my log, and 230 is not my power clean 3RM, but when we did PC's on the minute every minute, I did 230 for 6 of the 10 minutes. So I still think my 1RM should be higher. Was going to work on them more today, but I decided I should work on something I'm less good at. So I did

    5 rds
    10 push press (95)
    25 air squats


    on both movements, I worked really hard on being in the correct position. my air squats used to be better. as for push press, i thought they'd be good shoulder therapy and at a light weight I could work on really using my traps to pull my shoulders into the right position behind my ears (or as close as I can get).
  13. Hilg Says:
  14. Good to get back to the gym!

    203# and failed 3 times (1 extra attept) at 208#. It's a "head" thing me things....I have the height, just need to commit to getting under it.

  15. Steve Says:
  16. 208, nowhere near my 1 rm. Heavy sigh.
  17. Paula Says:
  18. PC- 121#- 2# PR

    Back is feeling better...still aching a bit, but no pain. So, was a little hesitant. But all went well.

    Tara, Lauren, and I were warming up and they are quit a bit stronger than me. My previous PR was 119# and they had 130-140ish. But in warmups I was trying to hang a bit with the girls. Used 109# with the 3 rep warmup and seemed pretty easy. So, with the 2 rep they loaded with 121#. I thought what the hell and went for it and got. So, basically I PR'd in warmups and then didn't get anything more after that. Like Brian, I needed to get under it. I had the height. Dangit!

    It was fun to hang with the 4:30 crew. Great job everyone!!

    Stacie defines awesomeness!!! Love ya girl!!
  19. Rooks Says:
  20. 208 on the second round tried 218 and failed:/ So I guess 208 is my new PR!
  21. Lauren F. Says:
  22. Fun day today! Congrats to Mary on her first class! Great job!!

    PR @ 119# today. First time I got it, it was a squat clean. Gave it another go and was able to power clean it :). Tried for 124 as class ended and didn't even feel close. Still have a lot to work on but cleans have come a long way for me since being at CFO. Back in April when i started, I remember not being able to clean anything more than green plates. The coaching/programming/community at CFO really is second to none. So grateful to be a part of it all!
  23. Troy Says:
  24. 213, I didn't have a previous 1 RM for power clean but my squat clean max was 200.
  25. Courtney Says:
  26. Thanks for the shout-out Paul, it means alot. I hit 136# today which is a 15# PR. I made several atemps at 143 and was able to get the bar high enough but I need to work on getting under the bar.
    I also need to work on posting more but I'm off to Nashville tomorrow so I will work on that next week.
    It was great working with Shelley and Gina this morning!
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