Tuesday 120619

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Five rounds, for max reps, of:
Chest 2 Bar Pull ups, 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Feet Anchored Ab Mat Sit ups, 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
35#/20# DB Walking Lunges, 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Cals on the Rower, 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds

Because classes may be full, some may start at different exercises. Reminder that full range of motion for sit ups is shoulder blades and finger tips touch the floor at beginning of movement and finger tips touch the floor in front of your dumbbell anchors at the finish of the movement.

Maximize amount of reps you can achieve but do so while trying to stay consistent for all 5 rounds. There shouldn't be 20 pull ups in the first round followed by only 8-10 in the last round. A better approach would be 13-15 for all rounds.

Post total reps from each exercise to comments/Logwod.

Bad-ass Pearl Ferguson. You can usually find Pearl working her tail off at 6:30pm. A very valuable asset to the CFONation. Get to know her. Well worth it.

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9 Responses to "Tuesday 120619"

  1. Shelley Says:
  2. 305 Reps Rx'd

    walking lunges: 24 or 25 each round
    rower: 9 cals every round
    CTB: 8 or 9 each round
    situps: 18 or 19 each round

    This was a fun WOD!

    Great job 5 a.m.!!

    Nice pic Pearl!!!
  3. Andy Gomel Says:
  4. Great 6AM class. Felt good the whole time although the C2B pull ups really hurt my overall points, 243. Averages were..
    W/L - 17
    ROW - 10 + cal
    C2B - 6
    S/U - 16

    Great work people. Hope to see some big numbers posted today.
  5. Rooks Says:
  6. Great 9am class! Ended up with 279 reps.
    My average was:
    8 c2b
    21 S/U
    18 w/l
    Row 9+cal

    Not as hot as yesterday but close. Great job 9am
  7. paul Says:
  8. Leaving town tomorrow, so I did 2 today.

    DL: 4x8 on a 2 min clock (275).

    CFO metcon: 308 reps rx'ed.

    I'll be working out at my parents' place, so I'll post what I do.
  9. TaraBear Says:
  10. Pearl is pretty awesome. That is all.
  11. Steve Says:
  12. 244 rx'd.
  13. Troy Says:
  14. 217 rx'd
    Chest to bar suck so it was good to work on them.
  15. Jen Allison Says:
  16. 271 Rx'd

    Nice change of pace to be at 5:30 tonight!
  17. pmohs Says:
  18. 325

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