Wednesday 120620

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1A. Back Squat - Find 1RM (17 minute time limit)

You can use either high bar or low bar but once 18 minutes is up, no more attempts, this part of the workout is done.

2A. Consecutive Toes 2 Bar - 10 Minutes

Only work on consecutive toes 2 bar. This is not about amassing reps but about attaining or strengthening a skill. If you don't have the skill, practice getting it. If you do have the skill, play around with different techniques or refining the skill.


Two rounds, each for time, of:
Run 600 meters
Rest 2 minutes.

Post all results to comments/Logwod.

Do you guys know Troy Rand? Well, not too long ago, his wife Kelly joined our community and has been consistently hitting up 6:30pm. She's really cool and we're very appreciative of the opportunity to coach her. Love her intensity. Welcome Kelly!

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10 Responses to "Wednesday 120620"

  1. Shelley Says:
  2. 284# 1 RM low bar back squat (17# PR)

    Did sets of 1 at 213, 223, 242, 257, 274, and 284 resting 2 mins in between. Thanks for watching/verifying Amanda. These felt really good.

    With T2B I was finally able to do these correctly/efficiently for 1 set of 4 and 4 sets of 6. I think something finally "clicked" as I'm one of those who is wildly inefficient at this movement.

    1:46 and 1:59 on 600 runs.

    Good job 5 a.m.!!
  3. bluejayRN Says:
  4. Dang, I'm sad to miss this one. I'm curious what my 1RM is now. Consecutive T2B is not there for me either. I'll have to find time to make this up.
    Today I did 6 rounds of: 3 back squats @ 165, 7 broad jumps, 15 squat jumps with empty bar. Good sweaty WOD!
  5. TaraBear Says:
  6. It is a sad day...I will miss this too. I am going to make a shirt that says, "I love to tag team OHS & BS!" I will try to make up tomorrow. Between my neck and ankle I should take an early rest day. But I want to hear about all the back squat successes!

    Good job Megan G for reaching 200lbs!!
  7. Paula Says:
  8. Low bar BS- 179#- 25# PR. I have had 3 PR's in 3 weeks. I think everyone in the 9am class got a PR today. Nice job guys!!!! Hmmm....must be resulting from some great programming.

    Then came the T2B and running. Did 3-5 consecutive T2B. Need to work on more continuous instead of stopping and getting a few swings in before touching to bar. Just like my kipping PU's. My runs were a 3:23 600m and then ran 400m on second with a time of 2:05.

    Huge CONGRATS to Megan G.!! She has been working hard for some time now to reach a 200# BS and today SHE GOT IT! After she saw the blog last night it is all she could think about. She even lost some sleep over it. Nice work girl!
  9. Gdawg Says:
  10. Thanks ladies! Defintely should have had that 200# BS many moons ago but I'll take it! I just hated back squats and never wanted to really push at them but was very frustrated seeing ppl smaller than me lift more.

    Started to finally really absorb that you can't compare to others, and that when you quit being a baby and focus on form & consistency rather than the weight, things will work out and you'll get there. Set goals, have a plan and be consistent. Sounds simple and redundant BUT took me a while to really believe it and make the connection with the back squats. Deadlifts are next on the agenda...bring it on.

    204#! PR by 30# for the last two years and a 20# PR for lifetime best. I attempted 214# but dropped my chest & knew that I wouldn't be able to stand up so bailed. MAYBE someday I'll be able to share a bar with Shelley...holy shit girl 284#!?!?!? BEEEEEEAST!


    BTW, there was some confusion this morning so I'll clarify...if this is your first time doing 1RM back squat...YOU PR'D TODAY!

    get after it!
  11. Gdawg Says:
  12. oh and t2b I worked on getting the swing down for consecutive reps. made good progress and tore some calluses (sunnuva!)

    and the runds I did 2:29 and 2:28. I hate running...mostly when a truck of portable toilets drives by and leaks all over the road...not a great smell...dry heaving and running don't mix!
  13. Steve Says:
  14. 308# for low-bar back squat- small pr. I've got 318 in me- just need longer breaks btwn lifts.

    Sets of 10, 10, 10 and 8 for T2B. Got the motion down, just need to remember to breathe.

    2:14 and 2:20ish
  15. Troy Says:
  16. 330# on back squat, 10 lb. pr
    15 unbroken reps on TTB, 3 rep pr
    2:15 and 2:24 for the runs
  17. JennG Says:
  18. 179# for low back squat. This is 10# shy of my 1RM from back in January. Failed twice at 189#. I sorta lost focus & couldn't change direction for either attempt.

    Just worked on trying to get toes to bar. To be perfectly honest... I don't get this move. Coordination-wise, I just can't figure out how to make this happen. Oh's on my CF bucket list.

  19. Jen Allison Says:
  20. 201# BS - not a PR, but moving back up in the right direction.

    Finally got consecutive T2B - thanks to Lauren W teaching me everything she knows!

    Runs were slow: 2:26 and 2:06

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