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Push Jerk (no rack) - Every Minute on the Minute

Cleaning the bar from the floor, perform 3 Push Jerks every minute on the minute for 10 minutes. Use the same weight for all sets +/- 10 pounds.


Three rounds of:
In 3 minutes, complete either A) 20, B) 25, C) 30, or D) 35 burpees and with whatever time is remaining, as many push presses (no jerks) as possible with 115#/77#.

Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

Post results to comments/Logwod.

Episode 1 was Joe vs. Chicken. Episode 2 is Joe vs. Cake. Can't wait to see what's next.

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11 Responses to "Monday 120618"

  1. Shelley Says:
  2. Push Jerk:
    121# Rounds 1-5
    126# Rounds 6-8
    131# Rounds 9-10

    1st round: 35 burpees/13 push press
    2nd round: 35 burpees/9 push press
    3rd round: 35 burpees/9 push press

    Had :55 left in first round after burpees, don't remember 2nd round time and 3rd round had :34 left. I dropped the bar every 5 reps in the first two rounds. (recommend resting a bit before starting push press so you don't feel like you have to drop the bar) In last round, I rested a full 10 seconds after burpees and got 9 reps unbroken.

    Great job 5 am!!!
  3. Blair Tice Says:
  4. 4 rounds at 131#
    5 rounds at 121#

    30 burpees/15 pp @ 63#
    30 burpees/15 pp @ 63#
    30 burpees/15 pp @ 63#

    I should have gone heavier this morning on the metcon, but still felt like I got a really good workout. Failed to clean 131# on my 5th round of push jerks so decided to go down in weight.

    Great work 6am! Way to grind!
  5. bluejayRN Says:
  6. 99# Push jerk. I feel kind of unstable in this movement or maybe its a confidence thing. Either way, 99# was a good place for me today.

    I used 67# for metcon, not technically a weight choice, but I feel like I can do 63# fairly easily, but 77# is too much for a metcon. I decided to split the difference.
    25/11 30/7 30/8. Good sweaty one today at 9am.

    Take home points from todays WOD: don't dip so much and booty back more on the landing.
  7. paul Says:
  8. brutal.

    176 for the jerks, which I'm very happy with. need to work on shoulder mobility though.

    35 burpees and 10 PP each round. my whole body was burning after this one.
  9. Jen Allison Says:
  10. 99# Push Jerk - definitely go up next time

    30/10, 30/10, 30/6 at 77#
    Took me a while to feel normal after this one.

    Great work, 6am! Nice to see some CWS visitors this morning!
  11. Sherv Says:
  12. 168# for the push jerks

    35/7; 35/5; 35/1 @ 115#

    It's currently 4:45. Over 10 hours later and I still haven't stopped sweating.
  13. Troy Says:
  14. 130# for the push jerks

    For the metcon I did 98# and rounds of
    25/9, 25/11, and 25/13

    That was a wonderfully horrible workout, my favorite kind.
  15. Paula Says:
  16. Push Jerk-92#. I stayed on the lighter side. Wanted to work on keeping elbows up and hip extension. Thanks for the pointers, Jimmy! They really helped. Imagine that. Ha! They felt better each set.

    Metcon- 77# PP- 20/15 ,20/14, 20/16. Jimbo, thanks again for pushing me on that last set. It was my best one and it was actually fun.

    I've LOVED rockin' with the 80's music lately. Nice change. It makes me laugh. Brings back so many memories of Jr. high and high school.

    Nice and sweaty WOD. I really like today's strength and met con. GREAT JOB 6:30!!!!

    Met some newcomers...Sara and Jess tonight. They are in the middle of their 1:1's and Jen First (sp?) did her trial WOD. Nice job ladies. Can't wait to see you in classes. Welcome!
  17. Paula Says:
  18. BTW....LOVE the new strength wraps! I highly recommend them to everyone! One of the best investments I've made. They are worth every penny!
  19. Gdawg Says:
  20. I also recommend the strength wraps! way better than taping!!

    Jerks 110#...should have went heavier but focused on body/spine position when getting under & catching in the quarter squat.

    Metcon rx'd

    35/8, 35/8, 35/6

    Great work at 9am. Very sweaty, thankful the air was on, can't imagine what it would have been like without it!
  21. JennG Says:
  22. 104# for the push jerks
    Used 63# for the metcon. Strength-wise I felt like I probably could have gone with 77#, but I just couldn't catch my breath.
    Had the shakes for a while after this one. So I hung out for a while & tried the new Bacon Paleo Krunch bar. While pretty good, I gotta say, I like the cinnamon cereal kind better. Make sure to check out the store, if you haven't yet. There is some pretty great stuff in there.

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