Saturday 120114

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A. Five rounds for time of:
10 Chest 2 Bar Pull ups
10 Burpees
And either 200 meter run, 150 row, or 85 double unders

B. Seven rounds for time of:
6 Chest 2 Bar Pull ups
6 Burpees
And either 150 meter run, 100 meter row, or 65 double unders

C. Nine rounds for time of:
4 Chest 2 Bar Pull ups
4 Burpees
And either 100 meter run, 50 meter row, or 45 double unders

Pick one of the above workouts based solely on your ability to go unbroken through all of it. If they need to be regular pull ups, so be it but choose greater range of motion over more reps. The goal is to go fast and unbroken. No pacing whatsoever. Can you do it? Will you do it?

Post time to comments/Logwod but more importantly, post whether you gave everything or not.

Some of you guys know John McCardle as you've seen him in class whereas others may not as he's relatively new to the program but just wanted to give him a shout out as he is in Cali this weekend competing in the OCThrowdown. Please wish him luck and safe travels. We're rooting for you John.

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4 Responses to "Saturday 120114"

  1. Shelley Says:
  2. Good luck John! I've seen you working hard in the gym and hope you do well and have fun!!
  3. JonD Says:
  4. Good luck John, you will represent us well!

    Did today's:

    10 C2B Pull ups
    10 Hand release Burpees
    200m run

    Pull ups went
    Mental breakdown.

    This was a lot harder then it looked.
  5. paul Says:
  6. I did DB bench press: 3x5 with 80# DBs.

    Then every 3 min:
    10 back squats (205#)
    5 strict pullups

    This was awful. I wanted to quit after the 2nd round and strongly considered quitting after the 3rd. But i pushed through all 5. Squats got better, but I was barely catching my breath in the 2 min rest!
  7. Steve Says:
  8. Opt B with rows, 10:08.

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