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A. Turkish Get ups: One the Minute

At the top of every minute for 10 minutes, complete 2-4 get ups, alternating arms, using a 2/1.5 pood kettlebell. If you cannot use the prescribed weight, try and go heavier than you'd normally go. Use dumbbells if you have to.

B. DB Single Arm Rows
Two rounds of:
Max Reps in 20 seconds/Right Arm
Max Reps in 20 seconds/Left Arm
Rest 1 minute


Partner up with two other people and complete the following, one person at a time as fast as possible:
15 Kettlebell Swings, 1.5/1 pood
15 Box Jumps, 20 inch box
15 DB Push Press, 50#/40# (no jerk)

You do one complete round, then the second person in your group goes, and finally the last person. Follow each other in this manner until each of you have finished 4 rounds. This must be unbroken (including box jumps) and fast. Scale in order to achieve this.

Even though you're with two other people, this is NOT a team workout. The other two members are only there to provide roughly a 2:1 rest to work ratio. You go as fast as you can followed by trying to recover enough to complete each of the four rounds in similar times.

Post a time for each of the four rounds to comments/Logwod.

Those of you interested in participating in the next strength class click on the link below and sign up for the class you'd like to attend. Both the 3pm and the 7:30pm classes are available but the 3pm must end up with at least 6 people signed up for me to hold the class.

Both classes start on January 25th, run on Mon/Wed/Fri, and last for 8 weeks. Lots of fun.

Strength Class Sign-up

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9 Responses to "Monday 120116"

  1. BC Says:
  2. Many of us are familiar with the blog CrossFit Drywall, it's pretty funny stuff. There's another blog out there that I think is just as funny, Like Drywall, he doesn't hold back when it comes to making fun of some of the more absurd aspects of CF. Unlike Drywall, however, he knows what he's talking about and actually makes several really good points during his rants. This is a link to one of those rants, it's about scaling/intensity and it completely supports everything Joe, Ricky, Amanda and Jon have told us. It is a bit vulgar at times, but makes some really great points. Just wanted to share.
  3. paul Says:
  4. Joined the 9am crowd today. Huge class! Hope everyone enjoyed today as much as I did.

    6 rds of TGUs with 1.5, 4 with 2pd. That's some kind of PR. Not sure I've ever gotten 2pd with my LH, but I've definitely never gotten 4 steady reps on each side. Felt strong today!

    On the rows I got 19, 23, 20, 16.

    40# DBs for push press, otherwise rx'ed. Teamed up with Jon W. and Garrett and we kicked some ass (or kicked our own asses, anyway).
  5. Mike W Says:
  6. I have to laugh. On the way home today from 9am class a commercial came on the radio. The co founder of Anytime fitness says ok folks "let's face it working out is a drag and it isn't any fun"! The folks from anytime fitness need to come to CFO. Can any of you imagine our coaches saying this to us, not a chance!
  7. paul Says:
  8. Wow. that really is amazing. I can barely wait to work out tomorrow!
  9. Kelli Says:
  10. loved that link BC :-) Back to CF normal classes this evening and had a blast! I got through all 10 rounds of tgu with a 1 pood. Rows I used a 25 and got 16 each arm each round. That conditioning WOD was tough but FINALLY the last round I figured out the movement for the box jump "pogo". Maybe I'll remember how to do it next time. Great job everyone working hard in the 630 class...
  11. JennG Says:
  12. TGU:
    Used 1.25 pd on odd rounds. Round 1, got 1 each arm. Rounds 3, 5, 7 & 9 were just one each round. Used 1 pd on even rounds and got 1 each arm every round. 1 pd seemed relatively easy so wanted to stretch a bit and this seemed the best way.

    40# -
    1st round: 16 each arm
    2nd round: 18 each arm
    These felt really good.

    1pd kettlebell
    3 reds/1 green for jumps - was able to get pretty consistent unbroken jumps at this height. I appreciated using the shorter "boxes" to build a little confidence.
    25# for rounds 1 & 2/20# for rounds 3 & 4

    Was a good day to get back into regular classes. Great working with Kelli and Ellen, too!
  13. BC Says:
  14. TGU - 1.5 pood, 1 reps each arm w/ 1 failed attempt on my left (I think it was round 7, no clue what happened, may have been a small stroke)

    DB Rows - 13-14 each round w/ 40# DB, really focused on using good, solid technique, squeezing the shoulder blade and not heaving it up. Good stuff, we need to work the rhombiods (sp?) and rear delts more

    Conditioning - made sure to practice what I preach in the link I posted and scaled down to 1 pood for KB swings, 20" box and 30# DB for push press. That was probably a bit too light on the both the swings and push presses but I made damn sure I went balls to the wall each round to make up for it. Good stuff, nice working with you Shane and Doug. Also great to see so many people working hard at 5:30, nice to see a few of people I haven't worked out with in a while too (I'm looking at you AK-47.
  15. Addi Says:
  16. Good to be back in regular class! And you know I wasn't going to miss heavy TGU.

    TGU - 1 each side each round w/1.5 pood

    Rows - 17/18 and 17/17 with 40#

    Swing/jump/push press - Scaled to 30# push press. My shoulders were tired from the WODClub Open workout this morning and some muscle-up practice. Weight didn't feel heavy, but my shoulders felt mushy inside. Fun working with you, Stacie and Libby!
  17. Stacie Says:
  18. TGU - 1.5 pood, 1x each side x 10

    Rows - 40# DB, 16ea, 17ea

    Swing/jump/pp - 13:43 rxd. Finished in approx 1:07 each round. Agree Addi! Great working with both of you!!

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