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Snatch 1-3-1-3-1-3 reps

For the sets of 3, your reps are to be touch and go. This means, you can not take hands off bar at any time and no pausing between reps. The single rep sets, try and move as heavy a weight as possible, incresing in weight each time if you can.


On a 2 minute clock, perform the following:
10 Chest to Bar Pull ups
10 Burpees

Go as hard as possible. Whatever time is left, rest. If you cannot do 10 consecutive c2b pullups, scale to regular pull ups. If you cannot do 10 consecutive pull ups, scale to 10 kb swings (2/1.5 pood). This must be unbroken! Repeat for 5 cycles.

Post everything to comments.

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9 Responses to "Monday 120123"

  1. paul Says:
  2. Good day. All stuff I need to work on. For snatch I did 142, 132x3, 154, 142x3 (missed the last one), 164(miss), 142x3.

    Did the metcon rx'ed, finished each rd. in about 45 seconds. 1:15 rest felt shorter each rd.

    Great work, 6am!
  3. Mark Says:
  4. Going to try to get back to commenting starting with today!

    For snatch I did 154x1, 132x3, 164x1, 142x3, 174x1(miss), 154x3.

    Lost my balance on 174, my PR is 184 I believe.

    I did as many chest to bar pullups as I could before dropping to regular pullups. First round was all CTB, second I did 6 CTB and the rest chin over, third I got 4 CTB and the last two rounds were all chin over bar.
  5. Jen Says:
  6. Snatch- did 87lb and scrapped the rep scheme. I used today to try and correct my form. I keep stepping out with my right foot only.

    2 rnds with all C2B pus and then the last 3 with 5 C2B and 5 regular. Burpees blow. Pretty pumped I didn't come off the bar for any of the sets.

    ps- Shelley won the masters division for the WOD Club Open!! Also, nice work to Ricky, Kat, Shelley and Addi at the fittest games.
  7. jakeH Says:
  8. Super excited about today. Its been along time since I have snatched heavier weight because of shoulder issues. 142, 132x3, 162, 142x3, 176, 147x3 (may have been 152, I cant remember how many 2 1/2's I had on there.)

    5 Rounds Rx'd on the conditioning. The last round Bob and I sprinted through the burpees. That was rough.

    Nice work today everyone.
  9. Hilg Says:
  10. Snatch - This one is a struggle for me... did 132 for single and 120 for 3s throughout workout. I did power snatch's as flexibility in the squat for me is limiting. I felt like I got better as time went on. Good working with you, Frank!

    Did the met con with Kipping chin-over-bar pull-ups. Really glad I did the pull-ups and did pull off unbroken. I needed the pull-up workout.

    Good getting back to 6am!

  11. Paula Says:
  12. This looks like a fun one! I just need to give my finger a few more days to heal after slicing the tip off. Figures...I go on vacation and come back and do this! Hopefully be back in a few days. Will how the finger heals up!

    Congrats Shelley on winning WOD club open!!! Awesome job! And nice work on to Ricky, Shelley, Addi, and Kat on "the fittest games"! It was fun to follow!
  13. Marie Says:
  14. Fun noon class!

    Great job Ricky, Shelley, Kat & Addi! The things you do are amazing to me. I was sending positive vibes to all of you over the weekend. And congratulations to Shelley!

    Also, as an example of how the circle of CrossFit keeps growing - my 22yrold, who dropped in on a class over Christmas break, is now hooked and has convinced a friend to join her at a CrossFit in Kansas City. That makes this mom happy :)
  15. JennG Says:
  16. Congratulations to all competitors this weekend! Found myself glued to my phone checking Twitter all day Saturday. Fun stuff!!

    Today was the first time in a long time I had no interest in going to the gym. I just went in with the intention of getting it over with and getting out. Didn't think much...just went through the motions. Last single was 87# without much effort. Looked it up after class & this is actually my power snatch PR. Hmm.. I'm sure there is a lesson here. Maybe I'll try climbing out of my head more often.
  17. Stacie Says:
  18. 87 x 1, 99 x 3, 109 x 1, 114 x 3, 124 x 1, 119 x 3

    I think that was just the right amount on my sets of 3. Should have gone heavier on sets of 1.

    Unbroken C2B and burpees:

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