Saturday 111008

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For time:
To Enterprise and Back
40 Push ups
To the Flag Pole and Back
200 Meter Row
To the Curb and Back
10 Tire Flips
To the Curb and Back
200 Meter Row
To the Flag Pole and Back
40 Push ups
To Enterprise ad Back

Post time to comments.

How about the final heat of event 2, "The Dummy WOD", for your viewing pleasure? We are having a blast in Houston and thank all of you for keeping up with all the updates. You can visit the CrossFit Games site for videos and write-ups as well as follow us on Twitter at @CrossFitOmaha or even the @crossfitgames.

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3 Responses to "Saturday 111008"

  1. BigD Says:
  2. 15:20. This one was fun. Like the form Joe had us use for the pushups. My shoulders are feeling it! Suprised how good the running felt today. Great way to start the day...
    And, I know we're the underdog coming into Lincoln tonight, but all I got to say is...
    Let's go Buckeyes!
  3. paul Says:
  4. Today I did
    AMRAP in 5 min
    2 power cleans (198)
    4 strict CTB pullups
    8 wall balls (20)

    rest 2 min, repeat.

    Got 4 rds + 2 PCs in the first cycle, and 3-4 wall balls short of 4 rds in the 2nd cycle. Pullups were the toughest part, though PCs did get heavy.
  5. Jeremy Says:
  6. Did this on Thursday for the rest day 12:57.

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