Friday 111007

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Three rounds for time of:
30 Box Jumps, 20 inch box
30 Overhead Squats, 98#/64#
30 Toes 2 Bar

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15 Responses to "Friday 111007"

  1. paul Says:
  2. wasn't sure how OHS two days in a row would feel, but i got all 90 reps at 98#, so I'm pretty happy.

    DNF rx'ed: 2 rds + 30 OHS.

    way to get after it, 6am!
  3. BigD Says:
  4. Good luck to the CFO crew competing in Houston this weekend. Kick some ass guys and gals!
  5. BC Says:
  6. This was a little dicey but I managed to scale my way through it - 19:47 w/ option B (25 reps) and 20" jumps, 74# OHS and T2B. Sometimes I under-scale, sometimes I over-scale, but today I think I got it just about right. Box jumps were fine, did all my OHS 15/10 and just did what I could to get through the T2B (usually 3-5 at a clip). Good times and nice work 6am.
  7. Marie Says:
  8. Good luck to the CFO team in TX!

    With Joe's excellent coaching, I climbed the rope yesterday (5 times, actually). I never thought I would be able to rope climb, so I am super excited to be able to do it for the first time, at age 50. Yes!! Thank you, Joe!
  9. Horned Frogs Says:
  10. I apologize, I mis-represented my outcome from today's WOD.
    I actually only did 66lbs for OHS and not 88lbs.
    Please blame my Burke High math teacher.

    Great workout and great job nooners!!
  11. jakeH Says:
  12. 16:38 rx'd

    Good way to end the week. T2B are a big weakness for me and I got plenty of practice today. I do wish I had not done all the box jumps yesterday. Similar to Paul and the OHS.
  13. Jeremy Says:
  14. DNF this one. Did 98# and option B. For the 3rd round I completed my box jumps and 9 ohs at 98# then dropped to training plates and a 5 and did 10 more reps. Overall it went well should have started with a lighter weight I am still not completely comfortable with the ohs just yet.
  15. paul Says:
  16. That's awesome, Marie!

    Hey, has anyone heard about the Omaha Kettlebell Classic? Jerks and Snatches. Looks like it's next weekend.
  17. BigD Says:
  18. Big ol' DNF. Got 15 OHS of round three when time was called. Went option A except went used 88 on OHS. Knee still a bit tender, but powered through the best I could. On the good news, the box jumps actually were my strong point today, which is a nice change from how bad they had been for me lately. Nice full noon class today.
    Pete, thanks for keeping me honest on doing my rope climbs. And thanks for the tip on pinching the rope with my feet rather than wrapping it on the ankle and adding another scar. Gives me something to work on. And thanks Jon for telling me to bring my knees higher, taking some stress off the arms. I used to hate rope climbs, but now I love working them!
  19. Jen Says:
  20. Happy Friday all! 18:16 Rx'd
  21. Danny Says:
  22. DNF - 2 rds + 20 T2B

    I got into a good rythm on box jumps and OHS but T2B killed my time. Was trying to bust out the last set of T2B but my grip thought otherwise. Great Friday workout.
  23. Jeremy Says:
  24. Scratch my previous weight post I did the greens which I believe is 89#. Sorry I am a newbie.
  25. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  26. Looking towards the heavier metcon end...

    BB Bench Press... Been A While
    SS w/
    Weighted Pull Ups (Max Reps)
    55#X6, 44#X7, 33#X8, 22#X10

    320# Sled Push
    Burpee Long Jump
    50 ft, 40 ft, 30 ft, 20 ft, 10 ft
    * 3:17 *
  27. JennG Says:
  28. Congratulations, Marie!!!! I remember how fired up I was after I got my first climb too, also with Joe's coaching.
  29. ZachR Says:
  30. 2 rds + 2 T2B rx'd

    Box Jumps were slow and steady, OHS were tough but good and T2B were consistent with 6 at a time.

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