Monday 110919

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Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Post weights to comments/Logwod.

Great Addi pic from this past Saturday's FGB6 event. A big shout out to everyone that made this event special. The weather wasn't as cooperative as we had hoped but we made due. Congrats CFO.

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  1. Addi Says:
  2. Because Ricky only posts pictures of me when I'm making faces.

    Or maybe I'm never not making faces? Shit. Never thought of that...
  3. Charles Says:
  4. Crossfit are about results not mirrors :P i look almost the same if not worse :P

    please check out my channel and please press subscribe/follow
    and i will keep you updated on workouts and a weekly challenge! :)
  5. Shelley Says:
  6. 198# Rx'd

    Sets were 142, 154, 169, 184 and 198.

    Great job 6 a.m.!!
  7. Steve Says:
  8. Congrats to all the runners yesterday... hope you're feeling great this morning. If anyone is interested, there are several more fun races coming up:

    Beer and Bagel Run- 6 Nov, Ashland. 4 miles. You have to sign up really early (like this week) for this one... it fills up fast!!!

    Omaha Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k. Next Sunday, starting at 7 am at TD Ameritrade Park. There's a race expo the day before you need to attend to pick up bib, chip and swag bag.
  9. paul Says:
  10. I feel like Greg Mo should've been here for this one.

    Conservative today. worked up to 220# and tried to focus on perfect form. Got hit in the lower back more than anything.

    Nice work, David and Eric! Way to get through that last set of 5, E!
  11. Kylie Says:
  12. that picture is truely terrifying.
  13. Eric C Says:
  14. 220# rx'd = thoraco-lumbar pain.

    I need a chiropractor...

    Good working with David and Paul today.

    Paul (and Frank)! Next time put some weight on! That looked to easy!
  15. Hilg Says:
  16. A Bit conservative since I'm back from a couple weeks hiatus. A common theme lately....said with alarm.


    208# Rx'd

    Good working with ya Frank....Eric's right......either too light or you have impeccable form no matter the weight!

  17. Stacie Says:
  18. This picture sums up just how FGB went down Saturday. Way cool, Addi. Again, a special thanks to Mr. Jon Day for getting it all organized. Job well done!
    FGB: 333

    Thanks for rallying the Corporate Cup troops Steve. I think I speak on behalf of all the first time runners... you made it a very pleasant experience. Thank you. I can't believe I'm saying this but I look forward to running (greater than 200 meters) again!
    10K: 54:39
  19. hannah eileen Says:
  20. Steve,

    you forgot to mention the Race for the Cure on Oct 2. I am running with a family friend who was diagnosed at age 29. If you'd like to donate or run, you can visit
    for more info...or give it to me to help us raise money for Hakuna My Tatas. :)
  21. Kelli Says:
  22. 156# attempted 164 but only got 3 of em
  23. Steve Says:
  24. Thanks Stacie. There were some real impressive times all around. Make sure to thank Teresa for giving us a dry spot to warm-up.

    Hannah- I will absolutely sponsor you! And hopefully get out there and run it, too. Love your team name.
  25. ZachR Says:
  26. 220 x 5


    Front Squats felt great today.
  27. Addi Says:
  28. Shelley, you're a monster. I have quad envy.


    Haven't squatted heavy since well before the Games, somehow, so didn't know what to expect. 142 was tough, but felt okay - more than I was anticipating, so I'm happy! Or at least I was, until I saw Shelley's number. :) haha
  29. JennG Says:
  30. Went back through logwod and couldn't find that I had ever done this before so wasn't exactly sure where to start. Last time I did front squats was a 1RM & got 131#. Decided to shoot for that.. Fell a little short.

    failed on 3rd rep at 131.

    Actually pretty ok with it. Starting to get the hang of the art of strategic planning when it comes to lifting.
  31. bluejayRN Says:
  32. I looked back and found that I had never done this workout before, so as JennG said I really didn't know how it would go.

    Ended at 123. I think I could have gone up a bit, but I'm happy with this. My final set was heavy, but doable.

    My legs were still feeling FGB and my crazy Sunday at work.

    Congrats to all who finished the corporate cup!!

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