TUESDAY 110802

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Dead-lift 1x5  

Warm-up - 5, 3, 2. If you've been logging your dead-lift, the weight you should use for today is 5 pounds more than last time, if you were successful last time. If you weren't, use the the weight from last time.

Compare to 110518


3 sets of pull ups, reps determined individually choosing one of the following:


Golf outing and cook out this Sunday at Shoreline. Come by and hangout, help us celebrate 4 years!

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12 Responses to "TUESDAY 110802"

  1. paul Says:
  2. 389x5 was enough for me today. That's a little shy of where I should be, but today I was just happy to do a heavy set with good form.

    20# DB for the pullups (3x5). I didn't get chin over bar legitimately on the last rep of any set, I don't think.
  3. GregP Says:
  4. Trying to get my weights back up and went a little heavy. Only got 3 @ #242.

    Same with pullups, did 2x5 then 3,1,1.

    New instructor at 6am. Good to see ya Jimbo and you did a great job!
  5. Shelley Says:
  6. 302# 1x5 DL

    These felt good and is 5# over last time.

    3 sets of 4 strict pullups also felt good; 6 in a row for one set is my current max.

    Great job 6 am.!!! Great job to Jimbo too for leading the class!

    I also echo previous comments from others regarding the CFO athletes that competed this past weekend at the World Crossfit Games. It is very inspiring/motivating to watch each of them perform. We had a great group of athletes represent CFO!!

    I would love to see the team do the final workout as I think they would own it!
  7. bluejayRN Says:
  8. 203# x4 lifts...just couldn't stand up on the last one. Next time for sure. Big shout out for all the encouragement on the last rep!! Thank you!

    Then I did 1 strict pull-up followed by 3 very very slow negatives x 3 sets.

    Great class and a great coach today at noon!!

  9. jakeH Says:
  10. 389 x 5 for dead-lift.

    worked up to 50# weighted Pull Ups for a set of 5.

    Big noon class with a special appearance coach. Fun times.
  11. Allison H :) Says:
  12. 169#x5

    8 reps of negatives

    169 felt good and around 10# more than last time. Could go heavier, but I need to mentally get past that my 1rm is right under 200# and should be able to pick up more than that. I know I can 1x5 for more, but my 1r needs to increase too. I'm always stuck between 190-198, not sure if it's mental, my technique, or my back is effed.

    Felt good with everything today. Thanks for being my partner in deadlift tonight Tessa and Regina :)
  13. ZachR Says:
  14. 340# x 5

    Much better job of keeping my weight balanced on the middle of my foot. Need to work on pushing my knees out during the initial pull.
  15. JennG Says:
  16. 198# x 5

    The last time I did this was before strength class & was at 189#, so really happy with this. Felt really good.

    Thanks for being a great partner, Hannah!
  17. Danny Says:
  18. 318# x 5

    Decided to drop some weight from last time because my form was terrible, felt a lot more solid this time.

    3x5 PU's w/ 50#
  19. Donohoe Says:
  20. I did 375 for 5 a 10 pd increase the form was pretty good. Having a week off I felt good. Zach it was great working with you thanks.
    Everyone did a great job,Joe had an excellent discussion on the mechanics beforehand.
  21. BigD Says:
  22. 384 for 3. Strength wasn't there today.
  23. hannah eileen Says:
  24. 198# again. I did this last time we did 5 reps, but this time felt so much stronger. I didn't feel like my back looked like a cresent moon this time. Jen G, you are so much stronger than you allow yourself to be. You need to do more weight next time!

    Pullups are a joke. Did 6 singles because I can't string any together.

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