Tuesday 110614

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Press - 3x5 (sets across)

Warm-up 5/5/3/2. If you were successful in getting all 3 sets of 5 the last time, go up 5 pounds, otherwise, try again at last time's weight.

Post weight used to comments/Logwod.

Compare to 110311.

Tara Nott Cunningham - 2000 Sydney Games Olympic Gold Medalist in the 48kg (105.5lbs) weight class.

Tara was awarded the silver medal with lifts of 82.5kg (181.5lbs) in the snatch and 102.5kg (225.5lbs) in the clean & jerk in the 2000 Sydney Games but was awarded the gold medal after Izabela Dragneva of Bulgaria tested positive for banned substances. Tara was the first American to win gold in the sport of weightlifting since 1960.

If she doesn't inspire you to get stronger as well as master movement mechanics (it's not all about strength), I don't know what will.

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11 Responses to "Tuesday 110614"

  1. Jess Says:
  2. 55# for 2 x 5, tried 59# for the first set and had to drop down.

    Nice working with ya Gina, Tara and Erica.

  3. Mark Says:
  4. 147# for all 15 reps. This is the first time I got this weight. Last two attempts at this weight I got 5-5-4 so I am pretty happy about getting all my reps today!
  5. Shelley Says:
  6. 94# 3x5

    These felt good and is a slight increase from last time (88#, 93# and 93#)

    Good work 6 a.m.!!
  7. Hilg Says:
  8. Congrats, smoooothed it.

    I failed at 147 last time as well so I backed off, maybe too much, this time. Should go for 142 next time.

    132# 3X5

  9. paul Says:
  10. Wow--nice numbers, Mark and Hilg!

    I did this at UNO. Used 125, but failed on 4th rep of 3rd set.

    Then I did a little b1tch named "cindabel" (scaled and modified to full snatches):

    10 full snatches (115)
    5 rds of cindy
    10 full snatches
    5 rds of cindy
    10 full snatches

    27:05. I really wanted to quit after the first bout with cindy. but I toughed it out. i was very happy with my snatches. I missed only once, and had a lot of near-misses that i was able to recover where usually i would've bailed out. this also would've gone a lot faster with chalk. grip was definitely the limiting factor on the snatches. as tired as i was, i still had plenty of strength by the end of this.
  11. Nick Says:
  12. A guy at work just told me that it is actually less healthy to eat organic foods becuase they fertilize with shit. I guess that chemicals like pesticides and hormones are good for you??? His college professor told him that...I asked him if his "professor" was also a commercial farmer. Care to weigh in, Professor Paul??
  13. paul Says:
  14. Sounds to me like this professor was pretty familiar with shit...being full of it and all. But this isn't really my area of expertise.
  15. Steve Says:
  16. 132 for first 2 sets, 137 x 5 for last. Good lifting with you Shane.
  17. JennG Says:
  18. 74# 3x5
    Super excited because I did 64# in March. YEAH Strength Class!!!!!
  19. BigD Says:
  20. Been a while since I did press. 137 all three sets. Thanks Joe and Jon for helping me with my stance. Felt much better.
  21. Addi Says:
  22. 88# 3x5
    Did 79 last time (Jan or Feb), but 84 the time before. Apparently the 79# week was a heavy training load for the games kids. 88# felt just right - 4th and 5th rep of each set were really tough, but just barely doable. Might do 88# next time, too, just so it feels a little more solid before I move up again.

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