Wednesday 110615

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For time:
800 meter run
followed immediately by,
21-15-9 reps of:
24 inch Box Jumps
Power Snatch, 74#/53#
Chest 2 Bar Pull ups

KNEE HIGH Socks required today!

Post total time to comments/Logwod.

We usually call it global gym but David Stowe actually works out at Global Fitness. If you have the time, it's a good story.

The Recipe for an Elite Affiliate Team, by Ricky Frausto - SICFIT

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9 Responses to "Wednesday 110615"

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. 13:40 rx... c2b pu's owned me!
  3. jessica Says:
  4. Scaled this one to 15-12-9

    13:03 with C2B Pullups
  5. Donohoe Says:
  6. I had 7 chest to bar pull ups Rxd Left. It was good and I got alot of great work in on chest to bar pullups today. Everyone at 6 did a great job and got better today.
    Donohoe out...
  7. Kelli Says:
  8. I thoroughly wanted to die today. I did option C (400 run 15 12 9), chin pullups, rx'd on snatch and 20" box jumps. DNF. I didn't get to my last 9 of pullups.
  9. BC Says:
  10. 16:47 rx'd.

    These are my favorite kind of workouts - barbell, 2-3 movements, 15-20 minutes. It was rough, but the good kind of rough. Pullups form felt good today, really focused on keeping the kip tight and efficient. The box jumps were jump up, pause an extra moment to deliberately open the knees and hips, and then step/hop down. I think it really helped my heart rate not get out of control. Nice job 6:30 crew.
  11. BC Says:
  12. By the way, I saw the white board was full of names and times from today, so where the hell are all the comments?!? People are slacking again.
  13. Danielle Ostronic Says:
  14. 17:36 rx'd today. Man I have not posted anything on here forever!! Hope I remember my sign-on. Anyway 4:30 was an awesome class. I lucked out and had to use bumpers for the jumps, he he , I like using those instead of the box. C2B really sucked and was breaking them down into 3 and at the end 2's and 1's. When it was over I really liked this one, that is true of mostly all of the wod's :)
  15. BigD Says:
  16. Sorry BC, just now got a chance to comment :).
    DNF today. 5 C2B PUs away from finishing RX'd. Totally my fault. Took WAAYY too many breaks in between (and during) movements. Felt like I did Black Lung with all the coughing I was doing afterwards.
    Nice big 5:30 class today!
  17. Jess Says:
  18. 16:07 doing a variation of option C, 400m run, 15-12-9 for box jumps at 22 inch and 39# for power snatch. I did negatives for the pullups at 12-9-6. Unfortunately, running, pullups, and pushups are becoming diffcult for me now but I refuse to stop working out just gotta modify/scale things now.

    Small but mighty 6:30pm class. Nice change of pace. :)


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