Thursday 110616

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An oldie but a goodie.


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  1. Eric C Says:
  2. The Globo Guerilla story was pretty good. Sounds like this guy is a stud and he seems very like-able/humble. Hard not to notice had bad his form was on the full clean. Imagine how good he could be if he could get that form down.

    Did yesterday's WOD today. 14:35.
  3. Jess Says:
  4. Eric why didn't you do this WOD yesterday like the rest of us? It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact you where out late at the Mumford & Sons concert the night before, huh? I had to call you out since you didn't give your CrossFit family a ride!!! ;)

  5. Eric C Says:
  6. Since this appears to our private blog today, I will respond to your comments here. I hope I don't say anything that affects our friendship.

    Yes, it's true, I was out late. I would have given you a ride, but I noticed during the concert that you guys were drinking beer. And I really didn't want a bunch non-paleo beer drinkers influencing me to the dark side. I'm an elite crossfitter and I can't afford to be anything but 100% clean. It's just who I am right now. I'm sure you understand.
  7. paul Says:
  8. you guys are hilarious.

    AMRAP in 20
    2 muscle-ups
    4 thrusters (132)
    6 turkish get-ups (1.5 pd)
    8 GH situps

    4 rds in 18 min, then quit.

    TGU took forever! and despite my original plan, they did not allow me to catch my breath at all. this was just what the dr. ordered, though.
  9. Jess Says:
  10. Whatever Eric. You've changed ever since you became one of those BMW guys. Too good to come to 6am, too good to hang out with us, too good to give us a ride so we had to walk in the pouring rain. And I'm even pregnant! I don't even know you anymore.

  11. Addi Says:
  12. Don't listen to her, Eric. The rest of us totally understand. And I'm sure this pneumonia will clear up in the next month or two. Don't beat yourself up about it too much.
  13. nmandresen Says:
  14. Narrow Grip Bench Press 5x5 finishing weight 48#.

    100 meter sprints w Air squats x7

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