Friday 110617

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For max weight:  (sets across)
21 Back Squats
Rest 2.5 minutes
15 Back Squats
Rest 1.5 minutes
9 Back Squats

This is a good test of productive strength. What is the max amount of weight you can use and keep all reps unbroken? Here are some standards:
Standard #1 - 132#/88#
Standard #2 - 165#/115#
Standard #3 - 198#/137#
Standard #4 - 225#/154#
Standard #5 - 242#/176#

Use the weights above as guidelines. It might be 184# or 120# for you this time but ultimately, you want to reach and pass each standard. You will see this workout again. If you're successful this time (all reps unbroken), move up 5 pounds next time.

Post weight used to comments/Logwod.

Is this what your intake looks like?

Damn Dirty Grains: This Time It's Personal by Robb Wolf

An article on the chemical make-up of grains. Informational read.


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12 Responses to "Friday 110617"

  1. Shelley Says:
  2. I did this with 165# Rx'd before seeing the guidelines above. I did it at the Y in Norfolk, and as big as it is, they have 2 squat racks.......
  3. Michael Rock Says:
  4. My workouts have gotten a lot better since I cut grains out of my diet. I need to eat less fruit and more veggies. But I can tell the difference in how I feel since I got rid of grains.
  5. paul Says:
  6. That was BRUTAL!

    used 225, but stalled out on the 13th rep of the 15 set. So 21-12-9 for me. ouch. i can still barely walk.
  7. paul Says:
  8. Also, we definitely needed Greg Mo for this one--he's awesome at this kind of thing. I saw the SOB do 208# for 30 one time.
  9. Hilg Says:
  10. Awesome! Saw some bruts in action this morning. Felt great right after......trouble with the stairs now.....can't wait til tomorrow and Sunday....ugh!


    Here's to a grain free weekend!
  11. Jess Says:
  12. I used 53# which felt really good and light. Should have went heavier. Oh well, next time.

    Great job 6am.

  13. Anonymous Says:
  14. 186, completed all sets... just a shade under my body weight. Think I could of gotten my bw. Oh well, still felt good, now I know for next time. Thanks for the help Jon!
  15. Stacie Says:
  16. Standard #5: 176 - 21, 15, 9
  17. Kat Says:
  18. Standard #4: 154# 21-15-9

    It was nice seein everyone! Love cfo!
  19. BC Says:
  20. Dammit Stacie Tovar!!! Quit being so awesome! (sigh) 176# 21-15-9 blah blah blah.
  21. jessica Says:
  22. Used 115#- 21-15-9

    This was a good brutal workout!
  23. Addi Says:
  24. Started 154# - felt pretty good until #6, when my knee did something a little scary and I decided to cut my losses and take a rain check. I'll try to get this in soon.

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