Thursday 110331

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Rest Day

Come in and try the games workout or work on some weaknesses.

Crystal and Megan do Games Open Workout 11.1 while being judged by Tony Staub and Brandon Berry

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6 Responses to "Thursday 110331"

  1. Paula Says:
  2. 11.2 WOD....5 rds+4 box jumps = 205 reps. I'm OK with that since I SUCK at box jumps. I can get them done...they're just at a snails pace. Thanks for counting Amanda!

    Awesome job 5am'ers!!!
  3. Greg MO Says:
  4. Here's my 1st attempt at 11.2. As I expected the push ups is what slowed me the most but at least on tape the range of motion looked legit. Hope 2nd attempt is 10+ rounds.
  5. jakeH Says:
  6. As I watch Greg's video, I can't help but wonder when that piece of shit cardboard box is going to collapse.

    I wish Greg was up here doing the WODs with us.
  7. VanBeek Performance Says:
  8. Lift + Little WOD 2 Trial

    Full Clean and Jerk - It's gotten bad.. I need some concentrated strength work quick....
    154, 198, 220, 240, Should have tried 250 but went to 255 and missed twice... Not even close... :(

    Front Squat - 4X2 - Again felt weak
    185, 225, 245 (Only 1), 235X2

    Workout Trial
    3 RDS (2:50), Rest 1 Min, 2 RDS (1:55)...
    Push Ups started to feel tough on RD 5
  9. Greg MO Says:
  10. I wish I was there doing the wods with you guys too...its tough to get motivated and push yourself when your doing wods alone...

    FYI- I have been taping these attempts at a hockey training facility. The box is a "plyosafe" brand box with pieces that fit together with velcro, actually pretty sturdy but it is made of hard foam/card board with vinyl covering.
  11. Kelli Says:
  12. I was super sore from maxing out on DL yesterday as part of my powerlifting training. Did 1000 single unders total with 1 minute doing the singles and the 2nd minute max pushups unbroken. I did it in 14:54. Least amount of pu's was 4, most was 9. Put April 23rd on your calendars if you want to come watch Josh Kahrs and I powerlift in Lincoln!

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