Wednesday 110330

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CrossFit Games Open 11.2
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 15 min. of:
155/100 pound Deadlift, 9 reps
12 Push ups
15 Box Jumps, 24/20 inch box

Post rounds and fractions of rounds to comments/Logwod.

Hand Release Push ups

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27 Responses to "Wednesday 110330"

  1. paul Says:
  2. Rough! 8 rds + 1 PU rx'ed.

    Good working with you, as always, Mark! And great work 6am! (Except Eric.)
  3. Gina Says:
  4. 4 rds, 1 box jump- rx'ed
    Thanks Jess for counting and yelling at me to keep moving. Great job on your rx'ed push ups!
  5. hannah eileen Says:
  6. I am happy I was able to get into the 6am class. Thanks for the warm welcome. I was a little nervous that my body wouldn't remember how to function that early. It did.

    7 rds + 7 pushups.

    Way to push through, 6am! Great effort this morning.
  7. Hilg Says:
  8. 6 Rounds + 3 pushups. Thanks for countin', Greg....actually threw in an extra DL rep on the first excited.

    Great energetic crowd at 6am! Thanks for the sox Eric....I'll wash em' extra good.

  9. Mark Says:
  10. 7 rounds 7 push ups. I thought 7 would be a good goal but apparently some others have crushed that this morning. I am going to retry this one either tomorrow afternoon or Saturday.

    Great working with you too Paul. You crushed it as usual!
  11. Donohoe Says:
  12. good job monsters of the morn, i did 6 rounds. Prob could have done another I paced myself too much. It was a good one those box jumps kinda killed me.
    Donohoe out....
  13. Eric C Says:
  14. 10 rounds.
    I thought pushups were going to kill me, but they didn't... until the 10th round. I tried to not push too hard on them in the first 5 rounds and I think that helped. Box jumps went pretty close to unbroken most rounds.

    Doubt if I do this again as I don't think I can go any faster. We should have some guys get thru 11 rounds. 12 would be insane, but possible.
  15. GregP Says:
  16. I did 3 rounds in 6 minutes at a nice pace with #154 and 24" box. For the games I only have to do #145 and 20" box. I hope to keep that pace for 15 minutes when I do this again.

    Great Job everyone!
  17. Jess Says:
  18. 3 rounds plus 7 PU's-rx'd

    First time ever doing rx'd push ups. All I can say is ouch. I had to go see my chiropractor to fix me after that nonsense.

    Great job, Gina. You killed the box jumps!!! I am telling ya, we make a good team. ;)

    Great job 6am.

  19. Allison H :) Says:
  20. 7 rds, 9 dls, 3 pus !!!

    Oh man my shoulders are killer from yesterday - had to do push ups from knees - still used hand release. everything else rx'd. someday i will have upper body strength! SOMEDAY!!!!!!

    great work nooners - lots of energy there today and I just loved it!
  21. Addi Says:
  22. Played around with 11.2 at noon. I'm a little sore from pushups and pullups Mon and Tues, but it felt okay. I think I have a good target number, and a solid plan to get there. Looking forward to Saturday!
  23. JonD Says:
  24. Giving it another go on Saturday, glad I did it today to see how it felt.

    9 rounds plus 9 DL and 2 push ups. Kept it strict and Jake H. kept me honest. Jake did awesome too, even with me taking reps away he still killed it. Do it again man and 11 rounds is in your future!
  25. jakeH Says:
  26. 9 rounds + 9 DL + 10 Pus.

    Lost more than a few reps for weak push ups and my inability to open up on the box jumps. Thanks Jon for counting and keeping me honest. I see 10 plus rounds in both our futures.

    Good to see Jason Brilz @ noon today. Its always a good time pushing each other.
  27. Shelley Says:
  28. I went in at noon and played around with the 11.2 wod with Addi and Libby. I've got a strategy in mind for me that will hopefully allow me to reach my goal on Saturday. Pushups will obviously be the factor and managing a 15 minute WOD will be a challenge.
  29. Shelley Says:
  30. A friend just sent me a youtube video that is hilarious.

    Check out youtube's video:
    Terry Crews-Euro Training
  31. Nick Says:
  32. 10 rds at Gold's Gym. Looking forard to getting back to CFO soon.

  33. ZachR Says:
  34. 8 rounds + 1 DL
  35. Jennifer Says:
  36. 9 rds rx'd. I think if I manage my time a little better, I can get close to 10. Looking forward to doing it again on Saturday.

  37. Nate Says:
  38. I played around with this, did 10 min amrap so i would not get too sore. Did 8 rds and 9 dl.
  39. JennG Says:
  40. 6 rds + 6 pu, Rx'd

    Thanks, Ashley, for counting for me. You did an awesome job!
  41. BC Says:
  42. 7 rds, 9 DL, 6 pu's Rx'd. Pretty happy overall, pushups really got to me. Thanks for counting Tony, you helped a lot, and did a great job yourself.
  43. Kat Says:
  44. 10 rnds + 2 deadlifts.

    I'm pretty stoked with this number, I dont really know if I could do much better considering I gave it my all. Pushups were definately the hardest, didn't break up any dl or jumps each round. Pushups I did 2 rnds unbroken then took as little breaks as I could for the rest of the rounds.
    Thanks for pushing me Jess and Ricky!
  45. Crystal Says:
  46. Awesome job 6:30. Thanks Megan for counting and pushing me and to Jimmy for getting in my face the last 30 sec or so. I loved it.

    6rnds + 9 DL's + 11 Pushups.

    Pushup's got tough. especially the last 2 rounds.

    My goal was 8 rounds knowing I would only get about 6. Ending up in-between. Very happy with my performance. I think I may redo this on saturday. I'm to close to 7 not to!
  47. Tony Says:
  48. 6 rounds + DL and 3 PU. Those box jumps were much harder than I was expecting, and the workout as a whole was a nice, rough one. Anyway, pretty happy with my performance. Great working out with you BC, nice work!
  49. Laura Says:
  50. 7 rounds + 3 DL's.
    Thanks Jen and Jimbo for pushing me! :)
  51. Gdawg Says:
  52. i'm definitely trying this again on saturday with the feedback i received on my pushups...great work 6:30 class- crystal you were an awesome counter/coach! hope to make a decent improvement sat!

  53. Shane Says:
  54. 8 rounds, 9 dls, 12 pus, 8 bj
    Something clicked today...felt great about this one.

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