Tuesday 110222

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10 rounds for time of:
15 Dead-lifts, 132#/99#
15 Push ups

Post time to comments/Logwod.

Compare to 101008.

Jen Shannon

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21 Responses to "Tuesday 110222"

  1. paul Says:
  2. Somebody over there loves me.
  3. Jess Says:
  4. 17:59 just barely made it under the cut off using 77# and 12 reps for push ups and DL. The first four rounds, I was able to do my push ups with knees on the way up only then had to drop to all knees after that.

    Great job 6am peeps

  5. Mark Says:
  6. Ughh! Didn't even hear my alarm clock go off this morning... I really wanted to do this one too!!
  7. Gina Says:
  8. 15:32- 99# dead lifts
    Mix of regular, negative, and knee push ups
    12 reps/round
    This was tough a tough workout, but I was happy with the weight I used and my time. I still need a lot of work on push ups.
  9. paul Says:
  10. 13:09 rx'ed--exactly 2 min. PR since October. I felt amazing today! I was expecting to be completely out of breath and to struggle with pushups. But neither was really the case. Great feeling.

    Nice work, 6am!
  11. GregP Says:
  12. 16:52 #132, scaled reps to 12, I know my limits on pushups. DL's weren't bad at all.

    Great Job 6AM !
  13. J Andresen Says:
  14. 14:40 rx'd, good work 5am. I counted pushups (1-15, 16-30, and so on...) instead of marker boarding the set #.
  15. GregP Says:
  16. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday is the 3 year anniversary of my one on ones with Joe at UNO.
  17. Amanda Says:
  18. Awesome work 5&6. I'm very proud of everyone's deadlifts! Everyone did a solid job of maintaining the two most important aspects...

    #1. Back flat/tight
    #2. Bar close to the body

    Push ups didn't get too bad either. Great work on a lot of reps everyone.

    Congrats to Paul on the PR. You all should see how important and helpful it is to track your workouts! Nice work, Paul! And congrats/Happy Anniversary to Greg P.! Way to keep up the good work, 30% of the way through your first 10 years!
  19. paul Says:
  20. Thanks, Amanda!
  21. Crystal Says:
  22. Aw man. This looks fun but I can already feel my lower back tighten up already! See ya at 6:30 tonight.
  23. Eric C Says:
  24. I thought this was going to KILL my lower back, but it didn't. I used a little of the "Tovar Bounce" and that may have helped some. (Love you Tovar!)

    15:01 Rx'd

    I'm ok with that time... for someone who is missing the 'dead-lifting' gene.

    Nice job on your PR Paul! Congrats Grep P!
  25. Nick Says:
  26. @Golds Gym.Did "Air Force Wod" today...still sucks ass.
  27. Eric C Says:
  28. Nick! Come back! We miss you!

    what was you time?
  29. Nick Says:
  30. HAHA! I miss you guys too! I'm guessing I'll be back in May...I have to save up for all the $5 charges I will be incurring from getting to class late! I didnt keep track of the time...somewhere around 7 I think. I did the burpees in between each excercise, so it wasn't a true Air Force WOD. Still sucked though
  31. Allison H :) Says:
  32. 10/10 reps
    99# DLs, PUs from knees
    woot woot! deadlifts felt great today! just need to get stronger at push ups... seems like we've been doing a lot of push ups lately so all in good time :)
  33. Erica Says:
  34. 14:28
    99# and 10 reps with regular pushups.

    Really wanted to do all the pushups regular today so that slowed me down a lot! Fun workout!
  35. Tovar Says:
  36. Ha! Just saw your post Eric. Nothing wrong with a little bounce now and again. Just blame it on the rubber mats if anybody asks. Love you too (no homo) :)
  37. Anonymous Says:
  38. Hm. It's not as fun when the cutoff time changes, cause I was a DNF with a 15 min cut and can only speculate on what my time might have been. Not great either way! 8 dl's into the 9th round.
  39. Crystal Says:
  40. Great job tonight 6:30. It was a full house. Everyone did awesome.

    99# DL & scaled to 10 reg pushups. DNF w/15 min cutoff. Finished 8 rounds w/7 DL's on round 9. Didn't break up any of the DL's. Pushups get me everytime. Technique good, volume bad.
  41. hannah eileen Says:
  42. I finished at 14:15 with 87# and scaled pushups.

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