Tuesday 110215

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Two cycles of the following, back to back, for time of:
3 rounds of:
3 Weighted Pull ups
5 Strict Pull ups
7 Kipping Pull ups
1 round of:
15 Turkish Get ups

Post time and weights used for pull ups, get ups to comments/Logwod.

In the middle of a double under, Vanessa shows us, both, an inefficient pull of the legs and the more desired full extension of the legs, pushing the ground away.

Pulling the legs to avoid the rope causes a number of problems including a harder land which may be injurious to the delicate bones and joints of the foot and lower leg as well as the increased difficulty in getting off the ground again for the next rope pass-through. The more efficient leg extension allows for a safer landing as well as the proper use of the stretch-reflex in the Achilles heel that would make consecutive double-unders easier to acquire and less taxing on the cardio-respiratory system in general.

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14 Responses to "Tuesday 110215"

  1. paul Says:
  2. remember when we had to do tuck jumps if we couldn't do DUs? miserable!
  3. paul Says:
  4. DNF--25# DB and 1.5 pd KB. 1 full round, then a little over half the pullups and half the getups (I ended pullups early to get more getup work in).

    HUGE 6am class--nice work, everyone!
  5. BC Says:
  6. DNF. Did 1st round of pullups rx'd w/ 20# db, then did 3 strict, 5 band, 7 kipping. Used 40# db for tgu's. Only got through 1 complete cycle plus 1 more round of pullups.
  7. JennG Says:
  8. DNF: both rounds of pull-ups & 1 get-up on 2nd round. Strict with blue/tan/red, kipping with blue/tan & jumping. 20lb for get-ups.
  9. Mark Says:
  10. 19:50 ish... I finshed about 10 seconds before Amanda called time. I used a 20# DB for the weighted and did kipping with that, then did 5 strict and finished with 7 kipping unweighted for each round. For the TGU's I tried a 2 pood KB and got 2 before I had to drop to a 1 1/2 pood. This one was tough and just reinforced my desire to increase my pullup strength to the point where a strict muslce up is easy.
  11. GregP Says:
  12. DNF - used weight vest with #10 for pullups. used 1pd for about 1/2 of the reps and 1.5 for the second half. Got the 2nd round of pullups done when time called.

    Grat Job 6AM !
  13. Hilg Says:
  14. DNF with 45lb Kettle Ball. I feel like my PUs have digressed. Should have been here Saturday! I bought a pullup bar for home....will be working on this weekness by focusing on increasing my strict PU capacity.

  15. Tony Says:
  16. I gotta say this isn't looking promising... only one finish so far! Regardless, I'm looking forward to trying out my new pull-up technique. Hopefully my hands will hold up...
  17. VanBeek Performance Says:
  18. Just a lift only workout as my first of the day...

    Press (Best I think is 175 lately)
    Push Press (214 for 3)
    Push Jerk (231 for 5)

    Only hit 165 on the press... 175 was close to clearing but just couldnt get my head through
    Push Press... 219 for 2 then missed the record breaking rep... reracked it and got my third rep anyway
    Push Jerk.. 236... for FIVE... Thank you! Finally, at least one PR

    Stability Ball Leg Curls... 3X15
    - Trainers did an eval yesterday and my hamstrings are no where to be found so
    Bent Over Barbell Row (Underhand)
    - Big focus on depressing and pulling together 3X12

    Second WOD tonight hopefully...
  19. jillian Says:
  20. Hello! DNF with only 7 get ups left. This was tough!!!
  21. hannah eileen Says:
  22. just over 21 minutes. scaled to 3 "strict," 5 kipping, 7 jumping pullups with a tan band for strict. I did 15# for the getups. Thanks, Allison, for helping me offset the huge amount of testosterone at noon!
  23. Allison H :) Says:
  24. DNF @ 21:30 - only had 1 more TGU at time so just finished it after time called.
    Scaled to 3 strict with blue+red band, 5 kipping, 7 jumping pull ups. Used 15# for TGUs.

    MY ARMS are SHAKING still! I really hope tomorrow has little to do with using my arms! They will fall off!

    And Hannah you can always count on my estrogen! lol!
    I still can't stop laughing about Joe's wide legged attacker!! lol! "Could you please attack me with a wide stance?"
  25. VanBeek Performance Says:
  26. Just a quick little second workout... 200m Walking Lunge... 4:41... Wanted to do 400m but I'm backing off on volume for the next 6 days and kicking up the intensity of each WOD I do in hopes of setting a bunch of PR's then hitting more volume for one more cycle after that before riding intensity to sectionals...
  27. Kat Says:
  28. 5 lbs for weighted pullups.
    was 7 getups (trainer pood) short of finishing wod rx'd.

    Did games wod after.
    126 reps for the burpees/run and box jumps/k2e
    16 presses at 77#
    11 15# weighted pullups
    87# both snatches
    92# power full squat snatch.

    Total reps: 153

    btw...loved this wod! could have done without the snatches at the end ;)

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