Monday 110214

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9 rounds for time of:
9 Push ups
18 Double Unders
9 KB Swings

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Shelley, Crystal, and Jess

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21 Responses to "Monday 110214"

  1. BC Says:
  2. 14:37 rx'd w/ 1.5 pood. This is definitely a trap and forearm burner. Nice job morning monsters.
  3. BC Says:
  4. By the way the Logwod entry for this wod is incorrect, it lists it as a 20 min amrap and asks you to enter total reps, not time.
  5. paul Says:
  6. 11:21 w/ 2 pood. 2 pood swings felt very heavy today. couldn't quite keep up with Mark, but I went a lot faster knowing he was ahead of me.

    nice job as always, 6am! i've missed you.
  7. Mark Says:
  8. 11:00 with 2 pood KB. With Paul just seconds behind me I couldn't rest as much as I would have normally. Another big 6AM and I saw a lot of people stringing DUs together like it was nothing!
  9. BC Says:
  10. Some mad skills on display here, enjoy
  11. Shelley Says:
  12. 7 am. WOD:

    CFO WOD plus on the minute squat clean 225#/153#

    WOD started with the squat clean and I started w/ 153# on squat cleans and did 2 at that weight but then dropped to 143# after 2 misses; DU's cooperated until last round when I was hurrying to get finished so I didn't have to do another clean.

  13. jillian Says:
  14. Good Morning! This workout was kinda weird for me today... I did the best I have ever done on DU's! But I DNF... I was 8 1/2 rounds in. But I am very excited that I actually got some DU's!!!
  15. Jess Says:
  16. Awh NYE, good times! Brian and I were so bummed we missed this year. Love ya gals. ;u)
  17. JennG Says:
  18. 16:53 with 1 pd & knees for push-ups, which was a challenge in itself considering my knees are skinned up like a nine-year old. Damn you, box jumps!
  19. GregP Says:
  20. 13:03 with 1.5pd. I got 7rds of pushups in a row, most DU's, and all KB swings.

    Big Class at 6AM. Great job everyone!
  21. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  22. Snatch Technical Work Up to about 155... High, Middle, Low Catch

    Retried the 1 Snatch on the min EA min from a while back... Need to put my lifts on a clock more often... I think WAY too much when I govern my rest periods... 15 ROUNDS

    Goal was to reach my max weight by RD 8 or 9 then back down and work on the technical aspects for the last 7 RDS..
    155, 175, 185, 195, 205, 210, 215, 220!! Wow, havent hit this weight since my olympic meet in September...
    Last 7 RDS ...
    175, 185, 190, 190 (Miss), 185, 185 (Miss... just wasnt focused), 185

    Short Gymnastics WOD
    Hand Release Push Ups
    Strict Pull Ups
    GH Sit Ups
    1EA, 2EA, 3EA, 4EA.. 6 Min AMRAP
    Got to Round of 9 but could only get 2 GH Sit Ups in that RD... Pull Ups slowed my way down...

    Phil Tried the 09 Games WOD of wall ball and full snatches in about 13 mins so I might give that a try tonight
  23. hannah eileen Says:
  24. 14:04 super scaled.
  25. JonD Says:
  26. Nice to workout with noon today!

    9Push ups
    18 DUs
    9KB Swings 2pood
    9 rounds

    Tried to keep up with Jake, nice job noon I will have to do it more often!

  27. Allison H :) Says:
  28. 18:00"ish"
    Had last rd of DUs and swings at time - just went ahead and finished last rd after time. Used 1 pood. DUs every other jump and even got 3-4 in a row at times for the very first time ever! PUs from knees.
    Now if I could just get 18 DUs in a row that would have really been something!

    Also didn't help my time that I got my on-call phone call from work in the middle of this that I had to take :)
    excuses excuses... I know!
    - I liked this wod!
  29. VanBeek Performance Says:
  30. 5000m Row... Finally got around to it.. Kept a 25 stroke pace and a 1:51.7 500m the whole time....
    - 18:33... Not too bad... 33 secs faster than last year
  31. Pastor Justin Says:
  32. 11:44 Rx'd
  33. Erica Says:
  34. Did this one at home today b/c I got stuck at the hospital late...

    -with mostly knee pushups and 1pd kettle bell swings. This one was hard but lots of fun!!
  35. Kelli Says:
  36. DNF. this one killed me. including a quick switch up due to a twisted ankle 2nd round of DUs to ball slams. :)
  37. Crystal Says:
  38. DNF. finished 6 push-ups on the last round when time was called. started off doing them in sets of 3 because i knew i would burn out quick. kept pretty consistant until about round 7. used 1 pood for swings.

    great job 6:30. this was a great WOD.
  39. Alicia Says:
  40. this WOD kicked my ass. I had to scale push ups and DUs. finished around 16 mins.
  41. Kat Says:
  42. did this wod in colorado in an apt gym.

    12:35 with a 35# db. new jump rope tripped me up a few times. pushups felt real good!
    1st round-didn't break up pu
    2-8 rnds- 5/4
    9 rnd-3/3/3

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