Wednesday 110216

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Repeat 400 Meter Runs
For time:
0:00 - Run 400 meters
4:00 - Run 400 meters
9:00 - Run 400 meters
15:00 - Run 400 meters

You can post all of your times if you're an attention wh*** (ha) but for comparison, all I'm looking for is your slowest. Same goes for Logwod.

Post slowest time to comments/Logwod.

John Goodin, one of our newest CrossFitters, practicing a pistol squat variation. Welcome to CFO John, it's like Fight Club but we talk about it.

How about all of you please do me a favor and welcome John to the community by posting to comments. Let's see what kind of record we can break.

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37 Responses to "Wednesday 110216"

  1. Paula Says:
  2. John- welcome to CFO! You made a life altering decision in joining. Can't wait to meet you!
  3. Kelli Says:
  4. oh god please help me tomorrow.
  5. Kelli Says:
  6. and WELCOME JOHN!!!!
  7. paul Says:
  8. Welcome aboard, John--speaking for myself, joining CFO is one of the best decisions I've ever made.
  9. Shane Says:
  10. Glad to have you with us, John!
  11. Shane Says:
  12. Oh, and I guess this means we're getting reacquainted with the Enterprise wall. Woo...hoo?
  13. donkeypunch Says:
  14. This comment has been removed by the author.
  15. Amanda Says:
  16. Awesome work morning classes!! Even though it's generally warmer, it's still quite cold at 5/6am. Great job to all those who came and ran their hearts out today! Keep track of these run times, I'm sure you'll see them again some day and it will be nice to compare them to an old time.

    A warm welcome to John! I got to work with him a couple times in his one-on-ones; great worker, nice guy, a wonderful addition to our gym! Hopefully I'll see you around, John!

    Have a nice Wednesday everyone!
  17. GregP Says:
  18. 1:48 was my slowest time today in the 3rd round. 1st was fastest and a pr of 1:??, maybe next time we will record the fastest times. Could be those strength classes carried over to running to.

    Welcome John, I have to agree with Paul. CF, with the coaches we have, is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    Some pretty speedy people at 6AM. Great Job!
  19. Mark Says:
  20. Since I'm an attention wh*** I am going to post all 4 of my times: 1:21, 1:30, 1:31, 1:26. I had more in the first run but wanted to save it for the others... I had none left after the 4th.
  21. Mark Says:
  22. Oops... my third and slowest time was actually 1:33.
  23. J Andresen Says:
  24. slowest @ 1:25 with an ice fall. Totally bit it. I can't wait to run this again, hopefully the ice will be gone or i'll learn to avoid glossy strips on the street. Good job 5am'ers.
  25. Jess Says:
  26. Slowest time was 2:00

    1:45, 1:57, 2:00 and 1:52

    Felt good to finally be able to run again. Great job 6am peeps.

  27. Nate Says:
  28. welcome to the cult john.
  29. Alicia Says:
  30. Welcome John! You're going to love it here.
  31. Nicholas Says:
  32. Slowest was 1:43, which was also my first round. Got faster each round after that.

    God job at 5AM!

    Welcome to CFO John. You're gonna feel like you're paying someone to kick your butt, but it's worth it! You'll see a lot of good things happen while you're here.
  33. Tovar Says:
  34. I have already had the pleasure of working out with you.... but welcome anyway Big John! I hope the kool-aid tastes good!
  35. Joe Jessen Says:
  36. Welcome John!

    Lots of room for you at 5am. Times were progressively better each round today due to the competition. Toby clearly consumed some kind of performance enhancing drug between the 3rd and 4th run. I think we should have him tested.
  37. Hilg Says:
  38. Welcome John! Be sure to warn your family that you'll be "geeking out" over "what kickass crazy shit you did today" every day for at least the first 2 months.....every other day after that.

    Felt good this morning.....good running and good jams.......runnning on very little sleep. ;-)

    Anyway, slowest time was 1:31. Last three were all within second.
  39. Stacie Says:
  40. Glad you joined, John. Welcome!
  41. Tony Says:
  42. Welcome John! I always like to see the 5:30 team grow, and it sure looks like you're up to it!
  43. VanBeek Performance Says:
  44. Off Day but did a few weaknesses to prep for my "test" cycle

    20 Muscle Ups... Not Timed... Goal here was to fully turn out at the bottom and I did them all with a turnout and with no missed reps for the first time ever so I'm happy with this one

    100 Butterfly Pull Ups
    * Organized in sets of 20... Working on consistency and keeping my rhythm the whole time
  45. Allison H :) Says:
  46. 1:48
    I need to start chasing Jake around more so my times get better!!!

    And John! WELCOME! have you drank the kool-aid yet? lol!
  47. Natalie Says:
  48. Welcome John! I agree with Hilg..prepare your family and friends to listen to you talk about Crossfit all the time.
  49. John Says:
  50. Well, thank you all for the warm welcome! I was thrilled to see all the comments. But then my excitment was gone in seeing todays workout. Should be a fun one!!! See you all at 5:30.
  51. DrBenDova Says:
  52. Welcome John! It feels great getting your but kicked by Crossfit every day. It's kinda like being in a cult.
  53. lynn Says:
  54. Welcome to Crossfit John!
  55. Shelley Says:
  56. Welcome to Crossfit John!! I love the kool-aid comments:)
  57. Allison H :) Says:
  58. I know! Maybe we talk about kool-aid too much... lol!

    Ok, so - Ricky is like Morpheus. Take the RED pill!
  59. Shane Says:
  60. 1:16, 1:31, 1:41, 1:31. Felt great on the first one. Then my legs fell off.
  61. Kelli Says:
  62. i prefer squatting --- but you all know that. My slowest was my third run at 3:36. Calves cramping caused me to really slow down. Went in and rowed on the last one -- good row at 2:10 :)
  63. jillian Says:
  64. Well I walking in I wanted to be under 1:45. But then my first was 1:54 so I changed my mind and wanted to stay under 2 min. Well funny thing is my last three were all 1:59! SO I guess I hit my goal :D

    WELCOME John!!! I love this place!! I hope you will too!
  65. Brandon Says:
  66. AS PROMISED (if a little late)...
    4 CUPS GROUND ALMONDS (food processor is perfect for this)
    2 CUPS GROUND WALNUTS (processor)
    2 CUPS RAW ORGANIC HONEY (heated, it mixes easier)
    1 CUP CHOPPED DRIED FRUIT (your choice, I liked the cherries)

    Mix the dried stuff first, then add the honey. Stick in the fridge for 1 hour so it will roll into balls easier. Roll into standard cookie sized balls, and put on an oil cookie sheet, or parchment paper (the paper is better, these suckers are STICKY!). Bake for 15-20mins @ 350degrees. Start watching them at 15mins, sometimes they cook a little faster, but don't be fooled, they will be really soft until they cool no matter what. You may also have to use a spatula to push some of the edges back into the cookie; the honey likes to spread out. Let them cool until they don't totally fall apart when you pick them up... ENJOY!

    Welcome to CFO John!
    I only ran the first 400m, and I went in with Ben to row the rest. My calves are still jacked after those pistols last week, and all of the double unders didn't help. ha! I don't know what my times were, but I'm sure they weren't awesome... you guys can pretend they were though. :-)

  67. BigD Says:
  68. Welcome to CFO John! And speaking of Fight Club.....
    "You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your f*#king khakis."
  69. Chip Says:
  70. 1:38, got slower eat run but it felt good to get outside and run. Welcome John, this place will change your life.
  71. Chip Says:
  72. Thanks for the cookie recipe Brandon, those things were bomb.
  73. andresenfam Says:
  74. Slowest time was 1:55. I was paranoid that I'd take a spill as my husband did in the morning so I'll blame the slower time on that.

    Welcome John! It was great meeting you last night at 5:30.

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