Saturday 110212

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For time:
12 DB Thrusters
Sprint 20 yards and back
12 DB Swings
Sprint 20 yards and back
12 Push ups
Sprint 20 yards and back
12 DB Swings
Sprint 20 yards and back
12 DB Thrusters

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Jon Day competing at the Next Level Games in 2009

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7 Responses to "Saturday 110212"

  1. paul Says:
  2. 3:18. Nice work, team 1! Sorry I couldn't beat "Jerry".
  3. hannah eileen Says:
  4. 3:01 with only 6 push ups. Team 2 was stacked!
  5. Hilg Says:
  6. Chipper Las Vegas!

    60 Box Jumps 24"
    60 Wall Balls
    60 Wall Balls
    60 Box Jumps

    27:20....I need a drink. ;-)

  7. Shelley Says:
  8. 3:14 Rx'd (35# DB's, unbroken)

    Way to go team!!!

    Ricky and Joe,
    Andy, Megan and I found your second Crossfit site right next to Bailey's. It comes fully equipped too:) Andy tried taking a picture, but we only the glare from the window.
  9. Shelley Says:
  10. I came across this on Nosh Wine Lounge's website and wanted to pass it on.

    Nosh Wine Lounge is set to open next week downtown. I think it looks like it will be a really cool place. There is a soft opening on Feb 22nd from 6-9 I believe. It is $25 per person but all proceeds benefit Project Harmony. I thought since that is the charity Crossfit is supporting
    and wine is involved, others besides myself might be interested.

    To RSVP, email I sent an email a few minutes ago myself.
  11. VanBeek Performance Says:
  12. Messing around with my external rotation on my lifts to see if that starts to fix things...

    Deadlift (85%) 3X5 or just get 15 reps total with the rx'd weight...
    308X15 reps... tried to organize in sets of 5 but sometimes it was 2 or 3 then rest... so on... Still feeling heavy.. Also had to reset grip after each rep with no dropping to make things tougher

    Gymnastic Metcon..
    Havent done pistols or ring dips in a WOD for a while so here we go
    Ring Dips
    CTB Pull Ups
    Pistols (EA leg)
    * Tried to muscle up into my ring dips each RD but I started missing them on the RD of 4 so jumped from a box... Still don't understand that shit... It's getting frustrating
    * 12:25 *
    - Way too damn slow :(
  13. JennG Says:
  14. Really glad I did the pull-up seminar today. It was good to slow things way down and get all the parts. Now can start working on getting to the next level. Thanks Ricky!

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