Wednesday 101027

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3 rounds for time of:
5 Push Presses
10 Front Squats
50 Sit ups

Weights will be determined by you and the coach leading your class. Any weights used below yellow bumpers for guys and green bumpers for ladies, will use a rep scheme of 10 Push Presses and 15 Front Squats with the sit up reps remaining the same.

Post time and weight used to comments/Logwod.

A look, not thorough, at caged vs. free range chickens.

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12 Responses to "Wednesday 101027"

  1. GregP Says:
  2. For those of you who new Jake Peterson, looks like he has found a new place to workout where he transferred to.
  3. Hilg Says:
  4. 13:14 at 154# Thanks Amanda for pushing me to this weight....I'm still feeling run down but needed to go "heavy". Push presses were tough starting with rd 2. Probably actually jerked a couple to get em done.

    Nice work, 6am!

  5. Greg MO Says:
  6. 10:43 w/186#

    This got heavy in a hurry. 1st set was unbroken but sets 2 and 3 were very broken up. This wod was ruff but in a good way, i like heavy.

    Way to work 6amers!!!

    Nice to see Jake still at in Denver. Verve is a beasty gym with the Chan's at the helm.
  7. Nick.M Says:
  8. This was a rough one. Dragged the 5 AMers down a little, finished in 18:23 at 174#. I missed my last rep of press in set 2 and had to try it again then had to break up the squats in 5s. Oddly enough got all 5 presses in 1 set for set 3 though. I haven't done that many sit-ups at one time for a LONG time. Those got tough real quick.

    Good work everybody!
  9. Jake Says:
  10. I'm still keeping up with you guys too. I miss CFO, but Verve is a good crowd.
  11. BigD Says:
  12. Glad all is going well out there Jake!
    Missed doing this workout today but did my Air Force PT test along with Jimbo. For those debating on doing the Paleo challenge all I have to say is in the last six months I've dropped 3 1/2 inches on my waist and dropped another two seconds on my mile and a half run (which still sucks because Jim beat me! Looks like I'm signing up for the running seminar) thanks to a combo of good CFO training and (mostly) Paleo eating.
  13. Nate Says:
  14. is any one else having trouble with their logwod? Mine is only showing monday (snatch).
  15. donkeypunch Says:
  16. Nate,
    I took care of both yesterday's and today's workouts on Logwod. I had the wrong dates posted and so were not showing up.

    You should be able to go in and enter data for both.

  17. Nate Says:
  18. thanks ricky,
    Nice name there.
  19. Allison H :) Says:
  20. 8:09
    felt good ok pp, but heavy in fsqts real quick! flew through pu's. fun times 6:30

    "drop it, ... like it's hot!"
  21. Gdawg Says:
  22. 10:03 with 87#. good work 6:30 class! so glad i got my three days in this week!! see ya'll saturday for the halloween costume workout!!

  23. Shelley Says:
  24. I haven't been posting since doing the strength classes, but I'm a bit excited that I was able to do 7 rope climbs in yesterday's strength class. I still have a lot of technique work to continue to improve on, but I'm a bit more confident on this now.

    It seems like all my weaknesses have a common theme:
    coordination and/or timing certain movements to be able to efficiently do them.

    For those of you that haven't done the strength classes, I would highly recommend them. Not only will you get stronger, but you'll have a better understanding of the "method to the madness".

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