Tuesday 101026

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For time:
400 meter run
KB Swings, 1.5/1 pood
Ring Dips
400 meter run

A single 400 meter run at the onset and end of the swings and ring dips.

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Snatch: The Movie, starring Jen Thomas, Tony Staub, Tessa Wyborny, Karen Wattier, Chad Cox, and Brian Jones. Coming to a theater near you this winter.

(enlarge video as it is much better in fullscreen)

The wrong food pyramid vs. the right food pyramid.

What do you think? What about the silent visitor of this blog who always visits but never says anything? What do you think? If you don't want to comment on the video you just watched, how about letting us know how your workout went. We'd love to hear from you.

We have so many new crossfitters at the gym that I would love to hear how your experience is going? What do you like? How are the workouts? Post a comment. Not only today but everyday. It's fun and a great way to immerse yourself into the CrossFit experience.

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18 Responses to "Tuesday 101026"

  1. Nick.M Says:
  2. 15:04 with resisted pushups (wrapped a band around my back) instead of ring dips. Dave, Joe, Justin and myself decided to face the elements and run in the rain and cold instead of rowing inside this morning, guess we'll have to see if the 6AMers had the stones to follow suit...haha.

    On the video:
    I appreciate the information the is made available to us and I believe that there is a lot of relevance to a good majority of it. But one thing that bothers me is the criminalization of farmers. I grew up farming all the way until I moved to Omaha, and still go back to work from time to time. My family, both my Mom's and Dad's sides, has farmed since they came to America. Not once have we ever made it our initiative to damage the health and well-being of others, like this video and some other articles I've seen posted suggests that grain growers do. I watched my Grandfather and Dad work their asses off while I was growing up to provide for me and my family the best way they knew how. Now with my Grandpa gone, and me off to college, the work load falls almost solely on my Dad, and he does a damn fine job of doing it. Do I believe that Ricky knows what he's talking about? Yes I do, I've been around him enough to see what he can do and that he truly lives what he teaches. Do I believe that there are alternatives? Yes I do. I've dropped about 30-35 pounds of bodyweight since joining the gym in July due to the workouts and restructuring my diet in accordance to some of what I've read on Nutrisimple. I know that everything I eat is still not the healthiest thing stuff out there, but I also will not allow myself to believe that farmers like my family and friends are as evil as some of the things I've read about. I know there are bad people out there that may have some of the agendas that we're reading about and seeing in these videos, but the VAST majority of the farmers out there are just like me and my family...trying to provide the best way they know how. And what they provide does a lot of good things for a lot of people. There are people all over the world that would, and do, kill to have the natural resources we have in this area to grow crops the way we do. It can't be as bad as it's made out to be.
  3. paul Says:
  4. Thanks for that post, Nick--well said, brother! I can't claim to understand the farming industry, but my impression was that the culprits are really the FDA and a few huge agricultural interests like ADM and Cargill. As I understand it, the individual farmers who work for these corporations are often given no choice but to pursue farming practices and grow crops as directed by the corporations. Otherwise, they don't get paid.

    12:01 rx'ed today. As always, it helped to have Greg Mo in front of me working his ass off. Great work, 6am!

    Oh, and yes, we did have the stones to run in the wind and rain!
  5. Ricky Frausto Says:
  6. Nick,

    I am with you. I know that farmers are only directed in the path that huge corporations like Monsanto lead them. Most cattle and bird farms have huge debts to pay off in order to see but a fraction of the income that these corporations pull from these farms. It's unfortunate that corn is the most subsidized crop in America and it's production is cheap and used for everything. This is not the farmer's fault.

    Like Paul said, it is the 5 corporations that run meat packing and processing when there used to be thousands. It is Monsanto who has produced a corn hybrid that has the pesticides built in so they no longer have to spray them.

    Believe me, I don't blame farmers. I blame govt. and I blame govt. allowing this crap to happen because of personal gain. Some of the biggest names in politics sit on the boards of these health destroying companies.

    It's a shame.
  7. J Andresen Says:
  8. 9:41 Rx'd. I'm glad we ran instead of pulling on that rower, my arms were gone!
    Good work today, 5am.
  9. Greg MO Says:
  10. Great thoughts Nick, Paul, and Rick! I agree that the neolithic farmer gets a bad wrap and is made out to be a simple minded worker bee by the media, but this is for sure not the case! Just as with most movements in modern American society, the influence of special interest groups, big government, and most of all money have shaped the production and consumption of "modern food" in this country. It's all about the mighty dollar, our modern way of consumption makes more money for the well to do heads of the grain, meat, dairy, and then eventually the pharmaceutical industries in this country without a single inkling of actual respect or disregard for their own clientele. Just like the tobacco industry in years past. It's going to take an awakening of the entire public before the changes that are essential get made. But just like big tobacco, once enough evidence exists, enough people of influence speak up, and enough people in the public voice their intolerance for this behavior maybe the change will come....anyways...

    9:54 on todays wod, rested way to much in the last set of KB swings.

    Great production value on the video, can't wait to see what Rick's vid editing skills can do with all the 2011 games coverage we get next year!
  11. VanBeek Performance Says:
  12. Snatch - 3RM - Trying to beat the weight from last week.. 170 last week

    - Know it doesnt really count but did 175.. Hit the first two, missed then hit the fourth.... Went up to 180 and did the same again.. 3 out of 4...

    Front Squat... 4X1.. Quick Max
    220, 243, 265, 280.. Missed

    Inverted Row 4X6 Weighted - 55#
    Muscle Up Work 4X5
    1st and 3rd sets were 5 reps as fast as possible... 27 secs and 20 secs
    2nd and 4th sets were super strict with no kip whatsoever

    Trying Double Metcons today...
    1st - short one....
    Wanted to test max consecutive DU's and at the same time... Hit 160 in a row at the start... which is a record by like 30... Then hit 200 in 2 mins which is a record by 12 reps
  13. Hilg Says:
  14. Great stuff, Nick. Very well said. I'm a farm kid with a very similar background. In my county, there are no "corporate farms". They are actually outlawed in the Nebraska constitution.....Google Initiative 300 passed in the early 80s!

    The intersting fact is that 2% of all US farms are "non-family" farms.....although the 2% accounts for much more production. The clear majority of the acres are farmed by those that make independent decisions on what is grown.....corporations DO NOT tell independent growers what to plant and harvest.....the market does.

    If the public stopped listing to the advertising and promotion and bought quality, in all that that means, the producers would absolutely follow that market force. Thistle and Clover is case and point.

    Education is the key but demonizing the producers isn't the answer and doesn't change the fact that people are buying this crap. The market drives the behavior!

    Keep up the education, Ricky!

    Today was proof that poor sleep will kill performance......big insomiac last night. 17:01 and had to finish the last 5 ring dips with bands and jumps.
  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. I'm a bit of a celebrity junkie...would it be okay to ask for autographs?
  17. Teresa Says:
  18. There's an interesting documentary on this topic. Check out King Corn if you get a chance on NetFlix. Talks about the Farm Bill and the surplus of corn product. Pretty interesting to say the least. Also check out the "Who Killed The Electric Car" a good murder mystery for the season. Off to 6:30 CrossFit class!
  19. Nick.M Says:
  20. This may or may not fall into the realm of why Rick doesn't like some of this stuff, but...with the rising costs of EVERYTHING, primarily for farmers, things like seed, fartilizer, and the chemicals needed to produce successful yields (pests and weeds will overrun the crops otherwise, sorry), those subsidies can sometimes make or break a farm. Meaning it could be the difference between being able to grow a crop the next year, or even putting food on the table or not. The latter is definitely the extreme, but there have been many farmers in my area that decide to call it quits and find a new occupation before they completely fold up financially. Many other farmers need to take out loans every year to pay for the growing season's inputs. Unlike almost every other profession out there, farmers are only paid over about a 2-3 month period when they deliver their crop to the elevator.

    Also, on a side note, of the many cattle producers that I know personally, contrary to a growing popular belief, they DO NOT inject their animals with steroids and growth hormones. They all rely on feed alone to grow their livestock. This is primarily done by the corporate farms that you see elsewhere in the country that Hilg mentioned.

    Sorry if I seem like I'm going on a rant, I just hate to see my way of life take a bad rap for the actions of a few.
  21. VanBeek Performance Says:
  22. 2nd Metcon.. 4-5 Hrs from 1st Workout

    1600m barefoot treadmill run... Should have moved my speed up quicker.. started at 9mph and ended at 11.5... 6 mins
    REST 3 Mins
    800m treadmill run... Started at 10mph and hit 12mph... 2:45...
    REST 2 Mins
    400m treadmill sprint..
    Started at 11.5 and maxed the treadmill out at 12.5 for the last min... 1:21
  23. Allison H :) Says:
  24. love the snatch video!!!!
  25. Steve Says:
  26. Interesting reading on the blog today.

    11:34, scaled to 1 pood.
  27. Kat Says:
  28. 12:27 with a purple band on the dips. I would like to believe I that I wouldn't have used a band at all if I wouldn't have done 'elizabeth' on Sunday.....I'm an idiot.....I cud barely shampoo my hair yesterday :( I loved this wod and for sure want to do it again rx'd! And thanks to ricky, I'm gunna 'put down the pastries' for awhile...and by pastries I mean the tub of icecream ;) thanks for keepin it real ricky.
  29. Mark Says:
  30. 12:33 Rx'd. I was the first to reach Enterprise and I paid for that pretty dearly. I was pretty much cashed after the first run and I was struggling to catch my breath the rest of the workout. great work everyone at 6:30, those swings were brutal ad you guys all made it look easy!
  31. Tony Says:
  32. 11:42 with a 1 pood and purple bands on the dips. Still working on getting those upper body muscles where they need to be...

    Strange that this topic is coming up today, I literally just finished watching Food Inc. and King Corn yesterday. Very interesting. Unfortunately I think it's a long road to coming up with a solution. We can't blame the farmers, many of them are just eeking by as it is.

    I don't know what to think, I just know I'm going to enjoy eating the grass fed meat a little more...
  33. Gdawg Says:
  34. idk what my time was...i got a little disoriented on the set of 45 swings...i was so happy to finish them that i ran out the door and forgot my set of 5 dips...once i returned i realized i skipped em and made it up...woopsie! good work 6:30 class it feels good to be back! see ya'll tomorrow!

  35. Crystal Says:
  36. good to be back at 6:30 again. great job everyone. with a crazy last 2 months of not really getting a true work out in, it really shows.

    14:00. kept going even after the cutoff. hit a wall on dips. finished set of 10 with 4 pushups and set of 5 with 2 pushups. last set of KB's were awful.

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